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The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Damien scampered down the hallway, hoping that the dueling club was still open to new members. As he slowly neared closer and closer towards the meeting room for the Hogwarts dueling club, his feet moving in almost a trance-like state the farther down the hallway he got, as if some force were urging him to go there. Whether that force was something tangible or just pure unadulterated ambition was up for debate. No matter the reason, Damien wished he could join the dueling club, as he believed it would teach him not just how to duel, but ethics and the general goodheartedness that he seemed to have lost the feeling for, as well as some sort of training, in the case that he may wish to someday become an auror.

Damien knew that even if he was able to join, he was most likely going to be the farthest behind out of anyone in the club, knowing only what little actual magic his confidants back in Ireland had taught him.

As he Barged through the door, Damien, having no clue if he was in the right place (despite the rather large crowd gathered within the room) or whether he was late or not, failed to notice another first year slowly inching her way out the room and just nearly avoided colliding into her before becoming quite possibly the biggest idiot in the entire first-year class by falling face-first onto the floor of the dueling club room.

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The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Lancelot was being awfully casual as he walked down the hall to where the Dueling Club was taking place. He has seen flyers like everyone else had, but he wasn't exactly super into dueling or anything. He was mainly just going to watch the fight. He wouldn't be against dueling himself exactly, but he also wouldn't say that he was strong in the field of spell casting, really. So even if he did duel he'd very likely fail. Especially considering the fact that the majority of the people in Dueling Club were probably there because they were very interested in the sport. Lance on the other hand just had way too much free time.

He was lost in thought (as usual) when he reached the room, and almost didn't notice the instant fall of a first-year boy. Almost. It actually startled him when he saw it, making him jump in surprise (that was the second time he was startled by an incident involving something or someone falling, and at that point it was just getting repetitive). But he was able to catch most of the fall, and his first instinct was to run up to the boy and help him. He glanced briefly at the girl the boy had previously almost ran into before walking up to him, a concerned look in Lance's teal eyes as he crouched down.

"Ey, cara, are you alright?" Now, he didn't expect the boy to know what cara meant- really, who would know Portuguese slang? But he hoped he sounded friendly enough so that the boy didn't feel too embarrassed.

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