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Stranded  PV Alessandria Grey   Closed 

She wasn't sure how it happened, she was just there, walking with her classmates out of the Astronomy Tower to the Ravenclaw tower. They were guided by the prefects, she heard them walking beside here and so she allowed herself to relax as she read through the coursework -- and it was a long list, enough to keep her occupied until she got to the common room. The course itself was hard, it was unheard of to study the depths of the universe at eleven years old. But things in Hogwarts aren't normal, are they? She kept telling herself not to be overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done

It was late, roughly around three o'clock in the morning, a time that would've had her immediately sent to detention or expelled. But this was normal during Wednesdays, of course, as one of their classes start at Midnight. She huffed, thinking about it, "This is horrible, a torture!" She found it completely mental that they were forced to have classes in the cold - in these wee hours at night. She was still skeptic about how the security of Hogwarts was, used to locked doors, curfews, and a mental reminder of not talking to strangers and "Beware of dog".

She huffed again, now realizing her footsteps sound so loud. How things suddenly sound so hollow -- so quiet. Too quiet. She looked away from the parchment she was carrying, now realizing she was alone. "Oh no," she thought to herself, blood draining from her face. "Not again." This wouldn't be her first time wandering the castle at night, though the first was by accident, and this... this was being careless.

"You didn't get caught the first time, you just had to do it again!" She mentally berated herself. She started to walk lighter, using the tip of her toes, hoping she was being quiet enough not to get caught. She looked back every few minutes or so, praying no one was there. Her anxiety levels were high, she knew she needed to get to her common room before anyone else realizes she's gone. It definitely didn't help that the corridors in the castle looked exactly the same, with or without light.

"What was that spell?" She attempted to remember the light charm they've practiced a few times, while she twirled her wand around hoping for any reaction. She wasn't good at it but figured a little light might help her get to her dorm faster. She was getting closer to a corner when she heard footsteps, more frantic, getting closer. Oh no.

All that stops you is fear. Do not allow it.