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Start Of A Story?  Closed 

Arceus walks into the dimly lit corridors filled with suits of armor lined up on the wall and looks around, he sighs and sits down on the floor of course he didn't know what to do he just arrived.Almost nothing has happened and he was just lonely. The main reason he came here was to make some friends, but would he be able to do that? He was always the quiet kid in the corner and was never even close to an extrovert. What an I even doing here? He thought to himself, I was so exited when I heard I would be coming here and yeah it's a great place.. but I don't know how to communicate! He punches the ground in anger he didn't know what to do.. he instantly regretted punching the ground because now his fist hurt, he got his remembrall out of his pocket and shook it... Nothing but he felt like he was forgetting something, someone.. he played with the remembrall a bit but it didn't do anything after toying with it he just put it back in his pocket and slouched on the floor with his head on his knees yet he still felt a void in his chest and he felt like it wouldn't be there much longer.. he felt like someone would come soon.. but he didn't know who...
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Start Of A Story?  Closed 

Blaze was running through the corridors looking for the library he knew that was where he would be able to have some quite time. Then he stumbled on a pair of legs as he grew closer to these legs he saw that, these legs were owned by a boy who he felt he knew but he wasn't sure why. "Do I know you" He asked the stranger. "Cause you look familiar" Who was this boy and why did he look familiar, why did Blaze feel like he knew him. "Well I would love to stay and chat but i'm looking for the library" Well he didn't really want to talk to this stranger he felt he knew but he was drawn towards him. "Would you be interested in joining me" He asked. Before the stranger had a time to respond he continued talking even though he didn't want to "So I'm Blaze by the way and I guess I will see you around" He ran off until he almost ran head first into a door labeled Library. He actually hoped this stranger would follow him.  He had probably seemed rude running off like that but staying there would mean starting a conversation and he didn't feel up to it.

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