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Out of Reach  Closed 

Celynne jumped, trying to reach a book shelved just beyond the span of her fingertips while holding onto four other volumes. Testy and extremely frustrated, she dropped the other tomes to jump again, only to cause a thin, unwanted book on a lower shelf to slide out of place and drop itself on her head. She yelped, instinctively rubbing the hurt spot with a spare hand as she knelt to retrieve the fallen volume.
I've been through worse, Cel reminded herself, then mentally chuckled to herself. Was she really getting frustrated over a book out of her reach? Then again, stories had been her only escape in the past years. Until... Hogwarts, of course.
The girl re-shelved the light book before she sighed as she accidentally knocked her other books over and knelt to stack them in a neat pile. She squinted up at the tome then resumed her mad hopping, not wanting to approach the librarian or a taller student for help. The thought came to her to simply pick a different book. But it's the next book in the series! It's not going to get shelved somewhere else anytime soon. Ugh, why are all of the fiction books always so high up? It might be a magic school, but reading is essential to life.

Out of Reach  Closed 

A letter clutched in her hand, Rhea ran to the library with pressed lips. She couldn't make herself read the letter in the common room, in fear that her reactions would alarm her House mates. And as it was later at night on a weekday, Rhea decided that it would be safer to read it in the back of the library, where she doubted anyone else would be. 

She found a small quite space near some long bookshelves and unfolded the letter. Alarmed, she realized that it was crumpled and some letters couldn't be made out. But the address and the sender could still be seen.
                                                              Bishop Manor
                                                              Liverpool, England
From: Aaron and Morgan Bishop
To: Rhea Bishop

It had been delivered to her earlier that day by the family owl. The family's white owl, not Aida's brown one. With shaky hands, Rhea slowly unfolded the letter. The tiniest hint of a tear appeared in Rhea's eyes as she read the first few words of the letter, but it was quickly gone. Rhea did not want to appear weak, in case anyone did walk into the library. 

A small thud sounded to the left of the redheaded girl, and Rhea turned with alarm to face the sound. She found a girl, with long black hair, nursing her hand. With a snicker, Rhea realized that the girl had dropped a book onto it in her attempt to reach a higher book.

The letter forgotten for the moment, Rhea stood up and walked closer to the girl, wanting to help her. She was taller than most other students at Hogwarts, although not too tall - she was an average height for an eleven year old. Yet, she could still reach most of the high shelves in the library. 

"Which book are you looking for?" Rhea asked, making sure to keep her voice steady. She cleared her throat to keep it from clogging up.

the trouble is, if you don't risk anything -- you risk more.
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Out of Reach  Closed 

Cel whirled quickly, ceasing her vain efforts. A redheaded girl, just a little taller than herself, stood inquiringly behind her, holding a crumpled piece of paper in a hand.
"Oh," she said, realizing that a couple of seconds had passed. The other girl seemed to want to help. "I'm trying to get that one-" she hopped to point at a bound blue book just out of reach- "up there. I'm, uh, sorry if I bothered you with my jumping," Cel grinned sheepishly.
Well, at least I didn't have to actually ask someone for help, Cel thought to herself. I'm going to have to talk to someone here sooner or later. Maybe I'll get used to it... someday in the future. This girl seemed nice though. Perhaps they could be friends. Cel never really had the chance or need to befriend one of her age. Her childhood growing up homeless was mostly spent in solitude, since attention was unwanted and potentially dangerous, while the past few years spent in Oxford never presented young children of her age. No, her friends had been muggle professors and muggle undergraduates.
It would probably be a good idea to befriend another witch or wizard, anyway. After all, everyone needed someone to fall back on once in a while, and this girl was nice enough to offer her help, so...
"My name's Celynne Flores, who are you?"

Out of Reach  Closed 

Rhea looked up at where the girl was pointing and thought she could reach it. The girl looked timid, and also a bit relieved - Rhea guessed it was because the redheaded girl had approached her instead of the other way around. The black haired girl did not strike Rhea as the type to go up to anyone and ask for help herself. 

The redheaded girl leant up as high as she could. She used the lowest bookshelf to propel herself up and with the force jumped up and the spine of the book skimmed her fingertips. Rhea tried again and this time grabbed the book and wrenched it out from among the other tomes in rested with. Not giving a glance at the title of the book, she presented it to the girl. 

"My name's Celynne Flores, who are you?" the girl introduced herself. 

"The name's Rhea. Rhea Bishop," Rhea smiled kindly. "Pleased to meet you. I'm in Gryffindor, how about you?" 

Rhea could guess that the girl was in Ravenclaw, simply because she was struggling so hard to find a book, but didn't want to assume. Rhea breathed in to calm herself down and started to go back to sit in her couch. Although she normally would be completely open to talking with others and making as many friends as she could, she didn't know if now was the right time to be around anyone. If Rhea needed to have a moment of weakness, or anything of the sort, she preferred to be alone when that happened.

On the other hand, having another girl nearby could help her. Perhaps this girl, Celynne, had been in the same situation as her, and could help her. Rhea went back to her couch but turned around to gesture at the girl. There was another couch near Rhea, and so she invited the black-haired girl to sit next to her.

"We don't even have to talk," Rhea stated. "You can read your book and I can read my letter." Rhea waved her letter at Celynne and hoped the other would take a seat next to her.

the trouble is, if you don't risk anything -- you risk more.
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Out of Reach  Closed 

"I'm a Ravenclaw," Cel confirmed. "You can call me Cel, if you want to." She took a couple of steps toward the couch, about to seat herself on the musty dull fabric.

Then she stopped as her eyes focused in on the title of the book, and her body went rigid.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Mind buried in the story, young Cel squeezed her eyes shut against the cold, reminding herself that others on the East Coast had it a lot more freezing.
Just because the weather more mild here didn't mean she was used to it, though.
She opened her eyes again to peer at the lines of text on the yellow pages she had stolen from the library, intending to return the book as soon as she finished.
Three pages had been ripped out of the book and now floated away in the wind, without anyone even laying a hand on the paper.
Cel gasped, shooting to her feet, hand instinctively going to the faithful dagger always at her side, before pressure closed around her wrist--

Her mind reeled, lapsing back into reality. The girl stumbled forward, holding onto the sofa's arm for balance, three of her books clattering to the ground with loud thumps as she stared forward blankly. Cel shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. Ugh, not again.

"Sorry," she murmured to the other girl, kneeling to pick up the fallen volumes, only to sway dangerously as she came back up. "That... happens sometimes."

Cel took her seat beside Rhea, setting her books down in a stack beside the sofa. Aw, darn it. That was loud, the librarian might come over to shush us and Rhea might get some of the blame and-- oh, wait. She's going to ask why that happened, isn't she? ...****.

The girl pulled absentmindedly at her hair, the other hand madly fingering scale patterns on her knee. "I just... um, lapse out sometimes," she fibbed. Well, it wasn't a complete lie. She did stare forward blankly for a couple of seconds while reliving the memories. Still, it was difficult to hide the fact that Cel was dizzy and lightheaded at the moment.

Out of Reach  Closed 

So the girl was in Ravenclaw. Just like Rhea had thought. Perhaps the blue colors that were hidden in the girl's clothes gave it away.

"I'm in Gryffindor," said Rhea, gesturing at her tie which she had been too lazy to remove before and was now resting around her neck. "If you couldn't tell."

Rhea was about to say something else, but stopped herself when Cel did. The other girl seemed to be in deep thought, thinking about something. Her body stilled, the book in her arms barely held in her hands.

She soon seemed to snap out of it, and held onto the arm of the couch for balance. Rhea got up and steered Cel to the couch in case she fell. Rhea took a seat back down in her own chair, and stared quizzically at the girl. The redheaded girl wanted to ask what had happened to her, but feared it to be an invasion of privacy. Perhaps Cel had gone through some traumatic experience, and suffered flashbacks of a sort? Rhea had heard of something like that happening, although it had never specifically happened to her. Before Rhea had a chance to avert her stare, Cel spoke. 

"Sorry. That... happens sometimes," she said. Rhea nodded in understanding and opened up her letter. She got the fact that Cel didn't wanna talk about the flashback that she'd just experienced. 

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," Rhea said softly with a smile. She opened her letter and started to re-read it, looking over at the girl once in a while. The words of the letter did not take effect in her brain, so Rhea finally gave up on reading it. If she was to read the first letter she had received from her parents in... well... ever, then she was going to do it right. Rhea folded the letter up and looked at the girl.

"What blood are you?" she asked, then grimaced. "Pardon, that came out wrong. Are you a pureblood, half-blood...?"

the trouble is, if you don't risk anything -- you risk more.
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Out of Reach  Closed 

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," the other girl had said. Oh, thank goodness. Relief washed over Celynne's agitated mind.

"Thank you for understanding," she managed to reply quietly, rubbing her head to rid herself of the annoying headache. As Rhea asked for her blood, she tilted her head, thinking.

Cel still remembered the first day coming to Hogwarts. The mystery of the Great Hall, the frayed nerves as she approached the Sorting Hat-- and the Hat's voice speaking in her mind.

Muggle-born, are you? it had said. And Cel had agreed in her mind, only to hear it correct itself. No, no. Not at all, it had amended, even adding that it made sense. How could that make sense, of all things? Well, if she wasn't muggle-born, she must be half-blood. Then again, she'd never really known her parents well. Even those of her father were tiny slivers, but she couldn't know anything for sure.

"Well," she began. "I suppose I'm a half-blood, if the Sorting Hat was correct-- and they say the Sorting Hat is always correct, it seems, so I guess I really am. I always thought that I was a muggle-born, though," the girl added, then chuckled. "Well, at least in the time period between when I knew about magic and when I got Sorted."
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Out of Reach  Closed 

Rhea smiled at the Cel's relief and nodded. "No problem," the redhead said. Guessing that she wouldn't have a chance to read the letter after all, Rhea folded it up and tucked it into her pocket before pressing her chin into her palm and looking at the girl.

She listened patiently at the girl's answer to her question; of how she thought she was a Muggle born but then, somehow, became a Half-blood. It was uncanny. How could someone just become a half-blood?

"What do you mean, you thought you were a Muggle-born, but now you're a... half blood?" Rhea tilted her head in confusion. Rhea had always been raised that one person could only be of one blood--that's how they were raised, and that's all they knew. She herself had been raised as a pureblood. One that had traditional beliefs.

"Well I guess that's cool," Rhea shrugged. "I'm a pureblood. Bishop family? Perhaps you've heard of us." Rhea didn't meant to sound so haughty, but perhaps she came across as such. The redheaded girl couldn't help it, however. That was the way she was raised, and everything that she was taught couldn't be erased in a jiffy.

"Anyway, how are you finding Hogwarts?" Rhea asked. "I'm guessing that since you're a Muggle-born, you haven't heard of Hogwarts before, right?" 

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Out of Reach  Closed 

I'm so sorry for the wait, Rhea! The RP slipped my mind... somehow for three weeks... I'm sorry!

"It's complicated," Cel muttered in reply to the redheaded girl's confusion, not wanting to explain. Actually, she wasn't even sure if she could-- she herself didn't understand any of it.
Bishop? Bishop. Did she read that name somewhere? It wasn't one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight--Greengrass, Avery, Fawley, et cetera..., but she was sure it had been mentioned... oh well.
"I didn't, yeah," she agreed. "Well, after the invitation I did, of course, and my-- um..." What could she call him? She went with what she had in Diagon Alley, speaking with Mariah, her Hufflepuff friend. "My guardian taught me about Hogwarts. The Houses, classes, all of that. Oh, and about magic in general," she added thoughtfully.
"What's it like growing up with magic?" Cel inquired curiously. If this girl was a Pureblood, she must have known about magic from her birth, but Cel just couldn't imagine life with magic at your fingertips, though she was sure it was vice versa for others. She knew there were limitations, like the six learned in Transfiguration class, but still... with magic, there was so much you could do with so little effort. "I never had magic growing up. Well, actually my guardian turned out to be a wizard, but I never knew about it."

Out of Reach  Closed 

Nodding her head in understanding, Rhea sighed. She was starting to feel drowsy, and her heart was beginning to pound with the anticipation of what was written. She couldn’t bring herself to read it, so instead she threw herself into the conversation with the Ravenclaw, listening attentively. She spoke about her association with magic, and something about a guardian. Although Rhea was curious to know who that was, and what it meant, she understood that these were boundaries not to be crossed. It was too early in their relationship - they’d only known each other for less than a day. 

"What's it like growing up with magic?” Celynne asked, and Rhea smiled. That was such a typical muggle question - not that Rhea was discriminating, or anything. It was just a remark, something that she’d noticed throughout her time at Hogwarts. Muggles were always curious to learn about life with magic. And, to be frank, Rhea was curious to learn about life without it. "I never had magic growing up. Well, actually my guardian turned out to be a wizard, but I never knew about it." Again, this mysterious guardian. Perhaps Celynne’s parents were constantly gone, so she resorted to calling the person who take care of her her guardian - just as Rhea called Aida her nanny. The redhead shrugged and decided to answer the question.

“Erm, I guess it just makes life easier,” she replied, then scrunched her eyebrows. “I don’t really know how to answer that - I’ve never lived without magic, so I can’t really know. But, I gotta say, it really does make it so much easier to be able to get to places fast. Apparition, Floo Powder - you know, the likes. How about you? How’s life without magic?”

Curious, Rhea leaned in. This was a question she wanted the answer to. How did Muggles get around? How did they communicate to each other, if they didn’t have owls? It was all so confusing to Rhea, and here was her chance to find out.

the trouble is, if you don't risk anything -- you risk more.
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Out of Reach  Closed 

How is life without magic? She couldn't even imagine life with it. Well, maybe she could, just a little, but not... really.
"Well," she began thoughtfully, "Getting around-- we have cars and airplanes, for longer distances. Cars... I guess they're like single train compartments that a driver can control speed and direction with. Airplanes are like trains, except, well, they fly. It can be unpleasant when you ride on them, but they aren't so bad once you get used to them, and they do go very fast." She scratched her head. What else might there be?
"We don't have magic, so we make do with electricity and craft things to make them work well. Like... there's a telephone, that we use instead of owls. Every telephone has a number, and you can enter a number of a different telephone into your own and call it, and if the other person answers, they can hear whatever you say into your own telephone. That's how we often communicate over distance." There wasn't much else, really, was there...
"I wonder if it'll be different when I go back to Oxford for the summer," she sighed, imagining the possibilities. Would Parker use magic around her more? Maybe she'd experience more of it. Maybe he'd teach her more about it, too, as long as she was interested, which, as any sane person would be, she obviously was.
Noticing the paper in Rhea's hand, she tilted her head, black-and-teal locks sliding across her face before she brushed them back behind her ear.
"Whatcha reading, by the way?" she asked, wondering if the question might be rude, too personal. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I'm just curious," Cel added. Rhea had done the same courtesy for her earlier; she felt that she might return the favor.