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Exploration and Discovery  PV Serena T   Closed 

Stephen and Serena had a very pleasant conversation in the Hufflepuff common room. He was happy at how well they got along and how similar they were, despite their different upbringings.  He was the first magical member of his family, so growing up he lived an average muggle-style life. Serena, on the other hand, came from a wizarding family and this was fascinating to Stephen. He had many questions he wanted to ask, with more and more popping into his head as he thought about it. However, he did not want to bore her with questions about his childhood. 'Maybe I'll sneak in a question here and there and she won't notice' he thought to himself. 

Following their long chat in the Hufflepuff common room, Stephen and Serena had decided to head out and start their exploration with the hopes of finding secret passages and hidden areas. Stephen walked out the common room and into the large corridor. He was immediately overwhelmed by the smell of fresh baked foods and meals, emanating from the Hogwarts kitchens. That was one thing he was not too fond of about the Hufflepuff common room. The kitchen was located just down the corridor from the common room, so naturally every time he left the room he was immediately hungry. Stephen noticed a few of the subjects in the paintings in the corridor seemed to share his sentiment about the location. There was an old wizard in a portrait that seemed to be in a daze, staring towards the other end of the corridor. 'I wonder if the people in the paintings can smell?' he thought. He remembered back to the first time he saw a moving painting. He had been in diagon alley buying his school supplies when he noticed a paper that had a moving picture on it. After a few moments, he glanced over to his father, who was also looking at the paper with a very confused look on his face. "Is it a video?" his dad asked. Stephen, upon looking closer at the paper, replied, " think its just...magic..." His dad chuckled and stated, "well then, I think you are going to have a very fun time at Hogwarts." Stephen was glad his parents supported his pursuit of magic. He could not wait to tell them about all the things he has seen and learned so far.  

Glancing to the left and right, Stephen mentioned to Serena, "So, I'm not entirely sure where the dungeons are and how to get to them... but maybe we could head this way," he pointed down the corridor to his left, "and see where that takes us. Thoughts?"  The corridor was dimly lit and slightly ominous, but this did not bother Stephen. Although he was new to magic and sometimes felt out of his comfort zone, he always felt safe in the castle.

He was happy to have a friend accompanying him for this adventure. He had always felt a bit awkward  walking around with no specific destination, so having Serena by his side made him feel more at ease. 


Exploration and Discovery  PV Serena T   Closed 

The young girl normally didn't connect with someone so quickly. It took her a little while to open up to people and come out of her shell. It was strange for her to feel like she could trust someone enough to become their friend within a single meeting. However, somehow, Serena connected with the boy walking beside behind instantly. They were literally like two peas in a pod. Their train of thought matched countless times. She just had a feeling they would get along and be friends for a long time to come. Well, I guess it's more accurate to say that she hoped to stay friends with him for a long time to come. It was definitely unusual for her. How odd that the first Hufflepuff she meets in the Common Room is one that she feels like she's known her whole life?

Serena pouted slightly, "We have a while until dinner, don't we?" She groaned, wishing it was sooner as they walked past the kitchens. Her stomach would start growling soon, if they stayed in this corridor any longer. She didn't eat much food but she needed food often. It was like she was made to have nine tiny meals a day, rather than this three giant meals a day nonsense. Ahh!! Maybe I should get snacks for later... She thought to herself. Perhaps her mother would send her some! She could complain they don't feed her enough here and her mother would send food daily, it would be great!

"Uhh I have no idea. I'm pretty sure if we trusted my sense of directions, we'd end up outside of Hogwarts or in the Astronomy Tower!" She joked. She wasn't that bad but she certainly didn't trust herself to get anywhere that she wanted to get to. It was actually still a surprise to her that she could find the Common Room. Luckily, being in the Kitchens made it very simple to find. Worst come to worst, you follow your nose! When it doubt, always follow your nose. She would worry if she was any other house, however. Who knows where their houses were! 

Serena looked down the corridor that Stephen had indicated to. It was a little darker than the one they stood in but... that's where the secrets are kept, right? "Uh- sure- it looks creepy enough to be hiding something." She replied, turning down on the corridor. She focused slightly more than she did before on her surroundings now. The creepiness of the corridor made her think she ought to keep an eye out for anything suspicious looking, after all. Besides, they were out for a stroll to find out more about this maze that they both now call their school. 

Serena Towers
Stamina: 5 | Evasion: 9 | Strength: 1 | Wisdom: 11 | Arcane Power: 4 | Accuracy: 10