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A Study in Red  PV Rhea Bishop   Finished 

a friend is not a coincidence in our life. They were a stranger meant to come into our life to bring us priceless lessons and funny memories.❞
Max's reactions made telling her story that much better. All throughout her tale of party-gone-wrong, he was chuckling, and that only served to make the story harder to tell. Nevertheless, she managed to get to the end, and was barely able to breathe. The two of them lay wheezing on the ground, and the prime reason wasn't even because of the story itself! Rhea had started out only chuckling, but then saw Max laughing which served to make her laugh harder. The cycle continued until they both lay on the ground, unable to get a word out. Laughter was contagious, after all, and it was a nice change to the heavy topics they'd previously been discussing. Besides, Rhea hadn't gotten the chance to laugh this hard in... well, a specific occasion couldn't come to mind. Sure, she'd had a few laughs here and there, some more intense than others, but nothing as breath-stealing as this. Her parents back at home did not allow any occasions where she could enjoy herself this way, and thus, this proved to be the first time she'd enjoyed herself this much.

Some say that the best medicine is laughing. Rhea was taught to never believe such foolishness, but now the thought that that phrase might be true crossed her mind. Look at her - eyes open wide, cheeks squished together and a bright red, her mouth wide enough to swallow a hippo. She was happy & she was laughing - her miseries, caused by her parents, long forgotten. The amount of happiness radiating off of her was unbelievable - if her parents were to see her now, they'd be appalled.

Ready to here a story to give her own a run for its money, Rhea adjusted her position. If she was going to start laughing her head off, she preferred to be as comfortable as possible. She had no doubt that Max was going to keep her wide smile on her face, and if that was the case, she praised him for it. Whatever had been going through his head when he proposed telling funny stories paid off - now, Rhea was only thinking about the various occasions and parties at which she'd been brought to laugh. But, if she was to tell them all, the pair would be here all night. And although Rhea would have been fine with that, quite frankly, the librarian scared her. She didn't wanna risk making the grouchy old woman even grouchier than she already was. (What a stereotypical librarian).

Max delved into his story, and just with the first few words, Rhea could already imagine what was to happen. Misunderstandings were always a good source for a funny story - if told correctly, it could even get someone to pee their pants because they were laughing so hard! (Not that Rhea would ever do so, she was a mature eleven year old). And so, Rhea listened carefully to the boy recount his tale. As she did, the smile never left her face but also, she in took the information carefully. The House Elf system that the Averys used, although not one that was guaranteed to always work out perfectly, was a smart one nonetheless. This could be, maybe, yet another way to soften the blow that she'd doubtlessly have to deliver to her parents. And maybe soften the blow she would get (not literally, of course. It was more the verbal lashing that she would receive that scared Rhea).

The rest of the story, like the beginning, kept the smile wide on Rhea's face. She understood where the House Elf came from, but at the same time, thought that it could have been more careful. If the tables had been flipped and Rhea had been forced to go to a party in the country, she would have been annoyed to the ends of the earth. But the way Max spun the tale, it seemed that the ending result wasn't so bad after all.

Perhaps the best part of the story was finding out that the Averys had only gotten invited as a prank! That was what truly pushed Rhea over the edge - she found herself sprawled on the ground once more laughing her guts out (is that even a saying?) She cast a look at Max and saw him laughing too, so for a few minutes it was silent in the library save for the sound of the two laughing. When the two finally sobered up, Rhea just closed her eyes and relished the short peace she'd been brought. When she'd walked into the library that morning, she'd never expected to bump into some random stranger and talk to him for the entire day - and now, they could call each other friends. The thought would have brought a smile to her face... that is, if there wasn't already a huge on present already.

The library was getting darker, and with a start, Rhea realized that twilight was starting to creep in. Although she would've liked to stay and talk to Max some more, she decided against it. The library was most likely going to close soon, and the Gryffindor wasn't about to risk the wrath of the librarian. Gathering her wits and making sure she wouldn't burst out laughing at any second, Rhea pushed herself up.

"You'll be the first one I go to if I see or hear anything funny," Rhea assured her newfound friend. She gathered the little amount of things that she'd brought with her and turned back to Max. "It was a pleasure to talking to you, my good sir," she giggled and bowed dramatically, "but now I must bid my adieu. It's getting late and the librarian scares me, so I'm going to take my leave before she gets mad at us. But we'll definitely talk later, yeah?" Rhea had no doubt that the two would become close friends, be it now or in the years to come.

And with that, Rhea waved at the Avery boy and promptly exited the library. 
a friend is not a coincidence in our life. They were a stranger meant to come into our life to bring us priceless lessons and funny memories.

Exit Rhea

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A Study in Red  PV Rhea Bishop   Finished 


Laughter, merriment, and glee. This day had begun rather monotonous and been a slow trickle of time leafing through books in the library, but the ending to it had become something else altogether. Outside of Aubren - which had ended poorly, hence the reason he was in the library alone with no friends - he hadn't met another Gryffindor he'd connected with. Meeting with someone with a background as illustrious as the Bishops' had proved that fortune didn't only favour the bold. It also favoured the cunning, crafty people who became friends through curiosity about mutually affluent relatives.

After the deep, full-bellied laughs that left him with that inexplicable satiated feeling one often got after a fun interaction, it was rather shocking to be reminded of the time. Yet again it felt like the library was a timeless place - minutes slipped away so subtly you didn't realize they were gone until it was too late. Or maybe it was just because they'd been having so much fun; there was some sort of saying about how fast things went when you were having fun. Either way things looked up. More up than they had in a bit, leastways, as he scooped up his book and stood from his spot on the floor.

"The pleasure was all mine, and I'm certain we'll speak again soon," he offered back with a deep bow of his own that bent him neatly in two as if he were bowing to a queen. He kept his bow up as if he were keen on proper etiquette until she had exited the room, a small smile still on his face the entire time. This would be one of those tricky friendships where you were never quite sure how much you could say, but it would be worth it - regardless of the fact that they weren't in the House they should've been, it would be easier. Around another pureblood, he could breathe. None of that tension that sat in his shoulders every time he had to be polite to someone who wasn't pure.

Straightening up, he gave one last glance to the shelf that had fallen with narrowed eyes. Hogwarts was supposed to be one of the safest places around. It hadn't been during the Wizarding War, sure, but things were supposed to have changed. A rickety shelf with the potential to hurt a student that couldn't move out of the way quick enough wasn't what they'd advertised. Or professors not being around when bullying got out of hand.

There was something about this school that made him feel slightly uneasy...

Shrugging it off, he tucked his book back under his arm and decided there was no point in searching for what he'd been planning to look for, not when the librarian could come creeping around the corner at any time. He'd rather get a good, long sleep to keep his mind sharp than stick around to fight with whatever old, decrepit woman likely ran this place. With a small nod to himself and the resolve to go back to the dorms at a brisk pace to chase off his disquiet, he left the library.

Exeunt Max

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