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The Secret Room  PV Rhea Bishop & etc   Closed 

Maddie was walking down the halls, no plan in mind of where she was going, but still she walked on. She tended to walk around the castle in order to admire it. She recalls the first time that she saw a painting move. She jumped, the painting looked taken aback by her rude gesture. The Fat Lady still doesn't like her. She laughs at the memory.  I wonder what the Mona Lisa would do if it was magical? She thinks. She walked closer to the wall, dragging her fingertips along it as she walked. The texture was rough against her freshly moisturized hands. She could feel every grain of sand in the walls.  Maddie continues to walk like this, but stops when she comes to a doorway. A very curious looking doorway it was. She was about to walk in when she noticed that there was no handle. Confused, she observes it more. The door was divided into 4 sections, each, which she had learned quickly, represented the 4 houses. Not hesitating she touches the Ravenclaw eagle, and the door swings wide open, to find 3 other students in the room. "Huh...That was interesting." She stepped inside to look around.
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The Secret Room  PV Rhea Bishop & etc   Closed 

James had no idea where he was, but it was exciting to find something new in the castle!
James had been walking along, exploring as he did quite often (but probably too often, as he had told himself many times, because he still had his Charms homework to do), when he found something rather peculiar. He must have had a very good eye at that moment, because what he found was somewhat and unusually hidden in the wall, but it was still there, nonetheless. James had been looking at a door that was divided into four sections. Each section had engraved on it a familiar symbol. There was the Gryffindor lion, the Slytherin snake, the Ravenclaw eagle, and of course, the Hufflepuff badger, which was the most familiar and welcoming emblem of them all, to James at least, him being a Hufflepuff himself.
Fondly, he reached out and touched it, and before he knew what had really happened, the door swung open, even though James had noticed there had been no door handle. James steeped inside to see two other students there, one Gryffindor and one Slytherin, and James heard the door shut again behind him. But not too long after, the door opened again, and James turned to see a Ravenclaw open the strange door into the room.

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The Secret Room  PV Rhea Bishop & etc   Closed 

Kira had no idea what she was doing. She never did. 
She was always the curious and adventurer type, as some would say. She disliked rules, having lived through a whole lot of them her whole life before Hogwarts, and absolutely loathed being told what to do. Her mother had told her, before coming here to Hogwarts, that she had to "-absolutely follow the rules, and stick to the path already paved for you." Maybe that's what drove Kira to this secret room. 

Kira had found a doorway, divided into four sections, each with the four house emblems on them. She had immediately gone to the Slytherin one, of course, the familiar green colour and snake figure drawing her to it. She had touched the emblem, curious, and instantly the door had swung open, revealing a hidden room. She had jumped, also having let out a small yelp, however she wouldn't have liked to admit it if someone were to ask. The room was cold, the air musty. Probably from not being used in quite a while. She was the only one in the room, and for a while, she simply stood in the middle, looking around with a bemused expression. 

Then the Gryffindor door opened, revealing a girl who was, infact, a Gryffindor. Unless of course she so happened to have stolen the red robes she currently wore. A later while, and the Hufflepuff door opened, revealing a boy. And again, hopefully for the last time, one of the doors opened, and in came a Ravenclaw. 


The Secret Room  PV Rhea Bishop & etc   Closed 

Of course, Rhea preferred to explore the castle rather than do her homework. She soon found herself wandering around the corridors of Hogwarts, her feet carrying her somewhere unknown. She traced her fingers along the walls of the corridors. her finger suddenly found a bump in the hallway. Rhea was sure that she'd explored these corridors before, and that this hadn't been there.

Rhea examined it and saw that it was a doorway. She raised an eyebrow when she saw that there were four sections to the door. Soon, she realized that the sections represented the four Hogwarts Houses- Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. As she had nothing better to do (other than homework, but she definitely wasn't going to do that now that she found this) she realized that to enter she had to go through the Gryffindor section. 

Rhea touched the Gryffindor lion and the door swung open. Rhea raised an eyebrow and walked into the room, thinking that she'd just found a secret hiding place that she could use when she wanted to be alone. 

But then she realized that there was another girl there. A Slytherin, it seemed, by the looks of her robes. Rhea walked over to the girl and sat down next to her. As Rhea was about to introduce herself, the door swung open once more and a boy entered through the Hufflepuff section. Rhea grinned and waved when she saw that it was James. Then the door opened and in came a redhead girl through the Ravenclaw door.

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