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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

in reducio below, please read before posting! 

  • You can become a member by posting in the sign-up thread here
  • In said thread, there is also a member list. It’s usually updated monthly or semi-monthly. Users who have owled me to leave the club or got their accounts deleted will be removed, new members included. 
  • When you have not posted during three meetings in succession or been completely inactive on Hio for a month, I am going to owl you asking for clarification. If you haven’t answered it after five days, I’ll assume you are too busy / not interested in being in the club and remove you from the members list. 
  • As a member, you will be notified of meetings and other club activities.
  • Participation in meetings is only allowed for Writing Club members to ensure that people who aren’t planning to stick around don’t get involved and to keep the number of participants manageable. If you aren’t a member yet, please owl me or check the sign-up thread. 🙂
  •   Meetings will take place monthly. Everyone registered on the members list (to be found in the sign-up thread) will be notified by owl. 
  • Every meeting starts with a post by the moderator, in this case me – Ember. Then, you participate in plotting the continuation – you might start off by saying everyone is already there and reading your own text or simply describe how you arrive at the meeting. When someone has read out his story/poem or sung his song, there will be two feedback posts before moving on to the next person. When the thread is dead for one week or six members have read out their text, whatever occurs first, I will end the meeting in a final post. This will include a reflection of the meeting, maybe feedback, and me standing up and officially declaring the end. Even though this should be obvious: Please do not post after the meeting is closed!
  • As the club progresses, there will be “reading meetings” and “writing meetings”. I am not entirely sure yet how to manage the second one. Options are: deciding on a theme and writing about it; talking about a special writing technique… please owl me if you have further ideas! 
  • Sometimes, meetings might continue differently. Maybe we will have a writing workshop or there’ll be an announcement… If so, I will clearly mark that my post is not the ending. 
  • Most importantly… have fun!
Posts, texts and feedback
  • Please remember this is an RPG topic. Keep your posts above the 200-word count.
  • This website is PG-13. All posts and all texts must adhere to the site rules.
  • In almost every meeting, members read or sing out something they have written. This can be a poem, a story, a song or whatever you can think of! There are no limits in length, but I’m sure everyone will be thankful if you keep from presenting a whole book… 😉 
  • If your text (only the text, not the complete post) exceeds 200 words, please put it under reducio. 
  • In the RP, please describe your actions, feelings, thoughts… Is he / she extremely self-confident and walking to the front with strong, steady steps or has the character never read in public before? Are you sitting at the back of the group, unsure if this was the right thing to do, or at the front, eager to prove yourself worthy?  
  • In this case, god-modding is allowed – to a certain extent. You may describe the audience – as in “Lots of people were sitting there, scattered around the room, looking expectantly at [character name]” or “Applause arose, a smile spread across her face as she watched hands being brought together…”. What’s not allowed is god-modding an explicit character. Example: “That girl – was her name Ember Jones? – clapped hardest, looking delighted, [you] frowned – had it really been that good?” An exception: you may describe a certain character doing very trivial/common actions without mentioning a name. Member I: “A student entered the room; she looked at [you], smiling shyly. ‘Hi’, she said.” Member II: “[1] looked up, responding to [your] greeting.”
  • Feedback must be constructive. This doesn’t mean always positive – of course it can occur that you don’t like a text. Examples: “I quite liked how you described the heroine in your story, but I think it would be better if you used less extraordinary words” helps the author to improve his or her writing, but “Ew, I hate this! This thing was crap” doesn’t help anyone at all.   
  • If you have already read out something, please think of taking a back seat in the next meeting to give others a chance – even though I thoroughly appreciate your enthusiasm! The same thing counts for feedback – if you have already given a response to someone, you needn’t be the first to tell the next person your opinion. 

Members allowed to participate:
Ember Jones, Edric Banes, Ashley Wood, Amanda Sparrow, Anastasia Brown, Alexx Helm, Muriel Carroll, Wilma Rosier, Astrid Monrow, Amber Wood, Ginger Mesley, Sadie Lou McAfee, Stella Strassel Rose, Thea Knott, Jane Victoria, Morgan Stratton, Ero Hallister
We are in a small, round room. The windows are also round, it’s a rather unusual sight but causing a beautiful flair. Candles are flickering in the windows; behind their reflections we see the grounds: wild glen, heather, the sky slowly darkening. The wooden floor is of a vivid cherry wood, the floorboards are creaking as students enter the room. There are different kinds of seats – red armchairs bearing a certain similarity to thrones, fluffy bean-bags, wooden chairs like the ones you would expect in a classroom. The whitewashed walls glow in the warm sunlight. A small stage is at the front of the room, a slender black chair standing on it, facing the others. It’s not very high – about the elevation of one step in a staircase. When you come in, a young first-year is already sitting on it, expectantly looking at you, a smile on her face, the red shock of hair falling loose.
Ember bit her lip, looking at her pocket watch. It was a quarter to six p. m… would the fact that she was here much too early make her seem cool and organized or like a complete friendless nerd? She clutched her golden notebook for support, glancing around the room. Should she have cared about getting drinks? What if there were too many people and the room couldn’t hold them? What if there was no one at all? What if they thought it was shabby? She was breathing hard, trying to convince herself of the prospect of a fantastic meeting.

Five minutes to six, she registered footsteps coming nearer and nearer towards the door. Her gaze flickered across the chamber once more. Everything was perfect, right? A gaggle of students entered and looked around, talking loudly, some of them looking at her with interest in their eyes. They sorted themselves into the seats. Ember’s heart began to beat faster as more and more people filed in. When it looked like every chair was taken, she rose to her feet, looking more confident than she felt. “Um, hi. I’m Ember. Ember Jones.” The piece of parchment in her shaking hand crumpled, she closed her eyes. ‘Oh God… get a grip!’ She opened her eyes again, wrenching a small smile onto her lips. Why was she doing this again? She stuttered, she squeaked, went as red as her hair… and finally found her voice. A warm feeling flooded through her body. “Well, I’d heard about the Writing Club some students… Ava and… Kathleen, I think? Yes, so, Ava and Kathleen founded the Writing Club. As you know from my owl, they left the school after a while – which is, of course, their decision, but sadly, there was no successor for the group. I really love writing and decided to restart it… I hope you don’t mind?” She smiled brightly, words flowing out of her mouth with ease now. “Which means this is our first meeting. I already asked you in my owl to bring a text you would like to read – or sing – to us. A poem, song, story, book or whatever. I want this club to be fun. Nobody is forced to present his written art. But I want to tell you it can be a really good opportunity to show us the way you write – I’m sure you’ll be fantastic! – and get the chance on feedback. So…” She looked around; she had everyone’s attention, they seemed to be really interested. “I suggest you tell us your name, the kind of texts you favor to write, any interesting fact about yourseöf that you want to share and read out your story, poem, whatever.” Ember placed her hands on her hips, now grinning broadly. “Who wants to start?”

She perched on the edge of the stool, like a bird about to flutter away, expectantly waiting for some hands to rise up. Except for the crappy start, it had been a good speech, she thought happily. Who would have thought she’d engage herself that much for a club?

I’m sorry if this is a little too long… please read it to the end!  <3
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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Morgan walked into the room holding her notebook that held her words, her thoughts, her feelings. They were special to her and she had signed up to share them with a whole bunch of strangers. She debated turning right around and going back to the comfort of my dorm. No, I have to do this, I have to get involved in at least something. Morgan thought to herself and took a few steps forward towards the doorway, creeping slowly behind a group of other students. 

Inside the room were a few other people and a girl who introduced herself as Ember. Morgan walked over to one of the bean bags hoping to make herself comfortable and unnoticed. She listened as Ember talked about the renewed club. Then the girl started talking about people introducing themselves, Morgan immediately sunk into the bean bag she was sitting in hoping it would just swallow her whole. Her face looked over the small crowd hoping someone else would go first. Morgan debated the thought of introducing herself in her mind, If I go first it can be over with, but I could just watch everyone else first and see how to introduce myself, I think I'm just going to wait for a few more minutes until someone else goes, then I'll go. She settled into her bag, looking around at the different faces sporadically.

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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Thea walked into the room as the cherry wood creaked under her feet. She was glad to be here, writing was one of her greatest hobbies, the only one she succeeded at besides drawing and the girl was quite attached to it. She managed to learn writing quickly as a child and she loved doing it ever since and thinking of all the tiny "books" about princesses slaying dragons that'd consist of paper stapled together with crayon drawings she'd make always made her smile. She even remembered making tiny "dolls" of the main characters and giving them to her family.

When she was older, anything she'd do would soon become a book. Mainly on one of her family's trips overseas, the girl made a story about a family going, well, overseas and finding a crown allowing mind control. Thea remembered asking her best friend at the time to draw illustrations for it and how much drama altering the illustrations ever so slightly has caused.

Overall, writing was always a part of her.

So, hearing about a writing club, of course she had signed up, before realizing how many other people were there. The Hufflepuff soon received an owl talking about the first meeting of the club, and she had to prepare writing for it. Great.

Now that it was time for the meeting, she wasn't so confident. She walked into the room to see the club founder - a girl named Ember Jones, and another first year student who she didn't recognize. "Hello. Thea Knott," she greeted the two and sat down and put her bag on her legs, waiting for others to introduce herself, or whatever they were supposed to do now.

Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Thanks for posting! I was afraid this thread had been abandoned :blush: 

A Hufflepuff girl entered the room, sitting down in one of the bean bags next to the student who had already came in. The first one to join their round seemed quite shy, the second one, who introduced herself as Thea Knott, looked slightly confused. Ember gave both of them a warm smile. "Hey there! Happy to see you here... So, I'm sure you all got my owl?" They were vaguely nodding in answer to her question. "So, I asked you to bring something you've written if you wanted. I've just explained it a little, but as you came later, I can do so again of course. I will force no one to do this, but it would be nice if you did..." She smiled, hoping they would understand it as the joke it was and not as some kind of warped insult. 
"For this first meeting, I'd like us to get to know each other a little more. Everyone who'd like to can tell us those things: your name, what kind of texts you write, an interesting fact you want to share and the text you have brought with you." She smiled at them with big hopeful eyes, wishing for someone to stand up and start.

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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Muriel walked into the meeting room, wincing slightly as the floor creaked from under her feet. She was hoping she'd arrive as quietly as possible and stay relatively invisible until she was needed. So far however, that wasn't the case. She glanced around at her surroundings, relaxing a slight bit as its simplicity and warmness reminded her a bit of her old home now so far away.

Keeping the few pieces of parchment she brought close to her chest, she headed towards some bean bags; she'd always liked bean bags. They were soft, fun, comfortable... but there were already two people sitting nearby. But... they're literally calling for me. So against everything, she decided to come and sit in one of them and listened quietly to what the leader had to say, along with one of the members who introduced herself. Ember and Thea... I can remember those, she thought to herself, noting the names down to be stored in her brain for next time.

That time came sooner than she expected however as Ember came and sat down near them, already asking for their names, what they brought, and any interesting facts about themselves. Muriel instinctively avoided eye contact and tried to appear smaller, wishing she knew how to turn herself invisible. She wasn't exactly keen on sharing anything with three complete strangers. But you came here to just do that, right? It was true; she was passionate when it came to writing, and was originally very excited when she learned that there was a club where others shared that same passion. But now... she wanted nothing more than to just bolt right back out the door she came in.

No Muriel. You're at Hogwarts now; a fresh start. Try doing something different for once, a firm voice from seemingly out of nowhere spoke to her from inside her head. So blindly following it, she slowly rose from her bean bag. "Umm... I'm Muriel... Carroll... and I like to write stories," she spoke slowly, briefly showing the parchment she was holding to the small group. It was covered top to bottom in hand-written words, front and back. "And uhh... I'm a first year..." She continued, hoping that what she just said would count as an interesting fact.

Unfortunately, the wave of confidence that came from the voice in her head quickly washed away, causing her to freeze up as she struggled to say anything else. She quickly fell back into the safety of her bean bag, her hands trembling with whitening knuckles from nervously clenching her parchment too firmly. Hoping that her long hair would cover her face that was now pale with fear and embarrassment, she stared down at the ground, hoping someone else would take over and start talking.  

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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Jay Victoria looked at the other girl who seemed to just be made of softness and nervousness, Jay rolled their eyes. Yeah right. Being a first year... How interesting! They thought with sarcasm. Jay stood up and looked down at their poem, “My name is Jay Victoria and I want to make something very clear. My pronouns are ‘they and them’. Got it? Now... I like to write stories of all lengths, and poems— In fact I have one with me right now,” they started with a small nervous smile, “Oh and an interesting fact about myself is that I’m a pure blood,” Jay said with such full pride letting the nervousness fade away. They then realized that they didn’t need the paper since they have memorized it. Jay cleared their throat and started;

~~ Poem edited~~ Reason: Contains self-harm~~

Jay started with a clear voice but as they got closer to the end of the poem their voice seemed to become smaller and smaller until you could just barely hear the last line. They took a deep breath and tried to ignore the small tugging in their chest that had appeared. It’s okay... It’s just a silly poem... They thought then sitting down and digging their nails into their palms.
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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

@Jane Victoria
There was a short silence, the complete room apparently overwhelmed by the youngster's poem, then applause arose. Ember was one of those who clapped her hands hardest, smiling at the Gryffindor who had introduced themselves as Jay and read out this amazing text. Themselves. Ember found it hard to get used to their pronouns; after all, she usually referred to two or more people when she said "them", and anything else strongly reminded the girl of the selfish behavior of medieval monarchs, but she was sure that there was more to Jay than simply being selfish. She wanted to try and get along with it. 
Then, she'd quite liked the "stories of all lengths and poems". Ember could relate to herself in that, and she liked other writers similar whom she could discuss all kinds of texts with, not "Poems please! But only sonnets, nothing else, I don't understand that..." or "Don't ask me to proofread a book! I write short stories, you know that." What Ember had been taken aback by was how they had mentioned being a pureblood as an interesting fact, displaying obvious pride. Regarding the past, she found this quite ... well, wrong, but after all, she reassured herself, the world wasn't split into Muggle-borns or half-bloods and Death Eaters. 
And then, they had started to read out their poem. 
Ember had been astonished by the sincerity in their words. Without knowing it herself, she had expected the other members to write about cheerful subjects, maybe, if harshly described, “normal” ones, but “Jay” Victoria’s poem was far from it. In a good way, in a deep, thoughtful way, and as she heard how their voice got more and more quiet as the poem drew to an end, Ember understood how hard this had been to share. 
When the clapping dwindled, she cleared her throat, speaking up. “Jay… thanks for reading this poem. Your writing style is brave and truthful; if this sounds like empty phrases, be assured they aren’t. Um, thanks. Does anyone want to give her any feedback?”

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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Sorry for not being so active, but I can try to start this up again if y’all want...

Muriel forced herself to recover fast as another person, Jay, stood up, holding some parchment. The first thing her eyes went to was the green hair; she’d never seen someone with green hair, but thought it was really interesting. Jay’s speaking words also had an interesting effect; they were firm; confident; demanding attention. And so attention they got as she listened intently to the poem read aloud, mentally shaken by the dark words and imagery. As Jay sat down, Muriel stared at them once more. Those were just words... right? Surely, they wouldn't really...

Either way, she joined the rest of the room in applause; it was still a very good piece of writing. The style reminded her heavily of a muggle writer's works she used to read a lot. Hearing what Ember said, she decided to try and pitch in as well. "Yes, your poem was very... individualistic... and unique...!" Muriel added, hoping her compliments wouldn't be mistaken for insincerity. She really did view their poem that way; it was very free-spirited and seemed nearly instinctive. "...Where did you learn how to write like that?" 

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Writing Club - First meeting!  RPG 

Donny struggled into the room, mesmerized by the beauty of the it. The candles flickered in his glasses as he pushed them upward and sat at his seat. He plopped his many books at the table and took out a stack of thick yellow parchment, and his favorite quill; a brilliant white Cockatoo feather. His grandmother, whom he had been very closed to, gave it to him before she passed. He was always very close to her. "Ahem..." someone cleared their throat loudly, blocking the cloud out of his mind. He focused on the story he was quietly awaiting to write. He began to pour his mind on the parchment. The sounds, the sights all came into mind...

The Warlock lay awake amidst the screaming wind, and billowing trees. He was struggling to get up from the damp patch of soil he lay in. He hadn't the slightest idea how he had ended up there of all places. He didn't even know who he was for any matter. All he could remember was being blasted from his feet and his life flashing before his eyes. His memory was meek and he was blank at the mind. He was hesitant to move, for the forest he lay vulnerable in seemed dark and occupied as id it were someones territory...

"Hey!" Donny stopped writing suddenly, and shook in his chair. " I was wondering if I could borrow a quill." The speaker was a very pretty girl with blonde hair. He looked down at his quill, and knew not what to do with it at the moment. He (without thinking) slid the brilliant white quill, that was once so valuable to him, to the pretty blonde girl. He decided that it was time to go to potions class and left the quill behind with the girl. After all, his report card was more important than a quill.

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