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The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

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(Examples of dueling in the movies)


Duelling was a practise in wizarding culture in which two or more wizards or witches engaged in combat under the condition that only magical means could be used. The combatants faced each other and bowed. After bowing the two would then attempt to disarm, stun, injure, defeat, or kill each other in order to force submission, and thus a winner was decided.

Duelling also exists as a sport in the same way that fencing is a sport in the Muggle world. Outside of actual combat it can be turned into a friendly sporting competition.

The term “Warlock” originally referred to a Wizard who was trained in duelling and martial magic, as well as to those who had performed feats of bravery.[2]

A spectacular duel in the Ministry Atrium

A full-on wizard’s duel is something incredible to behold. The duel between Dumbledore and Grindelwald in 1945 is legendary, and the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort in the Ministry Atrium at the climax of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries was equally spectacular.

Many duels involve non-verbal spells for speed, but saying the incantations aloud seems to be preferred if there is time (e.g. Voldemort used verbal spells in his duels with Harry). The Shield Charm is one of the most common duelling spells. Other spells typically used in dueling include Stunning Spells, the Impediment Jinx, the Full Body-Bind Curse, and the Dancing Feet Spell. Harry’s use of the Disarming Spell in dueling may be considered somewhat unusual, but this spell is actually one of the key spells to any duelist’s arsenal.

Aspen wands are favored by those who aspire to be top duelers. In fact, a secretive 18th century dueling club called itself the Silver Spears because they exclusively used aspen wands. Other good wands for duelling include red oak and rowan. Yew wands are feared in duels for their association with curses and evil magic.

Winners of Duelling competitions include: Alberta Toothill: Winner of the All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition of 1430. Famously overcame the favorite, Samson Wiblin, with a Blasting Charm. Elizabeth Smudgling, who won the title of Supreme Dueler in a famous Dartmoor contest in 1379 using a spell of her own invention, the Disarming Charm.


There are rules and customs that define how a proper duel is performed and that are normally known to wizards and witches born to magical families, even at a young age. For instance, Ron Weasley told Harry Potter some of the rules of dueling as a first year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after Harry was challenged to a duel by Draco Malfoy in 1991. In the 1992–1993 school year Gilderoy Lockhart formed the dueling club, in which dueling strips were used in a system similar to that of modern fencing.

The challenge
In a formal duel, one wizard or witch challenges another, although it is implied that duels are not commonplace in modern polite society. If the other person accepts, they then arrange a meeting time and place for the duel. Draco challenged Harry this way in their first year, though it was rally an attempt to get Harry into trouble for being out of his dormitories after curfew. Opponents bow to one another before beginning to fight, as Lord Voldemort reminded Harry Potter before their duel in the graveyard of Little Hangleton in 1995. Lockhart has gone as far as twirling his hands while bowing, possibly trying to make himself look more gentlemanly. However, duelists who do not respect their opponents do not usually bow correctly, as Snape simply jerked his head, while Harry, Draco Malfoy, and Voldemort barely bent their heads at all.


Duelists will often have a "second" in a formal duel — a person, usually a trusted ally, who will act as a replacement for one duelist if necessary. Ron Weasley volunteered to be Harry's second in the aforementioned planned duel with Draco, who chose Vincent Crabbe.


There is a standard rule in duels that only magical means may be used to fight an opponent, and that there is to be no physical contact between the duelists. Millicent Bulstrode broke this rule when she dueled Hermione Granger in 1992 in the Duelling Club; the much larger girl ended up wrestling Hermione to the ground and holding her in a headlock.

The parties of a duel might also agree to other limits, unless planning to duel to the death, which is only common practise in a war. For example, Minerva McGonagall informed fellow professor Horace Slughorn just before the Battle of Hogwarts that if any Slytherin attempted to sabotage their defence efforts or to fight them, they would "duel to kill", which alarmed him. This may indicate that duelists generally agree not to use particularly dangerous and/or illegal spells, such as the Unforgivable Curses.

Practise duels
Duels can also be used for training purposes, as was the case in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1992, when Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Gilderoy Lockhart founded the short-lived Dueling Club. Its function was to teach students self-defense while "Slytherin's Monster" was on the loose. The club did not last long, as Professor Lockhart was incompetent.

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Dueling from pottermore and other sites is terms of of the tournaments and the life of a duelist is pretty popular, they are like celebrities or athletes of the wizarding world alongside quidditch stars, they have the under 13 tournaments then the U16 then the 18+ then the pros

What I will be teaching and for those who I will have I assistance is what I have learned by way of reading from the sources, stances, spells, lore, and maybe an event where we find out who wins and out of the club and maybe top three gets invited to the U13 tournament somehow someway. 

Haters gonna Hate, that is all I should say..People are just naturally jealous of Greatness. - Marcus

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Bloom had seen flyer after flyer about a new dueling club that had just started in Hogwarts. She remembered her conversation with Felicity about joining a club, and Bloom believed that in order for her to find herself, a club would be beneficial. The flyer had talked about the dates and times of when people would come together to duel. She was very excited to try something new and out of the norm.

As she was walking towards the room, thoughts began to fill her mind. What if I'm not good enough? she thought to herself. People who would join the club would most likely be determined to-be Aurors or Spellbreakers in the future. Bloom had no idea what she wanted to be in the future, and the thought of being an Auror scared her and she did not think she was smart enough to be a Spellbreaker. Shrugging off the thoughts, she kept walking.

Following the instructions, she made her way to the clubs room where the Dueling Club of Hogwarts was taking place and instantly stopped in her tracks when she saw of all people standing there. It was Marcus de Wynter, the first-year Slytherin who made her first day of Hogwarts a nightmare. She walked in slowly and looked around. No one seemed to have arrived yet. Great..., she thought.

"Are you here for the Dueling Club, too?" she asked, not wanting to be awkward to walk into a room with just him in it and not talk to him. Bloom hoped people would arrive soon.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Horace usually liked his quite corner in hogwarts with no one to tease him but for some reason he felt quite adventurous today. He was looking around for someone or something that may be off interest and he was being disappointed everywhere that is to say that he wasn't interested in any gossip or chatter everywhere he went.

He was just about to give up and go back to his books when suddenly he found a flyer "The Dueling Club Of Hogwarts" it said in huge letters. He read through the whole thing and grinned. 'A dueling club for first years huh? great! looks like i am in luck today' He thought as he kept the flyer and walked to the place it mentioned.

He was quite confident in himself although his spells may not be that powerful he had an arsenal of them. He was a pureblood and his parents were focused on his tutoring from young age so he knew more than any usual first years.

He reached the hall mentioned in the flyer but he was confused as there were only two students in here. As he walked in he noticed one of them it was Bloom Silverton his house's prefect and the other boy is a slytherin Horace remember seeing him around the castle but never actually got introduced properly but where is everyone else weren't there supposed to be more people its a dueling club after all.

He never talked to anyone too much so he just got in and leaned on a wall beside the door with his arms crossed waiting to see when will everything start.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Fate or merely pure happenstance Erin would find herself here. Yes she did follow the directions on a flier she had read someplace although she could not recall where. Her feet would lead her to this place, wherever it was because Erin's author was not going to Godmod. The space was not entirely empty, a good thing. She assumed that a fight club would garner some attention.few others had already found their way to the meeting area. This was apparently a duelist club. She was hardly interested in dueling as a sport, she found the concept barbaric and the celebrity status those who participated in such things as idiotic however she considered the learning of spells more useful than levitating a pen to be highly advantageous. She lacked the academic skill of a Ravenclaw or the friendly cordiality of a Huff to have friends willing to impart their wisdom so a dueling club would suffice.

She would round the corner and come to the door, it was ajar. She would peer inside and see a pair of Ravenclaws, some boy and of course Bloom with a full head of hair making her hard to recognize at first. Then there was Marcus. Her face dropped as she entered the room. Her first instinct was to turn around without another word and nope her way to another club activity. She was not one to follow her instincts apparently. Well, that and she wanted to beat his pale @$$ into the ground in a probably non-sexual manner, no promises.

It was odd that Bloom was here as well as Marcus, perhaps they were dating. She raised a brow at the thought. She was just screwing with the poor Ravenclaw's head. She was way too good for Marcus. Hell, maybe she was a little jealous. Who was to say? Bloom did look better with a full head of hair. She shook her head, she was pretty sure she liked boys not that she had developed a taste for them yet either, she was only 11 after all! Maybe she liked Marcus. He was cute in a slimy, egotistical... No, it was more logical she was a lesbian Erin concluded as she let out an audible sigh upon entering. "Wow, you look good Bloom." She appraised the Ravenclaw with her eyes for a moment longer than necessary before she addressed the second Ravenclaw. "I'm Erin," she would extend a hand towards Horace in greeting. "I look forward to dueling you both."

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Horace was just waiting for something to happen thinking about how cool it would be once the place is full of students dueling each other. But he was still kind off concerned about the amount of people here A Dueling Club would surely attract more people than This! He thought to himself as he kept revising his best spells in his mind after all he was standing in a dueling club no one knows when he will need these spells.

As Horace was spaced out thinking as always then a girl walks in and Horace notices her for a second as she stares at Bloom and the Slytherin thinking something. He just went back to whispering his spells to himself when all of a sudden the girl starts talking this doesn't affect him first but she then turned to him and extended her arm towards him in greeting "I'm Erin" she said he was startled as nobody usually paid any attention to him standing in a corner. He just about somehow got into some state of responding as he was not ready for it "uh.....i-I am Horace! nice to meet you!" he muttered just loud enough for her to hear as he hastily shaked her hand.

Amidst all the awkwardness Horace thought his choice of join the dueling club really paid off maybe he will make some new friends here.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

"Horace, what an antiquated name," she commented. She was always thinking about what could be gained from an interaction. A saccharine lie often best, "I like it." She gripped his hand, not as hard as she could but firmly enough. Was his hand hard and calloused or was it soft? Was his grip hard and dominating, loose and uncertain or confident and firm? She would trace his gaze, was his pose and actions as uncertain and awkward as his voice. 

She was certainly bold enough for the both of them. She was not seeking a challenge and if he fought with the same ambivalence he would be an easy victory. She was atrocious at charms, she possessed the edification and in theory the raw ability but in practice something lacked. Something was deficient but she did not know what, of course Hogwarts should be to blame not her in her mind.

She would relinquish her grip and state the truth, but even the truth had purpose. She looked forward to fighting him... them both... all of them. She wanted to get better but not for some sort of celebrity status, she found such unnecessary but dueling would help her reach goals her young mind was only beginning to formulate. She would smile at them both, Bloom and Horace. She never did greet Marcus, there interactions always resulted in an altercation. She was not attempting to avoid a fracas between them but rather it had no benefit and her pride was not at risk yet.

"Ravenclaw?" Yes, it was already obvious from the blue they donned. The houses granted publicly accessible information on each and every person. It told those that saw them just from the color of their robes if they were ambitious, studious, loyal or brave. It might not seem like much to most and assumptions can be made, often these traits can be stereotyped and sometimes they are not wrong. She saw Ravenclaws as resources, not necessarily easy to manipulate but her personal intellect was not something to underestimate. "Never knew your house as the violent sort," yes she was digging with a smile on her face. "I am terrified to see what a Ravenclaw can do," she lied.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Horace was not the kind to anyone by stereotypical views as his whole family that is most of it was filled with Slytherins. His family's past and their pureblood status also didn't help in changing the views people had on them. Unlike many other students he actually trusted Slytherins after all his parents are Slytherin alumnus. According to him Slytherins were misjudged as they had the tendency to speak harsh words.

Anyways Horace was really looking forward to duel Erin even though he still acted awkward and uneasy as he keeps fidgeting around looking at his feet. "Horace, what an antiquated name," Erin said. 'Of course his name was antiquated after all he came from a long lineage of pureblood slytherins' he thought to himself as he smiled a bit.

Erin then went on to comment on Ravenclaw's non violent studious character and how she is terrified about what they can do. This of course brought a huge grin to Horace's face not for his house pride but he was thinking about how she will react if she is the one he duels first. Horace knew Slytherins loved to keep ravenclaws around for their knowledge. His own mother told him to make some ravenclaw friends little did she knew he was gonna get sorted into ravenclaw. 

He knew the motives of Erin at least vaguely 'If she wanna see my knowledge i will show her!' Horace thought to himself as he let out a soft giggle. Then he noticed he must be looking mad grinning and giggling all by himself for no reason so he just stopped being weird and instead went back to thinking about his spells.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Hearing more footsteps enter the room, she turned around to find Erin walking in. Of all people, it's back to the two Slytherins who caused me trouble, she thought to herself, remembering the time she spoke to them in the same room. The last time she talked to Erin, her hair was falling out from a jinx and she was lying to her about Marcus. Well, at least it looked like it. Bloom was still unsure if she was lying about the situation as Marcus could have been lying, too. For a second, she questioned herself whether or not that was the case as it was too long ago to remember.

"Thanks," she replied to the first-year Slytherin, slightly blushing. It had dawned on her that she hadn't really seen her with a head of hair. In a way, her compliment- sarcastic or not- had made her feel a bit more confident about herself. Perhaps she could be nicer to Erin? They were about to be in the same club after all. "What have you been up to?" she asked, opening conversation.

Feeling relieved, another Ravenclaw had stepped into the room, making the student body in the classroom even. "Hi Horace. I'm Bloom!" she said, introducing herself to her fellow housemate.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Horace was muttering spells and dueling rules that he has learnt over the years of his tutoring. He was caught off guard again when he heard a voice which was probably directed to him as he came back to his senses he noticed who the voice belonged to. 

It was bloom silverton his house's prefect he really felt a mixed feeling of half joy and half nervousness as he really looked up to bloom and all the prefects in general. His parents always taught him to respect anyone better than you by knowledge or skill and he agreed with this idea. "...h-Hi i-i am Horace Vargas!" he said looking around trying not to meet her gaze he never liked to see anyone in the eye it made him uncomfortable. 

He was overjoyed by the fact that bloom noticed him not because he wanted to be her friend or anything well that would be nice but his excitement was for he will get a chance to test his skills which he was so proud of against an equal match at least he thought she would be as skilled as him if not more. 

He again noticed that he got spaced out and shrugged it off trying not to get distracted anymore while still thinking when will the duels start he wasn't violent it was just that he really wanted to duel any of these people thats what he came here for.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Alex would walk into this particular section of the leaky cauldron looking quite interested and observing what was going on. He would do so whilst being relatively silent, almost subconsciously so as he had recently tried to constantly be as silent as possible and sneak into different rooms.

He would also feel quite excited as the prospect of the dueling club really interested him and he definitely wanted to learn more. Still he expected that at first he would definitely be at a disadvantage compared to the wizard born who are more experienced with magic and have learned spells and had tutors since a young age. Still he himself had done a lot of physical exercise and was quite agile, both naturally and from training, so that might give him an advantage, since he could possibly dodge the spells of other duelists. 

Alex then decided to announce his presence and start becoming a part of the conversation. He would then walk towards where the small group was situated and would speak. "Hello I am Alexander Varellion, am I right in assuming that the rest of you are also here for the dueling club ?" He would say with a curious and interested tone, in the meantime observing the various people in the room and creating a mental profile of them. Though he tried not to do so with Marcus as he would be the most likely to be noticed by him.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Hydra walked into The Leaky Cauldron, unsure of what she might discover today--but unafraid, and eager to find out. What Hydra sought was simple and attainable both, with much practice: to become the best witch Hogwarts might ever see. There might be other good witches among her, to be sure, and some who might even find themselves walking alongside her for a time. But at the end of the day, it would be her ferocity and her drive that would lead her to the top.

Awful though it might sound, her parents had created something of a machine when they conceived Lyra and Hydra. But the dream had become her own. And she had the means to reach it.

Her eyes fell to a small, gathering crowd--they might not have held her interest at all, were it not for the single Slytherin there, by her lonesome. Hydra was not a solitary girl by any means--she understood that there was strength to be had in numbers. Whatever people's perception of Slytherin was--that they were villainous monsters out for themselves, for example[mdash]would be corrected through example. They were not out for themselves, after all. They had a common ground in one anothers acknowledged superiority to the collective rest. That was not to say there was no respect to be had for any other houses. To be sure, Hydra admired Ravenclaw. Were she any less tenacious, less bold, she might find herself among them. She was a clever, well-read girl.

At once Hydra saw what brought the Slytherin girl here in the first place. A dueling club.

She nearly missed the Slytherin sigil upon the first boys chest, but when she caught it in her peripherals, the corners of her eyes seemed to lift... and another, speaking now, as she read the lines. It was as good as decided; though she would not speak it into existence, yet. She wanted to be certain those around her were competent enough. So she slowly continued to read the words written, quiet and observant to her surroundings. She heeded them perhaps more than she heeded the words scrawled out before her, which anyone could guess the conclusion to once they started. If they were wizard-born, anyhow.

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

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Marcus chuckled 'Seems I didn't have to wait long' he thought, looking over everyone with a smile on his face "Welcome to the Dueling Club of Hogwarts, my friends." He said excitedly "I am hoping that people will treat others with respect in this club even if they are Pureblood, Muggleborn or even Half-blood, all in all I will be mailing my father for access to the books on dueling in my family's library as that can easily help us with dueling stances as well as spells in the long run, but for now I would like for us all to introduce ourselves even if we know someone here we don't know everyone, then we can start with seeing how everyone's dueling stances look and maybe a spell or two at a nearby target, anyway my name is Marcus De Wynter, Heir to the De Wynter and Styles houses, this is my first year at Hogwarts and I am hoping that it will be a grand seven years at this school" He said with a grin "Hopefully no Dark Lords and such happen while we are here" He added with a soft chuckle.

Haters gonna Hate, that is all I should say..People are just naturally jealous of Greatness. - Marcus

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Alexander would listen carefully to what Marcus was saying. Making mental notes of what he said and thinking of how he should react himself. He decided on simply introducing himself in roughly the same manner as Marcus had done. He would then speak with some excitement bleeding into his voice. 

"Hello I am Alexander Varellion." He would the look a little nervous as he continued "I am a muggleborn though my family could be considered quite well off."

He would then continue speaking whilst rubbing his left arm a little "This also means that I do not know a lot of spells, those that I do know are not well practiced and I only know the bare minimum which I got from some light reading on te subject."

This was followed up by a bit of a tense joke by Alexander, though he seemed a lot less tense than earlier "I don't imagine that we will have a dark lord during our time at Hogwarts. But don't exclude dark ladies. They can be qutie vicious too" This caused Alexander to laugh a little bit at his own joke.

Meanwhilst Alexander was mentally begging that he had not said anything wrong and tried to keep his calm so as to not embarras himself. Though Alex had enough physical control of himself so as to not let his extreme mental nervous translate to extreme physical nervousess. Only slight physical nervousness

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Erin crossed her arms over her chest, apparently Marcus was running the whole dam show. Typical really. He mentioned his family and his resources, both of those things being his only redeeming grace as far as she was concerned. She resigned herself to the fact that she would have to deal with him, they shared the same house and he seemed to be anywhere that there was something interesting. He was likely a pansy, she would derive some satisfaction making him eat his own words. 

"Erin Ryan, basic pureblood line," she shrugged. She was no heiress or destined family head but her family took pride in the fact that they could trace their lineage back well over a dozen generation and over the centuries they maintained their magical line without fail. It was not because they hated Muggles, at least that was what her parents claimed which was a partial truth - muggles and the magically aligned have always been at odds. Genetically they were different and because of this one key difference in their genetic code their destines forked off into two separate paths. They were not intended to live together, muggles and wizards that is and a single deviation in their blood would cause their family to shatter. A Squib in a magical family, incapable of performing the feats of their peers and plunged into the dark ages if they tried to live their life out among their blood relatives. A muggle-born, merely the opposite, they have to separate themselves from their Muggle life and society to realize their potential. It is an isolating a cruel process and it is for that reason mixed bloods are something to be abhorred. 

"I am capable enough," she claimed with a tone of arrogance. 

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

The Dueling Club of Hogwarts  RPG   OPEN 

Adam jogged down the hallway, flying around the corner into the meeting place of Hogwarts' Dueling Club. He had spotted one of their flyers in the corridors, and noting the date, had traveled as fast as he could without getting reprimanded to the club room in the back of the Leaky Cauldron. It hadn't been too difficult to navigate the floo powder system into London, especially with permission from the staff to meet in the restaurant. He hoped he wasn't too late, slipping in to the small room amidst the start of an announcement led by a Slytherin student. Adam recognized the club's leader from around the school; Marcus De Wynter, a slightly pretentious-seeming boy. His introduction was a bit extensive -- Adam didn't think they really needed to know his family line, but it wasn't the worst thing to say, he supposed, and it was always nice to have a future talking point. He wasn't sure if he should introduce himself like the others, but he figured it wouldn't hurt.

"Hi, I'm Adam. Adam Harringtom. My brother's really into dueling, so I figured I'd try it too. It's nice to meet all of you." He chose not to join in their jokes about dark wizards. He didn't want to offend anybody, and at the same time some of these students seemed extremely bloodline-concerned. It wasn't a bad thing, he supposed, but it also wasn't something that Adam viewed as a good quality either.

Oh, well. For now, he'd focus on Dueling.

Adam Harringtom
STR: 10 AGI: 5 CTRL: 8 STA: 12