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Lost & Found  PV Matilda Barrows   Closed 

A mewling of a cat caught the eleven year old's attention, causing him to stop and turn. It seemed to have come from a white feline, one that looked quite royal. He saw dirt on its paws and assumed it had trekked a little to where it was now. A quick stolen glance around him proved to see no owner, thus he slowly came up to the cat. 

It had turned at the sound of his dress shoes against the paved hall, but he hadn't startled it enough for it to go. "Hi ... cat." he awkwardly greeted, slowing his approach. It was an animal, how could he not want to approach it? 

There were so many times he's stopped a dog in Derby just to pet it, regardless of how big it was. He was a young man who had a heart for the creatures. Then it dawned on him, what if this wasn't a normal cat? Maybe it was a cat that could talk or was above average intelligence. 

Reid paused to see if it would talk, waving his hand slightly for its undivided attention. It simply meowed at him, it was hard for his heart to not melt at the sound and sight of the cute creatures. He got closer after seeing that it wasn't about to budge and placed his book bag against the wall. Reid was quite afraid of even touching the cat, what if it scratched him? He carefully reached out with a shaky hand, pausing just a bit to hover. 

Yet the cat seemed more forgiving and leaned into his touch, allowing him to gently pat it. His movement relaxed and the boy stepped closer to the feline. "You're so cute." he laughed, brushing his hand through her fur. The cat arched itself into his touch and Reid continued to mess with it. He stood back, the cat's gaze followed him as he sat himself on the sill beside where the feline was. 

The Hufflepuff gently patted his thigh, urging it to come and sit. At first it didn't respond, yet it had jumped down and instead swiped at his black and gold scarf. "W-whoa, wait." Reid chuckled, catching the scar before it was nabbed. He watched it continuously swipe at the long scarf, it had been attracted to the fringes he had on the edge of his scarf. 

Reid didn't stop and instead waved it around, watching the cat jump and take some swipes at the garment. "You look too pretty to be a stray." It was an awfully well groomed cat, perhaps someone lost it? He didn't even know what its name was or if it was a boy or girl. All he could tell was that it was awfully cute. Reid stood on the side of the corridor, dangling the scarf above the playful feline. 

sic parvis magna.
STA: 5, AGL: 7, STR: 14, CTL: 9

Lost & Found  PV Matilda Barrows   Closed 

 The dark-haired professor was not usually worried about her cat, Jasmine, and what she could be up to. It were only today that she was worried, because it were her bathing day. Matilda Barrows was not.. an average caretaker of cats. She would like to say that she is above average. She grooms her cat, keeps it on a diet, gives it all of the love and affection it will need with constant brushing, and she just had a truly undying love for her cat. So now, the professor was roaming the corridors of the Scottish castle's second floor - the third floor she has searched so far. The first floors being the ground floor and the first floor, of course. She happened to be a woman of order.

 As she turned the corner, Matilda heard a meow come from the hall just up ahead. She got hopeful then, because maybe it would be Jasmine, and not some other student - or professor's - cat. As she turned another corner, she instead saw a Hufflepuff boy, with his back turned to her. Looking past him, she was able to see Jasmine, pawing at the boy's scarf. "Jasmine!" The Divination professor called out, a small meow coming in response from the white ball of fluff. She had definitely become a bigger ball of fluff since her kitten years, but still a ball of fluff all the same.

 She hastened her pace slightly as she approached the child who had apparently been keeping her cat company. When she approached, the woman simply bent down, and scooped up her cat, holding her paw up so she could see it. Clearly, the feline had explored much further than the seventh floor. Well, they were on the second floor, after all. A small 'tsk' sound hissed through her teeth in the direction of her companion, then she looked to the Hufflepuff boy who had been playing with Jasmine, with his scarf. A small smile came across her features - at least he had not been doing something absurd, like feeding her chicken.

 "Bonjour, I am Professor Barrows," She introduced herself, then shifted her gaze down to her cat, "And this is Jasmine. I believe she has made your acquaintance." A small laugh escaped her as she said the last bit of her introduction, petting Jasmine, who was purring quite happily. Matilda considered the reason being was either because she was reunited with her, or because she had made a new friend. The French professor quirked an eyebrow at him slightly, suddenly realizing that she did not exactly have stable grounds that he had not messed around with Jasmine. Had he been the one to get her paws so... filthy? She pursed her lips slightly as she came across these considerations.

 "Have you spent a lot of time with Jasmine today?" She right out asked, scrunching her nose up slightly as one of Jasmine's paws touched the part of her skin that wasn't covered by her robe at the moment - the back of her hand - and quickly removed it. Instead, she let her rest her paws on her other forearm. It was an awkward position, but it would do for now.

- 𝑀𝒶𝓉𝒾𝓁𝒹𝒶 𝐵𝒶𝓇𝓇𝑜𝓌𝓈, 𝒟𝒾𝓋𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒫𝓇𝑜𝒻𝑒𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓇.

Lost & Found  PV Matilda Barrows   Closed 

The call of Jasmine's name nearly had him jump out of his shoes, his body jerking and almost scaring the cat away. It was a voice of authority, someone who was much older than him and seemed to be distressed. He turned around towards the source of the footsteps, his eyes a little widened and his body rigid from the sight of the woman.

She looked like she was on a warpath and didn't even pause to grab the cat. It must be her cat. His blood grew cold and he felt his nerves get to him, it always did when he was in trouble or perceived trouble.

Was he in trouble? Who was Jasmine? He glanced at the cat and stepped back as the woman scooped the cat into her arms. Who was he to know? Bonjour? Perhaps she was French? Reid vaguely recalled seeing a movie about a rat who was a chef, the language and accent sounded familiar. Yet he was still afraid of who this woman was regardless of where she came from.

A worried look befell his features as he tried his best to break out into a smile. Did she think that he stole her cat? The boy slowly relaxed in her presence, despite being told she was a Professor of the school. "U-uh. Bon-je-oor, Professor. I found Jasmine a few minutes ago and just wanted to keep her company." he answered, looking up at the woman. 

Reid fixed the now slightly ragged scarf on himself and around his neck, he didn't realize how much the cat pulled.  She looked quite assertive as a Professor and a part of him was scared that he would get in trouble. He assumed that the rest of his peers were actually in the study hall and not playing with felines. "Is she your cat? I didn't know who owned it and so uh - I promise I was just playing with her and then I was going to go."

It wasn't the most compelling argument on this earth and it seemed that his case already started falling apart at the end. Being sorted into a house known for their honesty was a curse and a blessing. Truly, he was the worst liar ever to roam these medieval halls; he knew he wouldn't have ever left and would want to have played with the cat till curfew. Still he tried and just internally hoped he would be serving a short sentence if he was to be punished. 

sic parvis magna.
STA: 5, AGL: 7, STR: 14, CTL: 9