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A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

The kiss felt as though it lasted for ten minutes, however, it was only a couple seconds too long. When Ben let go of the kiss, she still kept her eyes closed. She opened them slowly, her chocolate eyes staring at the boy who gave her her first kiss. She couldn't help but to form a smile across her face, her cheek bones a bit more defined.

She heard a noise coming from the walls and immediately blushed. How much did the paintings see? Bloom knew that some of these people in the paintings were gossipers. Who knew how quickly the news of their kiss as Prefects would make it around the castle. It was perhaps a very good reason as to why other students choose to be outside, away from castle walls and the likes when doing something against the rules.

"I would love that," Bloom said, taking his hand that he offered to her. She intertwined her fingers with his and with her other hand, she touched the arm that she was holding hands with. In a way, it was a form of cuddling but with walk-like movements. Bloom rested her head on his shoulder and she began to walk with him to make the rest of their rounds.

"By the way, my favorite color is also green," she said, smiling at the Ravenclaw. "Just in case you were still interested to know," she laughed, wondering if he had remembered where they left things in the common room the night before. Bloom felt whole again- as if her heart had never been broken. Ben had mended it and she felt herself.

"So what are we now? Should we tell others?" she asked. For the first time, she was past the crush phase and onto the phase that was truly unknown to her. What are they to do about their relationship? Do they title themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend? Do they tell their closest friends? Typically, Bloom would want to tell Felicity about this, but she wanted to see what Ben would want to do first.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

In all his worrying and over thinking, Ben had never considered what to tell people if they became a couple. What did they call themselves? That was something they would need to tackle soon for sure. Especially if the paintings started the gossip. It wasn't that he didn't want people to know, and it wasn't against any rules he knew, it was... he had no reason to hide it.

"I admit my curiosity was overcome with something else, but I am glad to hear it!" He smiled wide and couldn't stop glancing down at Bloom. "I.. don't know what we are. I'm real new to this. Last girl that liked me punched me and chased me around, and I never realized she liked me until my Dad told me. By then I hated her. So I'm very inexperienced here."

You're my girlfriend, please tell everyone.

"I'm okay with you telling people we're together. Not ashamed of it and it isn't against the rules," he squeezed her hand gently as he spoke. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to tell people."

Is this real? I'm dreaming. Crap. Crrraaaaaap this is a dream. Any second now a dragon is going to bust in and eat me. Ugh. I hope I wasn't sleep talking about Bloom.

His eyes opened after only a brief moment of closing them to think. He was still in the corridor approaching the stairs, holding hands with Bloom. It was real life, and he had never been so happy. Magic, castles, and a girl he never realized he was missing. His dad always bragged about his first girlfriend at age 17, and it was Ben's mom. Ben took that as a victory, or a sign of a really long dating process. Of course he would over think this good moment, just like anything else.

A Prefect Night for a walk  PV Bloom   Finished 

Unsure of what to call themselves, she was still very excited to let others know of her new chapter in her life. With just a couple weeks into school, she had not only found some best friends, but also a boyfriend that was more than perfect. True, she had to go through a heartache or two, but she was glad to have chosen Ben as the one to emotionally and spiritually grow with.

Maybe the Hogwarts Staff wanted it that way, too, she thought, thinking about how both Ben and Bloom were given Prefect badges that same night they met. It was almost like a match-made in wizarding heaven.

Bloom, still wrapped around his arm while holding his hand, was living a fairy tale dream. That is what the muggles would call it, right? Is this the part where they say 'happily ever after' or is there more to this tale? So far, she couldn't think so much about it as her heart was warm being next to someone who she truly did like.

Bloom and Ben, making their way to the last of the towers had finished their first round together as not just Ravenclaw prefects, but a couple who found each other through their work. After their rounds, they made their way to the Ravenclaw Common Room where Bloom said good night to Ben and made her way to her dormitory, happy as can be.

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