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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

It was hard not to laugh now, despite being a bit spooked. The ghosts were not supposed to be scary beings but nonetheless Ben was not a fan. In Muggle culture that was something to be feared and he would not get over that so quickly. As it spoke to them he realized that the ghost was something he had read about before. Hogwarts had these friendly ghosts that talked to students.

So weird, so gross, just... no.

"You must be... headless Nick?" he said slowly, trying to force a smile at the apparition before him. "Not a romantic walk, just showing a friend around. Can we... go in?"

"HEADLESS NICK?" The ghost laughed hysterically at the name and threw his head back, quite literally, as he did so. "Nearly-headless, as you can see. And sure. Just walk through me to get in. Nothing wrong with going in."

Ben stared at the ghost, especially the neck where his head was hanging by a thread. It was disgusting to say the least. The muggle-born struggled to keep his cool but he also noticed Felicity seemed unhappy. He could keep his man card as his dad would call it, while still chickening out. It was the perfect avoidance.

"Actually, you know, class starts soon and we promised we'd get there early," he glanced at Felicity and hoped she got the hint. "You know us, Ravenclaws, right?"

He swore the ghost rolled his eyes on his still detached head from laughter before waving them off. Obviously he was disappointed he couldn't prank the new students more. Unless Felicity didn't take the hint and pressed ahead. Then he would have to give his man card up. Did ghosts take those? Did Wizards have man cards? Was Ben weird? Probably.

Just when I think I'm getting used to this place...

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 The girl couldn't have helped but to jump whenever the ghost began to speak. It just felt so surreal.. that since it was real, she was a little caught off-guard by it. She noted to herself that she was right about the ghost's name being something like Nick, so that was a plus. At least she was able to get something right. She glanced at Ben as he (Nearly Headless Nick) mentioned that the pair would have to pass through his entity, and Ben was quick to follow up on that  bit before Felicity was able to get her own response in, but that didn't stop her from nervously laughing as Ben spouted lies.

 "He's lying," She blurted, not being able to help herself. She was so far from the best liar, that she could hardly ever even back people up on their lying. When she did succeed in doing so, it was quite a surprise, for one of two reasons: she hadn't laughed or got set off into a ramble (rarely), or the person was just too spaced out to notice her reaction (more likely, just as rare). She looked at Ben, kind of like she was saying 'sorry' through her facial expression, though she wouldn't say so out loud. 

  "If you would just let us through..." She trailed off, and attempted to just walk around the ghost. Of course, if Nearly Headless Nick had wanted, he could have forced her to walk through him, but she hoped for the opposite. She glanced at Ben, and rose an eyebrow. Maybe she would be able to just go into the ballroom? She hoped if she were, he would be brave enough to follow her. She doubted the ghost would truly leave them alone after they passed to the Ballroom, but hopefully they would be able to make the best of it.

[ - Felicity Greenwich ♡ ]

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

Ben cringed hard when Felicity called out the lie. She was not much of a partner in crime. That at least meant she was trustworthy. This also meant Ben had to man up and enter the Ballroom anyways now that she wanted to enter. It wasn't that he was a coward, but he wasn't one to willingly face his fears or try to be brave for no reason. Often he found himself over-thinking very simple processes.

Come on ghost, step away so I don't have to walk through... please...

"Well if you ask so nicely," nearly headless Nick said as he popped his head back into place. "After you, my lady!"

The ghost took a few 'steps' to one side and made a dramatic bow for them to enter. Of course, a dramatic bow meant his head slid off slightly. That sent another shiver down Ben's spine, but he tried to hide it. If Felicity was looking she would still see it though. Felicity took a few steps inside, opening the door outwardly. Ben was actually a little impressed she would charge ahead despite the excuse Ben offered to get out. She would be a good friend to have around and if she was so adventurous because that's what Ben needed.

If she is bad at lying, does that mean the date thing is real? No not this again.. Do I like Bloom? Bah I don't want to think about it!

Ben tried to follow Felicity in once the door was open, but the Ghost thought he was funny. As soon as Ben stepped forward towards the Ballroom, the ghost 'accidentally' moved in front of him and the Ravenclaw prefect passed through the cold, ghostly body. Ben froze instantly and his eyes went wide. Nearly headless Nick could be heard laughing as he passed through the wall back into the ballroom, leaving a petrified Ben behind.

"I... I hate ghosts..." he muttered after getting a hold of himself. "What do you think of this place?"

The Ballroom opened up in front of them, and despite there being ghosts, it was beautiful. Ornate designs and decorations made it a place that separated itself from the rest of Hogwarts. This was a place for things like the famous Yule Ball and more. Ben was fascinated by it and knew a lot of work must have gone into it over the years. No wonder ghosts liked to hang out here.