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The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

Kendra felt a strong relief after Sylvia complimented her story. She never thought she could match up to people that had been out and about their whole lives. She listened closely as everyone else spoke of their mischievious achievements and picked out their code names. Now for her own code name...  Her mind went blank for a moment. She had always been just Kendra, her parents barely even called her anything besides that and she hadn't really had any friends that could possibly have given her any sort of nickname before. Then it came to her. 

"Snow." she simply said. "I will be Snow." she wasn't certain why, it was pretty much the first word that popped in her mind. 

She was rather fond of snow itself, she enjoyed how brighter any color seemed when surrounded by snow. On snowy days she used to watch the people walking on the street, from the big library window on the second floor in her house in London, and enjoyed seeing anyone dressed in red, or orange or other bright colors. She was rather pale and she could easily match the snow if it wasn't for her overall dark hair. 


The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

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The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

Hestia had passed the table a couple times now, each time glancing at the sign up sheet which kept gathering names. Pranks she could do, she had pulled many on her dear mother and father back at home, even on a few of the neighbors. It was just actually meeting and talking to people that made her heart pound. If she could just work up the courage to walk up to the girl that had announced her presence ever so bluntly in the Leaky Cauldron, she would surely make a bunch of friends easily.

She took a long, deep breath and finally walked up to the table, wringing her shaking hands to try and keep herself calm. "Hestia White. Like the goddess. Hope you don't mind if I join." She said with as much confidence as she could possibly muster. She forced a smile to hide her enormous anxiety and stuck out her hand to the girl. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Sylvia was it?" She then realized that she probably overheard the others sharing prank stories for a reason. 

"Oh uh, one time I was with my mum and I had been looking through my dad's spellbooks the day previously and really could only remember one, a hair changing spell. She was washing dishes, muggle way of course as she always insisted, and I just kind of stared at the back of her head and said the spell- I probably botched it honestly but that doesn't matter now- and her hair turned bright pink!" Hestia broke out into giggles, a laugh interrupting her talking every word or so. "She was so mad! My dad got in trouble too, for letting me look at his spellbooks and stuff, and and I was grounded for a month!" She slowly stopped laughing and looked up at Sylvia hopefully, daring to wish that the story was good enough to join their little group.

"I'm named after a goddess you know"

The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

Hello! So... You said mischief? And pranks? Oh! Well I came in to the right place! I can do anything! Today I've already done 5 pranks! But if you include the pranks I have down from waking up to taking the Hogwarts express make it 20! I love pranking people! Its one of the things I do besides draw gore! Aw Man! But the thing is I rather keep my pranks in secret... I'll come here and perhaps tell you guys some of my pranks..." I say. Then I grab my bag and leaves the room.


The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

Shenanigans. Trouble. Schemes. As soon as those two words were spoken, it sounded like music to Elvira's ears. Without a second thought, she hurriedly waltzed up to the table and grinned, a brow raising and her green eyes shimmering with delight at the simple thought of causing trouble. 
Letting out a gentle chuckle, she moved to write her name down on the list with excitement bubbling up inside her. She only had one partner in crime that helped her with pranks, but this? Oh, it was on a whole new level and she loved it.

"I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here who loves to cause trouble. I'm sure we'll get along just fine~" She winked at Sylvia after she straightened up, her arms crossing over her chest and her head tilting just the slightest. "So what's your story, what made you start this little club? It's ingenious, not going to lie."

She flicked her eyes to those around her, looking for anyone familiar so she could possibly have them join - Though, she had a feeling that the number of members would be coming close to being full. She turned back to the leader, hazel-green eyes scanning the first year to look for any signs of disinterest of some sort. If there were, she'd leave, no big deal.

The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

Eris had been minding her own business, having gone to Diagon Alley to look at new racing brooms, even though she couldn't use them. She hadn't meant to start listening to what Sylvia had been saying, but with each word Eris's smile grew.

Now this, this was far more interesting than any boring old racing broom. Quickly she walked over to the gathering group and signed her name down. "One time, I dyed my sister's hair green in the night. She nearly had a heart attack the next morning," Eris smiled fondly. "I didn't know magic growing up, but I did pull a lot of muggle pranks." She said, wondering if her story had been good enough to impress the others gathered around. If not, she had plenty of other stories. Most involving her mother, sister, and the annoying town kids from back home. "As for plans for what we can do at school.." she paused, grinning wickedly, "Why don't we switch out all the teacups in the great hall for nose-biting teacups? I bought a few today." She said, holding up a Weasleys Wizard Wheezes bag full of plain white teacups.

Done talking, Eris turned to look at the others with a small smile.

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The Modern Marauders  RPG   Closed at 10 RPers 

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