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Dungeons & Dragons Club  IC   Roleplay   Sign-Up Name: Thea Magdalene Knott Age: 11
House: Hufflepuff
Posting Status: Daily/BiDaily? I'm trying to speed things up at the moment but it may go slower because of school right
Your D&D knowledge*: Haven't played it before but I was always interested and the demo that was linked was fun so I guess that's all. I have a basic understanding, I'd say but probably even less than that.
Would you rather be a Dungeon Master?*: nope

Dungeons & Dragons Club  IC   Roleplay   Sign-Up 

The Form Name*: Devina Spence Age*: 11
House: Slytherin
Posting Status: I might not post everday, but I do come online everyday.
Your D&D knowledge*: I, myself, have only played formally once. It wasnt D&D exactly, buy it was a derivative of the game. I have also watch a couple of game-plays online of the game (Titans Grave was great! Highly recommend watching :) ).
Would you rather be a Dungeon Master?*: Yes, or no? Not really.
Additional Info: Like I said before, I have only played formally once, so I might be a little rusty or lost on some things. Sorry in advance. :)

The one, The only, Devina Claire Spence, here to slay with Slytherin Pride
STRG》9 | AGL》6 | CTRL》7 | STAM》8

Dungeons & Dragons Club  IC   Roleplay   Sign-Up 

I’d love to join if there’s still room!

The Form Name*: Jena Aarden Age*: 11
House: Slytherin
Posting Status: I’m still new so I’m working on figuring schedules out. I might not be able to post daily, but I should be able to check daily.
Your D&D knowledge*: I’ve played a handful of sessions over the past few months. I’m also slowly catching up on episodes of Critical Role and BomBARDed.
Would you rather be a Dungeon Master?*: Not at the moment. Maybe once I gain more familiarity.
Additional Info: Sometimes I still feel like a beginner since I’m not completely familiar with all the rules and abilities and whatnot, but I can handle myself in a session for the most part. I would definitely need help in character sheet stats.

Encyclopedia - Jena-Marie Rosal Aarden
STATS - Strength: 4 | Agility: 9 | Control: 10 | Stamina: 7

Dungeons & Dragons Club  IC   Roleplay   Sign-Up Name*: Donnovan Perrywinkle Age*: 11
House: Hufflepuff
Posting Status: Mostly every weekday
Your D&D knowledge*: Never really played, but I get the concept
Would you rather be a Dungeon Master?*: Yes, or (no)?
Additional Info: I love to write fantasy.

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” - Albus percival wulfric brian dumbledore
“The ones who love us never really leave us, you
can always find them in here.” - sirius black
Strength: 4, Agility: 6, Control: 8, Stamina: 9
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