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It had been a tiring and irritating day for Kira, which explained why she was such in a foul mood at the moment. 

The short tempered blonde stalked through the castle corridors, back straight and chin held high. A small yet deep frown appeared on her face, her expression one of pure irritation. She carried a small stack of books with her as her short legs swiftly moved her as fast as they could towards the school library.

Kira wasn't usually this grumpy and mean looking, but she couldn't help it as she scowled at, and occasionally pushed past, those who blocked her path towards the library.
"Rude. . ." She heard a girl whisper to her other friend. Kira didn't care what others thought of her at the moment. She'd worry about that later, or perhaps, never. 

Why was she in such a mood, one might ask? 

Well, it started when Kira decided to sleep for only two hours last night. She stayed up late finishing and perfecting all her homework, although she doubted she'd get that much perfect marks as she'd passed out cold in the middle of doing her Charm's homework. 

Due to her getting only two hours of sleep the previous night, Kira wasn't what one would call 'active'.
She zoned out during class, missed lunch, fell off her broom during flying class (lucky for her it wasn't a major injury, but it did hurt) and unknowingly slept in the middle of Professor Mellowrose's class, Defense Against the Dark Arts. She was awoken to the sound of a hand slamming down on the book beside her head and the professor's disapproving stare. Luckily, Kira wasn't given detention, but simply a smack on the wrist. Professor Mellowrose had told her to transport the current books in her arms to the library. Truth be told, Kira thought it was too much of a simple task to be her punishment, but she happily accepted it. 

Kira continued to swiftly walk through the corridor, nearing the library. She rounded a corner, but found herself slamming straight into another student. The other student must have been walking fast as well, since the force was so strong that Kira was knocked off her feet, the books no longer held safely in her arms, but now thrown in the air. Kira fell on her knees, wincing as her skin scraped against the corridor's tiled floors. She hissed and looked up, scowling at the other wizard. "Watch it."
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Rivals?  Closed 

Adohiro was walking, carrying a stack of heavy tomes he had gotten from the library. He was not paying attention, but he was trying to be careful not to smash into anyone. He could barely see over the heavy books and he continued to walk until he felt someone smash into him. He went falling to the ground at the impact since he was a pretty scrawny and short person and the heavy books laid messily on the floor. He noticed he had smashed into a blonde student who didn't seem to be very happy about this situation. He heard her harsh voice and he looked down. "I would like to formally apologize to you," Adohiro spoke and he quickly bowed to her out of habit since he had lived in South Korea for pretty much his whole life. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" The studious wizard asked her, standing up and stretching his hand out to her. Hoping she would forgive him, he didn't want anything to happen at all. He then noticed she had a cut on her knee and he worriedly glanced at it. "Oh, I have a bandage!" Adohiro spoke, he had always had a small first aid kit with him always so he pulled out a band-aid and offered it to her.

"Why are you telling me to choose
When I only have my eyes half-open?
Somebody let me know, tell me which way to go"
-내일, 오늘

Rivals?  Closed 

The blonde hurried down the hall more focused on her thoughts than what was going on around her, so much so that she didn't notice the two students in front of her until it was too late. She tripped over one of the thick books that lay strewn across the ground. She shrieked, almost falling on top of another girl that lay on the ground, instead managing to twist midair and land next to her.

Landing roughly on her arm, she winced and pushed herself up onto her elbows. She went to apologize to the two, but noticing their robe color, hesitated. It probably wasn't fair of her, but her grandmother hand given her a bad opinion of Slytherins, and from what she heard she definitely didn't want to apologize to them. 

Instead, she scowled and asked harshly, "What are you two doing down here? I was trying to walk you know." She stood up, 'accidentally' brushed against the girl rather roughly as she did so. Reine smoothed down her robes, now glaring at the Slytherins. She didn't know why she was being so rude, maybe the pressure of her being expected to make friends and the other expectations of her grandmother, but she was going to allow herself to be. Just for now.

~Real queen's fix each others' crowns~

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Kira looked at the apologising Slytherin with a disinterested scowl. At least he has the manners of doing so, she thought. The boy brought out a bandage for her, but she shook her head at it, ignoring the small nag of pain on her right knee. "I don't need it." 

A small thud came from beside Kira, causing her to look that way. There, laying on the floor on her arms, was another wizard. Kira realised she must have tripped over from the fallen books, and began to form an apology for the fallen girl. . . But decided differently once the girl spoke. "What are you two doing down here? I was trying to walk you know." 

Kira rolled her eyes at this. "I was too." Her eyes flicked to the other Slytherin in blame for a split second, until falling back onto the girl beside her. She knew it was unfair for blaming the boy for all this mess, but Kira was tired and in no mood to do anything else. 

The girl stood up, roughly pushing against Kira and smoothed down her robes. Kira noticed the girl's Gryffindor colours, and scowled. Well no wonder. 

Kira was told by her family to ignore the Gryffindors, as they were 'stuck up' and 'shallow'. So far, all Gryffindors she'd met, which weren't that many truth be told, weren't what her family described them to be, except this one. 

Kira stood up and smoothed down her own robes, before bringing out her wand and gesturing. "Accio." Her books flew back to her hand, and she counted them all to make sure they were all there, before looking back at the Gryffindor girl.

"If you were trying to walk, perhaps you should've tried looking out at your surroundings as well." 


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Reine inspected the arm she'd landed on, trying to ignore the other girl. She didn't want to be rude, but at the same time, she wasn't ready to be best friends with her either. As the Slytherin gathered up her books, Reine started to walk away. But she stopped short when she spoke again, this time not to cast a spell, "If you were trying to walk, perhaps you should've tried looking out at your surroundings as well." 

Reine's fingers curled into fists as she turned to face the Slytherin. "I can see, thank you very much. But you can't be much better yourself, you ended up down there on the ground for some reason." She huffed, glaring at the girl. 

She was really starting to get on her nerves, Reine wasn't really the type to get angry at people like this. Maybe it was just the old Slytherin-Gryffindor rivalry getting the better of her, but then again, she hadn't really met any Slytherins so far that had been kind and minded their manners. 

She struggled to come up with something else to say, to make this waste of time worth while. But instead she let out an exasperated sigh and continued glaring at the girl, as if daring her to speak again.

~Real queen's fix each others' crowns~

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Kira scowled at the girl's words.

This Gryffindor girl was irritating Kira far too much now, and they've only just met. In the corners of her eyes, Kira could spot a small crowd of students looking their way and whispering things towards each other. Oh great, a scene. Could this day get any worse? 

Kira realised now how stereotypical this all was. A Gryffindor and a Slytherin? Wow! I would never have thought students from those two houses would not get along! Kira sarcastically, and mentally, rolled her eyes. She had thought that the strife between the two houses would have ended a long time ago, but perhaps the Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry goes way back, and that some things simply could not be changed. 

The heavy books in her arms were a small reminder that Kira had a few things needed to be dealt with, but the Gryffindor girl's glare was much too inviting, and she decided her little errands could wait a little longer. Anyways, what could possibly go wrong?

"Well, in all honesty the ground is a much better company than you are." Kira lightly shrugged, the smirk on her face challenging the other girl's glare.


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"Well, in all honesty the ground is a much better company than you are." Said the Slytherin, smirking. Reine noticed the group of other first years watching them, knowing she couldn't just walk away now. 

"Of course, how rude of me," She said mockingly, "I better introduce myself, Reine Thomas. Pleased to make you acquaintance." She lifted the edges of her robe and gave a small curtsy, giving the girl a smile too wide to be genuine.

"But what's this? A Slytherin pure-blood who won't associate herself with lowly Gryffindors like me? For shame." Reine continued sarcastically, straightening up and looking at the Slytherin girl snidely. 

She knew her grandmother would be disappointed if she could see her now, but Reine didn't care. This proved to be a good way for letting off steam, and the Slytherin certainly didn't seem hurt by her words. Not that she would care if they did anyway. This girl needed to be scolded, all Reine had done was trip over some books and now here they were, arguing. Over what, she couldn't say. Thinking about it now, it all seemed a little silly, but she was willing to argue all day if it meant she would win it.

~Real queen's fix each others' crowns~

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Reine Thomas. 

Kira recognised the name, her mother having mentioned of the family at least once before. She did not know much of the family history however, except that Reine's parents supposedly separated when their daughter was still a baby. She made a note to remember of that small piece of information, however she doubted she would even need it, as the act of using it against the Gryffindor girl was simply too low.

Kira returned Reine's mocking smile with one of her own. "I apologise for coming off as rude, my dear Gryffindor. . . friend," She made sure to emphasise her words, her tone mocking and sickly sweet. "My name is Kira Callaghan. And I am afraid you have misread the situation. I associate myself with anyone, and I do not care for their house nor status. However, I only enjoy the company of those who are nice and polite, and those are adjectives that simply do not suit you." 

Kira's sickly sweet smile grew wider, and she knew her mother would be proud. How cliché. 

"And if I do recall, I never stated you as a 'lowly Gryffindor'. Those are your own words." 
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Just gonna pop in here cause it says open sooo.... :P

Siege walked the halls, bound to run into someone...It was a quiet day for him...His hands itchin for at least some action...Maybe someone willing to throw down fists? Nah, this school is wits, and wits alone...Physicality? Not so much. Siege did carry an intimidating aura though, his lazy stare could easily be confused for indifference, his taller physique...And to top that off, he's got a trouble-maker smile, that definitely would attract the attention of the authorities...How obvious can this guy get? 

The boy was alone though...No one to go back to, but his old man...And they're not even related by blood. Siege was the sole survivor and heir of the House of Bal...The family procured a great many battle mages during the sixteenth and seventeenth century, before turning to a less aggressive state in England from the eighteenth century and to the present day. Now..They're nowhere to be found, besides the trouble-making demon of the House, that seem to be the only survivor of the House's disappearance...

Siege couldn't give any S**ts about the House of Bal though...preferring to live in the present, than the past...He carried around a devil-may-care attitude to many things, and usually flipped off anyone that was trying to screw with him...Although since coming to the school, he's been experiencing things that he never would have thought of...He's not looking for fights as much anymore...And all he can think of at times is one name...Though let's not dwell there shall we?

Finally in focus, or somewhat focused, Siege seemed to have come across quite the little scene here...Two females, and a male...Korean by the looks of it, but beside that...I know K-Pop was popular, but not to this extent! That's bold! No but seriously, this scene is pretty suspicious and such...Oh wait...I'm supposed to be narrating here...second time it's happened today...Ahem...let's continue to the dialogue...

"I sure do hope, I'm not interrupting anything..." Said Siege, in a bored tone, now formally noticing some distinctive traits that the students carried...Aaand, there were two blondies...And a Korean boy...Yeah, like I said, quite the scene...Now it looked like the two girls were arguing about something, the other one was smiling, pretty damn evilly...It looked more like an evil smirk, but still, damn, even I'm impressed...Now the other one...well...let's just say she wasn't doing any smiling...She looked pretty mad...Or at least a little bit pissed... 

Now...Siege wasn't interested in the argument, but he was interested in how it'd play out...Will they fight? Will they reconcile? Will they fight? Will they fight harder? I dunno, I really wanna see a fight though...I'm not speaking for Siege at the moment, but I bet he wouldn't mind seeing that...

Siege Aramastus Bal <-- For More Information

Rivals?  Closed 

Don't worry I will give you space if my character doesn't fit in or anything :) 

As Kendra walked through the corridors she heard intense voices coming from just around the corner. Don't look, don't look, don't look. she thought to herself as she clenched her fists while passing by. The last thing she would want was get in trouble. That feeling... why did she have to be so curious. It was like a bad itch. A really bad itch. 

"Oh for god's sake." she stopped walking and rolled her eyes before turning back and poking her head out to take a curious look at what was going on. You just couldn't stay away could you? She thought to herself. There were four other students there. Two Gryffindors and two Slytherins. She recognised the Slytherins and especially the blonde girl, Kira was it? Kira and the Gryffindor girl appeared to be in some kind of a fight. And what was that Gryffindor boy doing anyway? Watching them? She chuckled at the realisation. At least someone was as curious as she was, okay maybe still not that curious but either ways it did make her feel not so guilty. 

Thankfully nobody had noticed her so far as they were all too invested in the fight. She took some careful steps towards the scene. She would pretend to be only passing by. "What's going on here?" she asked the Gryffindor boy since he was the only one seemingly not getting involved and keeping some distance.