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Magical Marine Studies


For any, and all, interested in the great lake and whatever it holds.

Bella's recent obsession with the lake had apparently attracted the interest (and concerns) of a few others. With this in mind, she proposed a club be formed for the exploration of the Great Lake and magical marine biology.

If you're actually interested, studious wise, in sea creatures this is the place for you! If you're looking for an easy credit where you just fool around with seashells, this is the place for you! Or maybe you're just looking to play in the lake for gags, well, this is still the place for you. Mostly, Bella is looking to mess with the mermaids, especially to mess with the mermaids.

If any are interested in joining this unorthodox club, please sign the page, written in Bella's somewhat sloppy hand writing.

Bella Krosse
Mardella Bram
Gabriel Mattix
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Magical Marine Studies

Honestly, even after her bout flying with Gabriel a few days ago, Mardella was still itching for something active to do. Flying was all very well when you were a Quidditch player, she was sure, but it didn't really get your heart pumping or a sweat going too much when you were just racing. It was essentially like muggle car racing. She was pretty sure that didn't count as a sport.

Mardella had just been walking back inside from another wander around the grounds, when she saw the notice posted in the Entrance Hall. It was rather plain looking, if not for the large words exclaiming [MAGICAL MARINE STUDIES] scrawled along the top in messy cursive. Pausing mid-step, she swiveled immediately to look at the poster properly.

It was messy, that was true, but she felt her eyes widen as she read it properly.
...For any, and all, interested in the great lake and whatever it holds...
She grinned, snatching the quill haphazardly taped to the wall beside it with Spellotape and scribbling her name below. She'd literally just contemplated going swimming, the lake looked deep and was so wide! Finally a proper sport!

Satisfied, she stuck the quill back to the wall and took off at speed to write a letter home. She was going to need that swimsuit after all!

Mardella Bram, first year
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Magical Marine Studies

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Magical Marine Studies

Alina was taking a slow stroll around the campus in her free time. She couldn't help but feel a stab of envy at seeing all the groups of people getting together in clubs and groups. "You could be too, if you just joined one Alina!" She admonished herself. She chewed nervously on a piece of hair out of habit. After wandering back into the campus, she passed by a bulletin board displaying multiple flyers displaying clubs or notices.

"Chess club, DADA club...Magical Marine club...Flying club...wait. Magical marine?" Alina furrowed her brow before getting closer to the scroll. She read it over, and over again. Hope growing in within her. A place she could swim! It excited! In Hogwarts of all places! Alina could feel tears sting at her eyes. Her only other refuge she had away from her parents existed here!

Alina all but ripped the quill that hung off to the side to sign her name by the side. "This club will never get rid of me!" She stated proudly, with a quick flourish of her name, before bouncing away happily.

Alina Ambrosia

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Magical Marine Studies

Mae was walking around the leaky cauldron to find clubs to join and she stumbled upon a Marine Science club to find out what was in the great lake. Mae found the great lake incredibly mysterious and definitely wanted to Join, she grabbed the pen and signed.

-Mae Winters- 

-Mae Winters-
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Magical Marine Studies

Katha chewed on her lip as she gazed at all the various sign up sheets for the far too numerous clubs at Hogwarts. She was well aware of one of her many faults: her desire to do absolutely everything, to the detriment of actually finishing things. There was just so much to do, and she got bored so easily! But her mother had made her promise to try and keep her commitments this year, and find a few activities she liked instead of throwing herself into every single one that looked fun.

Her eyes landed on a sign-up sheet that made her pause. "Magical Marine Studies... Is it a class or a club?"

Regardless, just like every other first year she'd heard the sensationalist stories about Hogwarts's very own giant squid, and the chance to get to see it up close and personal sounded thrilling. Swimming had never been her favorite, but she supposed it was an alright means to an end. Plus, she liked collecting things, and it would be nice to have some seashells and pretty rocks to send home to her family. Maybe some pictures as well. Was she allowed to send pictures of mermaids home to her parents, or did that violate the statute of secrecy? Well, she supposed that she could just do it anyways. What would be the harm in that?

Decision made, she put her quill up to the sheet and hastily signed her name.


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Magical Marine Studies

Lorelai was wandering around the Leaky Cauldron, bored as she often found she was, when she a piece of paper with writing on it caught her attention.

She looked at the messily written sign up sheet before her. "Magical Marine Studies, huh?" She said, trying to make out what the rest of the paper said. Lorelai adored magical creatures, sea life not excluded. And she knew so little about it, this was a great opportunity to learn! This seemed interesting, and the girl wanted a part of it.

Lorelai took a quill and signed her name right on the sheet.

Lorelai Brunelle

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Magical Marine Studies

Syrah has been interested in Magical Creatures for a while now. And upon arriving at Hogwarts she learned with intense disappointment that she could not begin taking the class, Care of Magical Creatures, until at least her Third Year. For now it seemed all she had was her texkbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. But now, in the Leaky Cauldron, of all places, she found a bulletin post for a club about Marine Creatures. Hey, marine or not they were still magical and so Syrah was more than all in. Hoping the club was still around and accepting members, she quickly signed her name.


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Magical Marine Studies

Cassie was about to walk straight past the large board full of sign up sheets but something made her stop.
She’d always enjoyed being part of the clubs and groups at her muggle school so why not give it a go here? After all, it was a good chance to make some new friends and to learn something new.
She studied the board, chewing her thumb nail absentmindedly.

Chess club...Quidditch...Duelling club...

Nothing was really standing out to her. Well no, everything was standing out to her. She wanted to try everything and anything but with the pressure of her classes and homework as well she felt just one club would be enough for now.
She ran a hand down the back of her neck as she reached the bottom of the list, wondering what she could possibly pick when a few words caught her eye, written messily on a sheet of parchment.

Magical Marine Studies

Was this the one? It seemed perfect. As a young child growing up in Scotland she’d always enjoying exploring the mysteries of the lochs and knew that discovering the wonders of the infamous Hogwarts great lake would be just as exciting.
With the prospect causing a spark to light up her eyes, she grabbed the quill dangling precariously beside the sign up sheet and scribbled her name under the others. 

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Cassandra M. Tipperton

Magical Marine Studies

Quidditch Club... No, I'm already on the team. I think that counts as a club or... ah, whatever, just no. Ava thought, looking through the clubs. She wanted to join some kind of a community since she did not feel like her house was giving her what she needed. Hogwarts Orchestra? I would love to join if I knew how to play any instruments. she shrugged, reviewing other clubs. Welcoming Committee? If I knew how to welcome people. I should keep that in mind. Maybe they could teach me something about socializing with people...

Mystique club sounds interesting... she made a mental note and sped through some more clubs, not really feeling anything. She needed something intriguing, something that would open her mind to more possibilities...

Dueling club... Environmental Protection... Study Club... New Founders Club... Magical Marine Studies... The Modern Marauders... Wait, Magical Marine Studies? She stopped her eyes on one of the clubs. 

For any, and all, interested in the great lake and whatever it holds.
The sloppy handwriting looked like someone from the magical marine wrote it. It was intriguing. It stood out among the others. It was different. Grabbing a quill, she quickly signed her name before she will be too late.


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