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Distracted Thoughts  PV Quinn Healy   Closed 

After hearing her last comment Quinn had to actually go back and think about it for a moment. Yeah magizoology was cool and he might do that as a career option...and yet that still didn't seem like the right for him. As he pondered this a sudden thought came to his mind. Something he but all forgot about it. A few years back he remembered his parents talking about this very hush hush department inside the ministry of magic. "The department of mysteries...." He had absent mindedly said.

All of a sudden his eyes lit up and he smiled from ear to ear. "I know where I want to work, I just hope I can get in there. The Department of Mysteries!" Quinn did his best to keep his voice down. Even making sure to look around to make sure he didn't disturb anyone else. Quinn then turned his attention back to you still retaining his wide-eared smile.

"From what my parents told me they are a very secretive department in the ministry that focuses on top secret research. Their main goal is to basically uncover the mysteries of the world, and as such they have almost full independence from to the point they don't even have to answer to the department of magical law enforcement!"

He paused for a moment to let all that sink in, "Even the minister of magic can't actually do much to the department, because they have so much independence. That sounds like a perfect fit for me" He laughed taking a breath afterwards.

Quinn couldn't help but flush lightly a wee bit embarrassed. He loved to talk about certain things, but when he got really excited about something or passionate about it. Then the words would just flow out quite quickly, and often times this was quite overwhelming for quite a few people. Including his parents at time, but despite that Quinn had a feeling that aspect of himself would not really affect Eri much.

To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.