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 IC  Book Club Discussion: The Bad Beginning

OOC: It's that time, everyone! Here is where the Book Club will have their discussion of The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket! Please check out our thread in "At The Counter" if you're looking for more information!
Anatole clutched his book in his right hand, thin and rough at the binding. It was that time, the time to lead yet another group he was somewhat put as the head of: The Book Club. The whole time, he was sure he'd be the only guy here, considering the whole school was relatively testosterone deficient. The only place it took majority was among the Professors.

Anyways, this was the book the group decided upon: The Bad Beginning. Book One in A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was a relatively quick read, about one hundred twenty pages with big text and pictures. It was the sort of whimsical novel Anatole preferred in the midst of heavy schoolwork.

With a sigh, he placed the book down on a table beside him as he began to push chairs together in the warm room, forming them into an oddly rounded ellipse. Since he couldn't see from the top without dangerously ascending a table, he decided that it had to do.

Most of the club arrived short after, Anatole greeting each one of them with a pleasant smile and a friendly wave. Once most of them had arrived, he took his seat at one of the vertices of the ellipse and decided to begin the meeting. "Alright! Welcome to Book Club! I hoped you all liked the book, but we need to go ahead and start talking about the book. How many of you are reading this series for your first time? What did you all think? We'll go into plot detail once a couple people have responded."

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 IC  Book Club Discussion: The Bad Beginning

An easy read, the Ravenclaw had figured that everyone would enjoy a good mystery that was written in such a way as to teach them new words. Though it could get stressful as none of the women seemed particularly dependable, sane or intelligent. Violet, as a main character, was the exception. As a young girl herself, it was important to have representation throughout all types of media but especially characters as sharp minded as Violet and perhaps Isadora - but they wouldn't meet her until much later. 

Per usual, Dymphna was the first member to show, placing herself in one of the middle chairs to have room to discuss with everyone equally. The others filed in and they listened as Anatole lead the group. Many were probably reading it for the first time so she didn't want to spoil anything for them. She was careful with her words. "This is my second time. I'm finding that it's still frustrating anytime they're in trouble and aren't getting the help they need. Mr. Poe for example." Merlin, if there was anything that really got her going about the book series, it was the incompetent adults. Everyone would just have to get used to it - it was The Series of Unfortunate Events afterall. 

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