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New Founders Club  RPG   Closed at 10 rpers 

Welcome to the New Founders Club

First of all if you want to join please mail Jake Grimstone or Jason Atwater. Then we will mail you back saying if you are in. Its going to be fun so plz send a letter or just respond here and join me
The beginning 

Jake was really getting into this beer type stuff it made him happy and pretty much it. He walked to the room where the club would be he had taken time to fix everything and make it look nice. Jason for some reason wanted to sleep some more so he wouldn't be here quite yet, but he was the "Co-leader" of this and he was Jake's right hand man. Jake realized that he taken his Suitcase with him that really had nothing in it but a secret that he had only shared with Jason it was the suitcase of magical creatures and he had to keep it safe at all times.

Jake new soon enough letters would be here asking to join the secret club of mischief and adventures. He would be glad to have a hybrid of houses coming in here. Also that kids will actually be able  to go on adventures and have fun with friends which is what most clubs dont offer. 

~Jake Grimstone STATS-