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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

(PV Serena Towers)

"You tried the wrong person pal..." Said Siege, glancing down at the three third years lying and groaning in pain, as Siege bandaged his arms with the special bandages...They didn't have any {Major} burns...But it came to a point when embers would randomly fly around the place...I hope no one noticed that anyways...They were in the so-called "Abandoned Bathrooms", called that because...Well it was abandoned. It delicately needed patching up, I'll tell you that. "Next time you try to bully someone...Look if they can kick your ass first...Nothing personal though..." The boy said, quite amused. He had a satisfied smile, to match his face, as it had some blood from the altercation, probably smeared from him scratching his face at some point...Yes...It probably wasn't his.

He looked at himself in the broken mirror, losing his smile, and went back to the lazy stare he always wore. It was crazy how he did that...Almost like a psychopath, but he just knew that he can't carry a smile like that...People might think he beat someone up...Which he did...

"Damn...better get rid of that smear...I'll probably just wipe it off." Muttered Siege, wiping some off, but some stuck, and he was just too lazy to get it off. He staggered towards the door, not because he felt drowsy from the "injuries" itself, it was because that's just how he was after fights...Pretty damn tired, but ready for another round.

He walked out into the corridor, hoping that the boys he had gotten into a fight with, wouldn't turn him in, and why would they? They'd just as well admit that they were trying to test out the rumored kid from the new incoming class... They wanted a fight, and they got it, end of story...

Now it was a problem with Siege, as he did not look good while slowly walking the halls. He had some cuts from glass flying off from the commotion, a small purple bruise forming at the side of his face, just right underneath his ear. He walked lazily as he would always do, though his quote on quote "Lazy Walk", was just his expression, normally giving off an arrogant, and pretty misleading message. He's just so used to a face of carelessness, devil-may-care if you would. Though this expression, has gotten him in countless trouble, often mistaken for an indifferent confidence... The same confidence lingered around him now, as he walked slowly from the Abandoned bathroom, aimlessly, to somewhere that he can at least wash...
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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

A yawn escaped her lips as the young Hufflepuff stretched her arms above her head. Relaxing, she looked around and sighed. The corridor was empty. In fact, most of the them had been empty. Serena was in the middle of doing her usual patrol of the floor, as part of her prefect duties. Unfortunately, she was also exhausted and just wanted to sleep. This was nothing new, of course. She always wanted to sleep. It didn’t matter what time of day it was, if there was one thing she was religiously loyal to it was sleep.

Sighing softly, Serena decided to continue her patrol. The quicker she checked the halls and rooms, the quicker she could get to the bed that awaited her. Promptly, her feet started moving. She looked around, recalling this area. It was around here that she had managed to spill a hot drink over her hand, which led her to meeting Bloom. It was very random but she was glad to have met someone she could call a friend. Ah yes, those creepy looking abandoned toilets were around here, weren’t they? She ought to check in there too.

Or at least that was the plan...

On the way, a figure caught her attention from the distance. She quickly looked up, wondering who was there. She had expected a student that was messing around and lurking late at night or a Professor doing some rounds too. What she didn’t expect was to find a boy who looked like he was going to fall over any second.

The gasp escaped her lips before she even realised who it was. Whoever it was, they were staggering around in a very slow manner. She was worried they would fall- wait, they were injured?! OhMyGod! She broke into a run, quickly making her way down the corridor as she stared at the boy, suddenly realising who it was as she approached him, "Siege?!? What the- what happened? Are you okay? Shit," words came out of her lips faster than she had expected. She came to a halt next to him, quickly moving her hands to the side of his arms in an attempt to help keep him stable. He looked like he was going to fall any second. "Fu-" she cursed under her breathe as she observed the boy closer for the first time properly. He had blood over his face... he looked like he was battered, "What the-" the girl muttered under her breathe before quickly looking over his shoulder.

She couldn’t see anyone else there. The corridor looked empty. But it looked like someone had hit him. Whoever it was, would have to wait. "Shit, Siege... C’mon- we need to get you checked- let’s get you to the hospital." Mistaking the blood on his face as his own, and the slow walk as his body calling out from pain. "Can you walk? Here, put your arm over my shoulder," The girl instructed as she moved next to him and tried to help hold his body weight. She automatically decided that he couldn't walk by himself, without waiting for a response, simply because of how he looked. He had a staggering slow walk that had caught her attention in the first place. So she instructed him to put his arm over her and lean on her, if it helped him walk to the hospital wing. 

She really wanted to know what happened - and who caused this. But right now, those things weren't pressing. What mattered was the his health. Right now, her body was running on autopilot. It was moving before she even had the chance to register what she was doing or saying. Words came out so quickly. He may not have even understood half of what she said - that's how quickly they came out.

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

"Huh? Who the bloody hell?...Serena?" Siege would wonder, as the girl quickly stormed  towards him, though she was pretty blurry, since the boy barely had his eyes open, being lazy and all. 

"OhMyGod! Siege? What the- what happened? Are you ok? Shit," The girl's voice echoed through the halls as she ran, which irritated Siege a bit, cause that loudness, is exactly what'll get him in trouble...At least with her probably... "Fu-...What the..." Serena would constantly mutter, worryingly, which really got through Siege's head...That bruise under that ear? That was from him getting slammed against the sink, the later stage of the fight...But don't worry...He quickly returned the favor to all three...And perhaps a bit more. But it's safe to say that the boy has a bit of a concussion now...

"Shit, Siege... C’mon- we need to get you checked- let’s get you to the hospital." Serena would worryingly say, as she put his arm over her shoulder...The two would start walking, although as they walked slowly, Siege just stopped leaning on her, knowing that he was perfectly fine, and after several minutes, the two would look...pretty suspicious to be honest. Siege had his arm around her, him walking perfectly confident, although his natural expression was still on his face. It looked like he was just resting his hand on Serena's shoulder, rather than being held up by Serena, which he obviously wasn't...

"Serena, I'm fine... stop walking me...I'm not hurt at all..." Siege would reply in a bored yet tired voice...He definitely was up to something... At least, trying to hid the fight that he had, with the third years. Though it seemed as though Serena would not listen, now almost insisting to drag Siege's hand forward...Which would prompt Siege to...erm pull her back a bit. He gently pulled her back to the point where she was next to him, instead of just dragging him forward...The two were on a slow pace, but she was dragging him nonetheless. He leaned towards her, his breath probably hitting Serena's soft cheek as he began to whisper...

"Serena...I'm fine...You don't have to take me anywhere...I'll be fine here..." Whispered Siege, hoping that Serena would just let this go...But somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that she won't...He knew what kind of person she was... This was also one of the times, when Siege wasn't just any troublemaker, but after fights, he always had an hour of peace within him, seeing as he sees that a sign of respect to those he just fought...Even a hooligan like him's got some honor...Probably what landed him in Gryffindor...

She was caring, and Siege didn't know how to feel about her...During the short time they've known each other, she's been able to bring out foreign feelings out of him...He didn't know what the hell they were...All he knew was to fight, listen...maybe some jokes, but other than that...He didn't know what he was doing, but he leaned in closer, maybe a centimeter away from her ear...

"You don't have to worry...You know me!" Said Siege with the humoristic confidence that he always carried, and of course he carried his trademark smile as he said it too...

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

Serena frowned out of concern, rather than anger. She was worried about him. His eyes were pretty much shut - perhaps because he was feeling dizzy. The very innocent girl had no idea he was fine. She was just trying to help him get to the hospital. His slow, staggering walk that made him look like he was about to fall over at any moment had worried her down to her very core. The Hufflepuff cares too much. She cares about everyone, even those she didn't know. It was natural for her to care even more about her friends - and believe it or not, she would consider the Gryffindor one of those friends.

The girl sighed, "How exactly are you fine, Siege? You're bleeding! You can barely walk!" She hissed at him, again out of worry rather than anger. Though she probably would get annoyed if he continued to insist he was fine when he looked terrible. "What do you mean you're not hurt? You look it," She replied as she looked up at him. Her eyes widened slightly. It was only at this angle that she could see the bruise that formed under his ear, "Fu-What the hell happened to you? How did you get hurt under your ear?" She asked him, out of worry. It stood out to her as unusual simply because that didn't seem like a normal place to get a bruise in a fight. She wouldn't know, of course. However, most people - at least on the muggle films that she watched back home - would end up with bruises on their eyes or lips or something... Who in Hogwarts hit someone below the ear? That's an odd place, surely.

Serena continued to try and walk him to the hospital, as he had anticipated she would. She slowed down her steps a little as she felt him pull her back. Perhaps he couldn't keep up with her pace with all of these injuries. Sighing, Serena rolled her eyes, "You really don't look fine, Siege. Can you just shut up and let me take you to the hospital? I need to get you checked out." She replied in a matter-of-fact voice, as though this was the law and she had to do it.

Luckily for her, she had turned her head back to look at the path ahead of them. What she didn't anticipate, however, was feeling his breathe on her ear as he whispered into it. The girl inhaled sharply as her chest jumped a little. She could literally feel his breathe on her ear. He was way too close to her. Swallowing absolutely nothing, she tried to choke down how awkward this felt. They were only close right now because he was hurt. He needed the support. That was all. That's why. She continued to tell herself that, trying to make her feel a little less awkward by the fact he was so close to her. She hadn't realised how close until his whisper tickled her ear. "I- uhh-" She started before closing her lips again. She didn't know what she was trying to say. Perhaps it was best not to say anything. 

But this is Serena, she couldn't help herself. She was a talker, this one.The girl paused for a moment before sighing and rolling her eyes again, "Uh huh... You're probably the only person I have to worry about." She replied, knowing full well how much trouble he seemed to get into - or invite onto himself. Serena was a worrier, she worried about everyone. However, of all of her friends, he was probably the one that ended up in the most amount of danger or trouble. She had never had a normal, boring day when he was around - and she really missed those normal boring days sometimes! She could be in bed by now, if today had been a normal boring day!

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

"Uh huh... You're probably the only person I have to worry about." An expected answer came out of Serena's mouth, which prompted Siege to just give a pretty loud sigh...He didn't feel frustrated at all, because he knew that was the response he was gonna get, or something along those lines...

The two slowly walked the halls, Siege's arms still around her, as they slowly walked the corridors. Serena looked like she was still pulling him forward, although this time a lot softer and less forceful, as if she just wanted to urge him on.

"It's fine Serena, and don't worry about that thing under my ear, I'm sure it'll be gone in a jiffy." Said Siege, casually slightly smiling. He didn't sense or know that anything or what he did earlier or now, could look perhaps a bit too suspicious, nor did he sense the girl's awkwardness...All he knew was that Serena was a friend, and she was his actual first friend...Well one that cared for him to that degree anyway.

He never imagined he'd be side to side with someone like this...He grew up with only his step-father to care for him, and step-sister that was always away...He knew that Edward loved him like a son, but Edward showed that love through punishments, and discipline...rarely for anything fun.

"And stop panicking please? You'll get me caught for my fi-... Never mind, the point is that, calm down, ok?" Said Siege, strangely calm to the probably amazement and frustration of Serena's eyes...I mean the boy didn't look fine at all, in fact he was feeling a bit dizzy from his head getting slammed to the sink...yep...he probably has a concussion now...Not probably...he does.

Siege began to feel it as he walked with Serena, after a few minutes from her outburst. His head couldn't think clearly after she was being so damn loud. Her voice rang in his ear, each becoming louder and louder, than the sweet voice he had come to get used to, if not liked.

*What the...That hit from earlier. S**t, I probably have a concussion now...This is bad, I can't let her find this out-ow ow ow, this s**t hurts! What the hell, ow! My brain freaking hurts...Uh oh...why the hell is my vision getting blurry? Uh oh...*

These thoughts would be ringing in Siege's ear, as he got slower and slower walking, now he really struggled, unexpectedly leaning on Serena this time for support.

"Huh? Siege? Are you ok?" Serena would worrying say, before struggling to prop Siege up against the wall. He was feeling like he could use a break ya know? His head was splitting in two, and his thoughts weren't even his at this point. Siege now leaned against the wall, facing the shorter Serena, who tried to get a closer look as to what was wrong with Siege.

"Yeah...I'm fine..." Said Siege opening his eyes, although not with a lazy stare, but with his green eyes fully exposed... It was then when he began to lose consciousness, and could only see the flustered face of the cute girl in front of him, the one he was first to call a friend at this new school. 

"You still here?-" Said the boy as his eyes began to close, and his neck began to give. He gently guided forward, towards the girl, his lips ended up to unexpectedly lock with hers...Man...truly an idiot amongst idiots... at least idiots who play with a girl's feelings that is...

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

Serena rolled her eyes, "Uh huh," She replied sarcastically to his statement. That bruise under his ear didn't look like it was going to disappear anytime soon - especially not in a jiffy, as he so eloquently put it. She didn't believe him in the slightest - and clearly for good reasons. He was an idiot, it seemed.

The boy suddenly started to walk slower than before. Struggling to walk, it seemed. Serena felt his weight suddenly increase on her shoulders as he staggered, "Huh? Siege? Are you ok?" She asked frowning as she tried to hold him up. She was struggling a bit herself. But the worry and concern was still prominent in her voice. Siege didn't look well. She was no doctor but she could tell he didn't look well. "Fuc-" She whispered under her breathe as he moved to lean against the wall. The boy looked bad. She didn't know what to do. Should she run and get the nurse? Perhaps it would be better to bring the nurse here... or even a professor. Anyone, dammit! She couldn't carry him by herself. The guy was like five inches taller than her and definitely weighed more than she did. 

Whilst she was probably stronger than she looked, it still wouldn't have been enough to carry his weight all the way to the hospital. He claimed to be fine. Serena looked into his eyes, noticing them flutter closed. He looked like he was suddenly exhausted... perhaps dizzy. She frowned at him, looking at him with worry. 

She was going to get the nurse. Yes. That was the best option. Get the nurse or any professor and bring them here. That was much better than trying to get Siege to move. She'd instruct he sits down and stays there, until she can get help.

Well... that was the plan. It was until she heard his voice, "Huh?  Ye-" She started, about to tell him what the plan was. Unfortunately he didn't let her speak.

Now I said she was talkative. And she really was. But perhaps Siege found one of the only ways to shut her up... 

The girl's eyes widened, inhaling sharply. Her brain had stopped working. Her lungs had forgotten to exhale. Her body froze.

Serena stood there. Against the wall. Completely and utterly frozen. Her mind seemed to have stopped functioning. She couldn't even begin to think.

Whatever the plan was, she had completely forgotten it. She just stood there. In complete and utter shock. This was awkward. 

Well... this wasn't how she expected today to go.


I literally can't write about this right now. I am laughing too hard. I cannot believe he KISSED her - AND passed out LOL. What an idiot. Can I kill him? LOL

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

Siege was in limbo right now. His mind was all jumbled up...He was unconscious. He forgot how to feel unconscious. It's been so damn long, that he forgot what or how it felt like to be knocked out... now obviously he wasn't knocked out, but his damn head was slammed to a f***ing sink! He's got at least a small concussion right now, and Serena's worrying voice just spurred on his unconsciousness, leaving him here... in limbo. 

"Wake...up" Said a soft voice, something that sounded like a woman's. That was weird...why was he hearing things? A cold shiver ran through his body, something that was apparently enough to jolt him back into action, his eyes starting to flutter and his vision started to blur into existence.

"Good luck boy...You look like you'll need it" Another voice would echo through his head, slowly fading away, eventually to the silence of the damn halls. It was just Siege and Serena out there...Probably around thirty seconds or so, Serena still eyes closed, too scared or too shocked from the contact... A contact that Siege failed to notice his lips touching her, pulling away, unknownst to him, the kiss that had happened between the two earlier.

"Hmn? Serena?" Siege would slightly mutter, the pain a bit gone now... The girl still had her eyes closed, seemingly looking up at the boy, and had a relaxed, yet tensed up eyes... She looked really cute like that for some reason, Siege would think. Was it the cancer? The concussion? Whatever it was, Siege was thinking strange things...

The girl's eyes suddenly opened, and blood started to rush up her head, as she quickly jerked her face away from Siege's vision. The girl began to open her mouth to say something, only to close it once more...

"...You...what...why?" The girl would say awkwardly, as she blushed some more, while asking. "Why?...Why would you..." The girl began once more, her voice breaking and close to crying, tears could be seen building up her eyes.

*Crap! has she found out about the damn fight? S**t...Well guess can't avoid it now...*

"Just cause. It was pretty unavoidable Serena, c'mon you know me!" The boy innocently said, shrugging and smiling at the girl.

*Man...she really did find out eh? It was unavoidable really. I was bound to get caught any day soon...But I'm pretty damn glad it was Serena... at least I know her...*

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

Shock had completely taken over her body and mind. She didn’t even know how much time had passed. She didn’t even have the ability to move... Serena just stood there, as though frozen. His... lips... were touching hers? It took her way too long to register that. To register what was happening. By the time she had, the boy had managed to gain conscious (though she was still blissfully unaware of his lack of it in the moments before) and moved away from her.

Her heart was beating so loud that she couldn’t hear anything else. She especially didn’t hear his muttering. What... was going on...? Opening her eyes, she stared at him, perplexed. Her cheeks started to turn a shade of red that she had never quite known they could turn. Her chest was pounding so loud that she thought it would explode from her chest any second now. Silently, she stood there. Waiting for him to explain what had just happened. To say... something, anything really. Any words would have been helpful at this point.

Say. Something.

Serena opened her mouth to say something, closing it rather suddenly again as no words came out. She did this a couple of times, unsure of what to say. Eventually, her voice managed to come back to her. “...You....what...why?” Well... somewhat. She gained the control to say the odd word here and there, even though her brain was incapable of forming full sentences apparently. She had so many questions to ask but nothing seemed to come out. What had just happened... did he just... kiss her?

More that that, she wanted to know why. The reason behind his actions. No one randomly kisses someone... Mustering up the courage to speak a little louder, she muttered, "Why?...Why would you..." Her voice was breaking as she spoke. She was so confused... There was an order to this, wasn't there? People said they liked each other and then they kissed and then they lived happily ever after. Or at least that was the fairy tale. But he didn't like her and she... well she didn't like him, did she? She never actually thought about it.

"Just cause. It was pretty unavoidable Serena, c'mon you know me!"

His words hit her hard. They didn't help the confusion, in any way. She mistook them entirely, thinking he was talking about the kiss. Because who would talk about a fight right now? "..." Her blank expression probably said more than her words could. She was completely baffled by this. What did he mean it was 'unavoidable'. How? She had never managed to kiss any of her friends randomly. She had avoided it for her entire life. Did he go around kissing everyone? Was this just completely normal to him? Was she supposed to be doing that? Why was he being so normal? Serena stared at his face, perplexed. That smile... he looked so innocent. Like he hadn't just randomly kissed her... Were first kisses meant to be like this? Was kissing meant to be like this? She didn't think people randomly kissed others but he seemed to think it was normal... "Wh- what do you mean... unavoidable...?" She asked, slightly afraid of the answer. What did that mean? Was it natural for boys to pass their cooties to girls? 

Wait - is this why her mother warned her to stay away from boys?

"... Do I? Do I... know you, Siege?" She whispered, probably loud enough for him to hear as her voice broke a little more. She felt like she didn't. She didn't know him at all. Maybe he went around kissing girls all the time and making their mothers feel ashamed of them - her mother would definitely feel ashamed of her. She had warned her to stay away from boys... She didn't listen... Her mother would have been so disappointed in her...

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

"Do you know me? Of course you do! We're friends after all!" Said Siege, although pretty damn confused as to what the hell she was talking about. "But yeah...It was pretty damn unavoidable. Didn't really expect to get injured with a concussion, though after all...There was three of them, weren't there?" Wondered Siege, as he began to think back to the fight. There was probably some blood left on the sink from the fight that...yeah I hope they're gone now, or Serena's gonna have to freak out, and I do not want that!...Oh wait, lemme get back to narrating this point of view....

"Well, yeah I got my head slammed to the sink if I remember well, that's why I have this." Siege pointed at his bruise underneath his ear. "I probably have a concussion now..." Said Siege, just laughing casually, since he had experienced a good few concussions before.

"Also, you seem pretty shaken up...You good? I hope I didn't hit or anything when I fell unconscious, yeah that'd be bad, hopefully I won't be charged with attacking a Prefect if I did fall and hit you!" Siege would casually joke around, feeling pretty damn comfortable around Serena, a feeling he doesn't or can't really share with anyone else.

Siege's knuckles actually had an injury though, he hit the mouth of one of the guys, and some teeth caught his fist causing a bit of bleeding from the knuckles, although not severely.

"Damn, he got me didn't me? That's why I never punch into the damn mouth...Ugh, it was three against one anyways, I had to do something!" Joked Siege some more, as he chuckled to himself, as to how he's barely or not even changing in this new world.

"Hmn? Serena? You good? You look pretty damn frozen up...Don't tell me I actually hit you! Let me see..." Said Siege, then proceeding to move closer to her, leaning in to see if she had any injury from him...Hmn...Well that was pretty damn unexpected. He's not one to normally check the injuries of anyone...Is the damn disease back again? But this time, he paid no attention to what he was doing...Cause lately...well lately he's been feeling weird around Serena. 

When around her, it seems as though she brings out the good side that resides in him...He never wishes any harm on her, and even would go as far as having the urge to protect her! And even though they've only known each other for two months, Siege felt like he knew her for longer... She was the one who made him feel like this...And he doesn't even know what these feeling are, or what they mean!...Yeah...He may not look innocent...But when it comes to feelings...He has no idea of anything...

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

Serena stood, pressed up against the wall as Siege spoke. With every word he said, she was kind of just hoping the wall would swallow her whole. Perhaps if she pressed up against it hard enough, it really would. This was Hogwarts, after all, anything was possible. The Gryffindor boy claimed to be friends with her but... surely... friends don't go around kissing their friends? Unless they actually you know, liked them. I mean "like liked" them.

The more the boy spoke, however, the more she realised that that definitely wasn't the case. In fact, it was almost like he wasn't acknowledging the kiss. At all. Serena stood there, staring at him with gaping eyes. The pounding in her chest starting to make it ache. Her body started to shake a little. It was as though her entire body wanted to just break down and cry. She didn't understand what was going on. But she refused to cry. Well, she tried to stop herself from crying in front of him.

The Hufflepuff blinked, just listening to him waffle on about something. Most of what he said didn't actually get processed by her brain. It was as though she heard the words but didn't understand them. He was... talking about the fight. Oh sh- the fight! He's injured! Her mind snapped back into thought, sort of forgetting that he had been injured in all of this mess. Her brain was definitely jumbled up in all of this. "I... I should get someone..." She whispered, her voice breaking, "I'll- go get someone- the nurse- to help you..." Serena said a little louder. The boy still needed help. 

Serena looked down at her feet. She couldn't look at his face anymore. It made her feel even more nervous. Did he even care? Did he even realise that kissing someone was not normal behaviour? He couldn't just brush it off... 

Staring down at her feet, she decided she needed to go. Get some help at least. She couldn't help him on her own and well, she didn't really want to be here anymore. She was just about to go. Leave him in the corridor and get someone to help him. As she tried to clarify that thought in her mind, she heard his voice say her name. Looking up, her eyes widened quickly as she noticed his face nearing hers again. He was leaning in. His face was so close to hers. Her eyes fell onto his lips. They were barely a few inches away from hers. She didn't know why he was leaning in but... the last time he did this- "No!" She instinctively called out as she raised her palm, placed it on his chest and pushed him away from her as quickly as she could. Serena wasn't even aware of her actions. It was acting on pure instinct and reflex, "St-stop! Don't-" She warned him as she pushed him away.

Quickly moving away from the wall, she ducked underneath his arm that was leaning against the wall and stepped into the corridor. Where he couldn't corner her in. His face had been too close to her. His damn face. Again. Honestly, she thought he was about to kiss her again. 

Her jumbled up thoughts surged through her mind. Did she know him? Did he even care? Who went around kissing people? Randomly? What's wrong with him? Did she have cooties now?!? She didn't want cooties! Was he trying to give her more?! What is wrong with boys?! He didn't care, did he...? Maybe she just didn't know him... He said he did but- did she? He claimed to be friends but- were they? Friends don't do that, do they? No! Of course not! She had never kissed a friend! She had lots of friends. Mostly girls but still, friends. Were they friends? Friends don't do that...

She had cooties now - because of him. Was she going to die? "Do you- do you even... care? Do you even remember?" Suddenly it dawned on her. Perhaps he didn't even realise he had kissed her... Did he know? Did he even remember it? Or was it that unmemorable? Was it that bad?

"... Friends don't... do... that to each other..." She mumbled in a breaking voice. She couldn't even bring herself to say the word. Most of her words were mumbled whispers. But her voice was breaking, her chest was hurting and her body was shaking. She couldn't speak much louder than that.

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A Damn Bloody Accident  RPG+   Finished 

"...Friends don' that to each other..." A small muter came from the flushed girl, her face refusing to turn to his direction, preferring to look at the ground nervously. Siege was just lost at this point... do what? What exactly was it that friends weren't supposed to do? Obviously friends don't just randomly french kiss each other, and obviously, they weren't even to do so...Hell, Siege didn't even know that he wasn't supposed to, let alone doesn't know that he did such a thing! Although that question...well, it left a mark in Siege's brain. 

"Friends don't do that to each other..."- The same words echoed through Siege's head...It was a strange comment for Serena to make. What? Friends aren't supposed to care for each other? Well, I know that she's talking about the kiss, but meanwhile...well...Siege doesn't know jack, and probably thinks that she has a different type of expectations for friendship.

Friends? We are friends! Why the hell are you like this now? Wait...does she?...does...

"If friends don't...Then what are we?" Said Siege after a long pause, now focused and confused no more. Sure, he didn't know what the hell happened, or what is going on, but he knew what was in front of him, and it was the one that he considered a friend, and felt for, now saying these things...He didn't nor would ever admit it, but a sense of dread is in his feelings right now -Has he finally hurt her so much that she would stay away from him? Has she had enough? Will she leave me?...

That's the only thought that came upon his mind. Will she leave me...Will she? He didn't even know what the hell he did! What'd he do to possibly lose the only friend that he had? What'd he do? Well I know, but obviously he was oblivious as to what got him in this situation. Was he rude? He'd like to think that he was always rude...Well maybe not all the time to Serena at least. Is this one of her episodes again? It seems like the most possible thing...She's crimson and all, but to his memory he'd never done anything to incur any of her episodes.

He saw her panicked and embarrassed face. He couldn't help but feel some flutters that he didn't know where the hell came from. Something warm? Something cold? Either way it was so damn foreign to him he was tempted to call it cancer again...But he didn't...He didn't try to stop it, he just let it run wild. And letting Siege's emotions run wild...That's something to be mostly avoided...

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"I- I should get a doctor-" Serena repeated, talking a step away from him. She was about to leave to go and do that but his voice stopped her. Confusion should be her middle name. She seemed to be in a permanent state of it, anyway. Siege knew he kissed her, of course he did. She asked him and he hadn't denied it. That meant he knew he did it and didn't even care about it, right? Of course, it could also mean that he didn't hear her but in her upset, worried and very confused state, that thought didn't occur to her. In her head, he kissed her and did not realise it was not appropriate behaviour for friends. This was confirmed when he spoke up. "I... don't know..." She replied, unsure of what they were.

As far as she knew, they were friends. Good friends. She considered him a good friend anyway. However, perhaps he thought something else. Friends don't go around kissing each other, that much was confirmed - right? So, where they something else...? She recalled her friend Bloom mentioned she like liked a boy. Serena wondered if, perhaps, Siege felt that way about her. Him kissing her would make sense then, right? But she didn't know what that made them. So she replied saying she didn't know. Were their different names for these things? What were they? Where they more than friends? Where they something completely different? Serena was clueless.

Was he her boyfriend? Wait- no, definitely not. She would have known if he was... right? If you kissed someone, did that mean you liked them? Did that mean you were their boyfriend?

Panic started to surge through her body. She was still so confused and her chest was still pounding so hard. Her mother would never allow her to have a boyfriend... He can't be her boyfriend. No, definitely not. Her mother would kill her! Hell, her father would kill him if he found out that Siege had kissed her- "No- Nothing!" She replied quickly in a state of panic, shaking her head. She was talking to herself, more than to him. She meant it in a 'no, there's nothing going on here, we're not dating' sort of way.

Despite everything, Serena cared too much about the boy. She didn't want her family to hurt him for this. Her brother was pretty protective - and studied in Durmstrang, which taught their students dark arts... He could definitely have used it on the poor Gryffindor in front of her. She didn't want that, definitely not. "We're..." She started slowly, before realising she had no name for their relationship. Perhaps he was her boyfriend now... Was that how this worked? No, no, it couldn't. Quickly, she continued, "Nothing!" more to herself, confirming that there was nothing going on. Nothing above friendship that was.  "Stay here, I'll get the nurse." Serena added quickly, as she started to take some steps backwards to go do that because this was too awkward now - and he still needed medical help.

They were just friends. Only friends. He was not her boyfriend. Her family did not have to hurt him or be ashamed of her. Everything was okay. They were just friends.

At least, they were friends in her head. She had no idea how her words could be misconstrued... 

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Nothing...Nothing...Nothing...- the same words flew at Siege's direction over and over, like arrows that pierced Leonidas at Thermopylae, he was in the same spot. He didn't know how to feel...It wasn't like she'd just said they weren't friends anymore, did she? She definitely didn't right? Right?...Who am I kidding, of course she did...

-Nothing? All that nothing? All the things...Nothing? What kind of answer was that? We aren't friends anymore? Huh?...That's how it's gonna be?-

Siege just stared at the girl who just blatantly said they were nothing. The girl, he thought was a good friend, maybe more(Though unknowingly), just said that they were nothing...Wow, how hard did Siege really mess up? How hard did he fall?

"Nothing huh?...huh..." Siege carefully said, hoping to find some kind of secret message...Something to say otherwise maybe? No. It was clear and plain as day...They were just nothing...Were they ever anything at all? Were they something less? Were they gonna be something more? But Siege felt not at her...but himself, foolishly thinking that he'd finally found a place within someone's heart, someone he can rely on...But in the end, like all the others, she left. 

"Wow...when karma bites you f***ing hurts..." Silently muttered Siege, turning around, away from Serena's gaze. He didn't want to trouble his fellow student some more, because apparently, that's all they were: Fellow Students.

He began walking slowly, his back confident as always, but without seeing his face, it was definitely unsettling for anyone to see, especially with those who at least know him...He was never silent with Serena, at least not willingly, she taught him to open up around her, if only by a small margin he did...

"Siege...? Siege, you need ti sit down. I'll get the nurse. Just stay here..." Serena surprisingly with concern for someone who she just deemed has nothing to do with her.  "Siege where the he-" Began Serena once more, only to be interrupted by Siege, who had abruptly stopped, and turned his head to the side.

"We're nothing right?...Nothing personal then...Screw off. Don't go near me, unless you wanna get hurt...Fellow student." Siege casually says, no anger in his tone, but a casual one. Siege was angry, pretty damn pissed, but he was also pissed at the fact that he was pissed...Why should he be pissed? He knew something wasn't gonna be perfect...He couldn't do anything about it...

"Siege...wai-" Serena would begin to say, brokenness clearly in her voice, and although Siege couldn't see her, she had small streams of tears flowing from her beautiful blue eyes.

"Shut the hell up!" Siege now angrily shouted, as his hand darted from his side of his hip to the wall. Now this wasn't no Defense Against the Dark Arts were flames of anger. The flames hit the walls, even making somewhat of a small dent on the wall, and burning a few parts of it as well, leaving nothing more than a black spot, where his fist struck. Without saying another word, he would continue to walk off, away from Serena...

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Serena was backing away, heading off to the hospital wing to get help. She stopped the second she heard him say something hurt. Quickly looking at him, Serena wanted to make sure he was okay. She didn't know what hurt but she heard the words something hurt - and got worried. What she saw, however, caused her eyes to widen. The boy was walking away. He was just leaving. She told him to stay here but he was leaving. What the hell was wrong with him? If he was hurt then why was he leaving...?

Confused, Serena watched him slowly walking away. He didn't say anything. He just walked. "Siege...?" She called out to him, "Siege, you need to sit down. I'll get the nurse. Just stay here..." she instructed, clearly to try and get it through his thick skull. The boy, however, didn't seem to listen. Her voice was drenched in worry and concern for him - but he didn't stop. "Siege, where the hell-" She started to yell at him, wanting to ask him where he was going. He was just leaving. Despite his injuries. Even after she told him to stay. He's the one who hurt her! He's the one who kissed her. And now he had the audacity to just walk away?

She reached out, as though trying to stop him from leaving. Trying to walk forward and grab his arm to stop him. She wanted him to sit down, so he stopped hurting himself further. His next words stung. There was a pain in her chest that she couldn't describe. It was more painful than the pounding of her heart. This was like someone had just grabbed her heart in their fist and clenched it tightly. His words echoed in her ears. Screw off... Don't come near me... Unless you want to get hurt... and worst of all, that fellow student. What did that mean? He had referred to her as "Selena" before, when he had forgotten her name but... this? What did he mean by that...?

Tears finally escaped her eyes. She had tried hard to hold them back but couldn't anymore. Her body shook a little, her voice broke a little bit more and the pain in her chest increased... "Siege... wai-" She started, calling out to him. Trying to get him to explain what he meant. Did he... no longer want anything from her...? Did he no longer want to be friends...? It was like he only wanted to kiss her. That's all he wanted. And as soon as he got that, he didn't need to pretend to be friends.

She never managed to finish calling out to him. A gasp escaped her lips as the boy got angry. She jumped slightly, as his fist hit against the wall. The flames captured her attention. She couldn't see anything but the red flames of fire. 

Serena fell onto her knees. His words felt like an arrow had just gone through her chest. She clutched her chest with one hand, trying to get the pain in her heart to stop. Her mind was still so jumbled. Nothing made sense anymore. The droplets of tears had turned into a stream. They flooded down her face. Her body shook. He... no longer wanted to be friends, did he? This was all she was worth to him... This was all he wanted?

She no longer had the strength to stop him. Though she opened her mouth, no words came out. She couldn't say anything to stop him from leaving. Her fingers clutched her chest, trying to make the pain go away. The tears flowed down her face, with no signs of stopping. She couldn't help him anymore. He no longer needed her... He no longer cared. 

Was this all because he wanted a kiss? He was willing to walk away from their friendship all because he wanted a kiss?

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