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The Room of Requirement  Closed 

Kendra was curious, like she had always been since she first made her first discovery of a secret room in her mansion's library. Knowing how "curiosity kills the cat" she struggled to refrain from wandering around by herself, but the struggle was sometimes too intense having her give in to the temptation and often get involved in unpleasant situations. 

Professors had made it clear, you break the rules you lose points, and even that would be the best case scenario. The thought didn't scare her as she made her way through the corridors, looking around, observing every little detail. She was on the look for a very specific place, a place she had recently read about in one of her books. Problem was it wasn't actually a real place, or was it? The Room of Requirement does not appear to everyone. Many students have graduated Hogwarts without ever having layed eyes upon it, while some have visited it multiple times and only realised what it had really been much later in their lives. 

How would she know then? She was uncertain about it herself, but she figured looking around wouldn't hurt anyone. Remembering what she had read she stopped walking and looked at her feet trying to concentrate.

 The Room of Requirement, also known as the Come and Go Room, is a secret room
 within Hogwarts Castle, that only appears when a person is in great need of it.

Great need...what was she in great need of? The question troubled her immensly. Making yourself need something made no sense at all. She sighed beginning to lose hope on her original plan ,on which she, as it appeared, hadn't really put much thought into beforehand. 


The Room of Requirement  Closed 

It was so tiring to be walking around the castle over and over again every day and night. She was just finishing her rounds in areas that are to be secluded of students for reasons she had no idea about and was planning on meeting up with Ben Eckenrode, her boyfriend and other Prefect, in the Great Hall for dinner.

She decided to walk the corridors one level away from the entry level. She was told by Hogwarts staff that the second corridor was to be watched if there are no professors around. She was always so confused as to why that had to be. Was it because of the dirty and abandoned bathroom? Perhaps it was because the corridors were so long and big that perhaps students were able to sneak around? Who knew. Bloom just followed directions and she was told that everyone needed to come down to dinner for an announcement.

Bloom was just finished with her rounds when she thought she spotted a Slytherin girl. She squinted her chocolate brown eyes and walked up to the girl. Great, a Slytherin..., she thought to herself, assuming the worst. Staring at the girl, she wasn't doing much of anything. She was staring at her feet and then at the wall in front of her, concentrating. What is she doing? she asked, thinking that perhaps the girl needed to go to the Hospital Wing instead of the Great Hall.

"Oy, what are you doing here?" she asked, getting the Slytherin's attention. "We're all supposed to be in the Great Hall," she said, finally walking closer to the girl. Bloom looked at the wall in front of them and then back to the Slytherin. "Well...?" she pried, trying to get out whatever the Slytherin was thinking.

The Room of Requirement  Closed 

Kendra was startled hearing a voice behind her. She clenched her fists and turned to look at who it was. "A Ravenclaw Prefect... why now?" she thought looking at the girl coming her way. Should she lie? Was there a rule concerning the Room of Requirement she wasn't aware of? Probably so, she realised looking at the girl's expression. 

"Um... nothing, I am just trying to remember something before...umm...heading out to the Great Hall." she said awkwardly trying her best to lie before realising she was terrible at it. After all, there hadn't been many occasions where she actually had to lie in the past. "Do I know you? I think I know you." she said smiling awkwardly in an attempt to change the subject. 

Would this turn out to be the first time she would get in trouble over her curiosity? She hoped not. Her eyes flickered over at the wall again. "What do I need, what do I need." If the Room appeared at that moment, maybe she could escape. "Wait a minute, that's it! Escape, I need to escape!" she realised excitedly. 

Nothing happened. She realised she was now staring at the wall her attention utterly driven away from the Ravenclaw girl. She blinked multiple times and bit her lips realising her bad situation. Every second that passed she managed to make it look worse and worse. Couldn't she just turn around and go to the Great Hall? But again, if she had a chance of finding the Room of Requirement, this would be it. A time of great need. She looked at the Ravenclaw with a guilty look on her face waiting to see how this confrontation would turn out.


The Room of Requirement  Closed 

Bloom stared at the first year Slytherin who was still focusing on the wall although she knew that she was being looked at. What was so special about the wall that she had to stare at it so intently? Would she even answer her if she asked?

"Is that wall helping you remember? You've been staring at it like your life depends on it...," she replied, adding a little bit of a giggle at the end. It seemed that the Slytherin was a bit nicer than what she as used to, but Bloom still kept her guard up. Is there something she knows that I don't about this castle? Bloom asked herself, wondering what it could be.

The Hogwarts staff did ask her to look over the corridor the most. Perhaps there was more to the corridor than meets the eye. Bloom just thought it was because there were more students that lurked down these halls and the abandoned bathroom. But other than that, she did not think much of anything else.

It seemed that the girl knew who she was, but Bloom had never seen the girl before. She thought that perhaps it was best for some sort of introduction. "Bloom Silverton, Ravenclaw Prefect," she introduced herself and outstretched her right hand to the Slytherin for a handshake.

Looking at the girl, she could see a guilty facial expression looking back at her. Bloom raised her right eyebrow and looked at the Slytherin quizzically. She was definitely hiding something and Bloom did not like to be lied to.

"Alright, spit it out. Why are you here and what's with this wall?" she asked.

The Room of Requirement  Closed 

Kendra shook the girl's hand hastily.  People would often say that Prefects were teachers' pets, no fun and enjoyed giving people away even if they had done nothing wrong. Looking at Bloom, Kendra could not see how she was different from any other student. The only thing bothering her was that the girl was insisting on knowing what Kendra had in mind. At first she thought it would be best to hide her name, but then she realised the girl would easily recognise her face if need be. "My name is Kendra Ackerman." she said biting her lip again. Seeing that there was no way out and the wall didn't seem to change into a door any time soon, Kendra decided to confess. 

"The Room of Requirement." she said "I am looking for it." her Slytherin mind worked quickly "Want to help me find it?" she proposed with a mischievious smile on her face. 

Truth be told she always enjoyed having a companion on these expeditions, even if they were complete strangers. Given that the girl was a Prefect, if she decided to join her, Kendra would gain a new friend and avoid detention at the same time. It seemed like a good outcome to hope for.


The Room of Requirement  Closed 

The Room of Requirement? What does that even mean?

Bloom had never heard of such a place. Was it a locked door that she was finding camouflaged within the walls? Was that why she was staring at the wall? She looked at the Slytherin questioningly, wondering why this room could be so special. It has got to be a Hogwarts myth, she thought.

"If this room does exist, what makes you so sure that it is here of all places? The castle is huge," she said, including logic into this adventure. Although she knew this was not the correct action to take, a large part of her was up for the adventure.

"What do you know about this room?" she asked, wondering what more this Slytherin knew. How did she know all the secrets to the castle so quickly? Was there a book that she missed in the library? Do Slytherin's read books? Maybe this one..., she joked to herself. Bloom was very excited, but she hid her excitement deep inside so that the Slytherin does not know. The last thing she needed was the Slytherin to think she was an easy Prefect to subside. 

It was not that she was easily persuaded, it was more-so the fact that she had a secret love for adventure.

The Room of Requirement  Closed 

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The Room of Requirement  Closed 

Kendra's eyes lit up realising the Ravenclaw was actually interested in her investigation and didn't seem to have any intentions of giving her away to a teacher. 

"I don't know many things actually... some say it's on the 7th floor, others say it can be anywhere in the castle, what I know for a fact is that it appears to anyone that's in great need of something." she explained. 

The book she had read explaining all these had not been from the Hogwarts Library, she had found it in her own library back at home.  She felt a little proud of herself knowing something a Ravenclaw didn't. Considering her previous indifference towards magic it seemed she had come a long way to be able to know these things.  

"That's where I'm stuck." she continued "It's not possible to make yourself need something is it?" she asked looking at the wall again. "What I'm really interested in is to find where people have been hiding stuff. Almost everyone that came in Hogwarts had to have something they wanted to hide at some point, just imagine what we could find there... " she said looking at Bloom patiently waiting for any ideas she could have. Maybe a Ravenclaw's wits was what she needed to figure this out.


The Room of Requirement  Closed 

Cameron entered the seventh floor and noticed two students standing talking among one another.

"Looking for the Room of Requirement." Cameron asked as he stepped up to the wall and closed his eyes. He opened them and the door appeared before him, he looked back at the girls and smiled. He opened the door and held it open for both of them to enter. It wasn't hard for him to seek the feeling of need. Since that emotion was always upon him when he was at Hogwarts. He was curious to what this room had behind it. Entering the room with the girls he noticed that it was full of stuff that use to be used or was rather now collectables. 

"Wow, I bet you'd don' find this at home eh?" He said out loud as he looked around. Cameron picked up an old sword that was rather out dated. "This one looks interesting. Maybe it is a replica of some famous knight or maybe another replica of the Gryffindor sword." He shrugged as he placed the sword up against the marble box where he found it. He continued to look around for anything that was new or historically old. 

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