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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 The corridors were mainly empty, and Felicity had been roaming them for at least a half an hour now. She could be lost, she could be just roaming, she wasn't quite sure, herself. She looked up at the pictures lining the hallways, noting that each one moved. She tried her best to also steer clear of magical stairways - which is probably why she was still on the same floor. She sighed, tucking her hands behind her back and linking her fingers together, turning the corner to walk down a longer, drawn-out hallway.

 It had been a day now since her last vision. The one with the brunette Gryffindor girl in it. The signs of Autumn were beginning to show elsewhere in the castle - be it the multi-colored leaves on the ground by the Great Lake, or the brisk Fall wind that would make Felicity shiver if she didn't have her robe with her. People spoke excitedly about the Muggle holiday - Halloween - already. She didn't understand the concept, so she usually sat out on those types of conversations. She looked out a window as she came across one, dewdrops of rain splattered against the glass. Oh, great, it's raining again.

 Felicity hated the rain when she was at home, and she hated it even more while she was here. She didn't want much to do with anything when it rained. It brought down her mood, and her spirits. She was much more of a sunshine kind of girl. So she scurried past the window as quickly as she possibly could, and continued her way down the hallway. She wasn't used to being alone anymore. She had always been hanging around people, that she felt like it was normal now. The feeling of loneliness came upon her much more easily now that she was used to it, though. It kind of bothered her. Why must she need other people around to feel good about herself?

 When she thought of where people might be at this time, she could pretty easily figure it out. Bloom was probably doing prefect things with Ben, Reid was probably somewhere remote in the castle - seemed to be his kind of scene, Jo was unaccounted for, and Ben? Well, she already mentioned where he was, probably. With Bloom, doing prefect things. She should really get to know more people better. Perhaps she would speak to Serena later. She knew that she really wanted to speak with Ryan. 

 She wondered if she would bump into someone while she roamed the hallways. She hadn't yet, and it worried her that she might have forgotten there were classes today, or that she'd gone somewhere she shouldn't be. But that was highly impossible. There wasn't much she could get in trouble with on the second floor. At least, she thought so.

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

Muggle or Wizard, it didn't matter who you were, rain was a constant fact of life. Ben grew up to love the rain. It was that or feel depressed most of the year having grown up in Scotland. Hogwarts somehow felt different when it rained than other days. The Great Hall was gloomier for meals, students stayed indoors more which made halls and commons more crowded, and everyone someone seemed... quieter. It was something Ben observed with curiosity. How did Wizards deal with the rain? What magic protected you and what magic was different?

I should go for a jog in the rain... that sounds wonderful. But I don't want to spend the rest of the day soaking wet... argh I wish I knew more magic to fix that!

Ben found one of the few rather empty corridors in the school as he wandered, mostly focused on the windows to find a great view. Fall was a beautiful time of year and was only amplified by the water now coating everything. The young Scot couldn't help but smile as he stared out a large window on the second floor.

"Beautiful," he said out loud, to no one. "Reminds me of home..."

As he finished speaking to himself he heard some shuffling coming from the hallway near him. Someone else was here for some reason. Most of this floor was unused right now so few actually came here. Ben wondered who it was and was almost excited at the idea of sharing the beautiful view. Someone had to appreciate it like he did, or he would teach them.

"Felicity?" He almost laughed at who he saw approaching. "What brings you to my lonely little corridor?"

Maybe she knows some spells to help me too...

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 Her blonde hair whipped around her shoulders slightly as she turned to face the direction a Scottish voice was coming from, and she grinned as she saw who it was - Ben! "Hi, Ben! I thought you would be doing prefect-y things with Bloom right now!" She admitted as she approached him, glancing out of the window that he was at. Still rainy. A few paces didn't change that, though. "I'm kind of just wandering. I think I may be lost, but I'm not sure yet." She bit her lips, looking around. She could probably easily retrace her steps if she wanted to. But for now, she could sit and talk to Ben, and afterwards, she would probably continue her way down the hallways until she came to a dead end. 

 She looked back out the window next to the pair, at the empty grounds. She doubted anyone would even want to go out there. It rained much too often back home, and she shouldn't have expected it to stop because she came to Hogwarts. Even though mot people from her hometown would be used to the weather by the age of eleven, she was quite the opposite. She thirsted for the summer, and it's warm, comforting rays of sunshine. The months May through to September were the best for Felicity. She happened to have the best time during them. Thankfully, a few of those months, she would be at Hogwarts from now on. Cloudy weather wasn't much too bad either, but she much preferred warmth over the brittle cold. 

 Smiling, she looked back at the boy next to her, tugging her robe tighter against her to somewhat prevent the cold air that was taking leisure in warming up from biting through her clothing straight to her skin. She'd much prefer not to freeze whilst indoors. "Why are you in these parts of the castle, anyways?" She questioned him, remembering back to when Bloom said that the two had a date. Was he, perhaps, meeting Bloom right now? She doubted it, it looked like he was pretty content with being alone for the time being. 

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

Ben stared at Felicity for a moment as she stumbled over herself about being lost and expecting Ben to be with Bloom all the time. She was all over the place. In fact she sounded a lot like himself when he was confused. It was entertaining to say the least. Usually Bloom and Ben hung out most at night during their patrols, not mid day between classes and other activities. Not that he would mind more.

"Bloom and I usually only do that at night," he responded with a big grin towards the flustered girl. "So don't go wandering out at night!"

People just assume Bloom and I are the same person now... we're not! She is clearly something different...

He embraced the colder weather of rain and wind. It was something he had missed all summer and it was finally here. His robes were no thicker or pulled tighter than usual. In fact, he smirked at Felicity as she seemed bothered by the cold. Plus the cold helped pull his attention away from Bloom and his prefect duties, back to the outdoors.

"This part of the castle has a nice view of the rainy, beautiful grounds," he commented as he turned back to look at it. "It's great. Isn't it?"

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 She nodded with a small smile, keeping her gaze on the Grounds below the window, "I'll keep that in mind, Ben," She replied, then turned away from the window to look at photos on the wall opposite of them, watching as the people inside of them moved around, quietly whispering to one another. She didn't understand why they did so. She sighed, turning back around once she heard his voice pipe up again.

 "I suppose," Felicity shrugged her shoulders, glancing past him to the window, then turning to begin to walk down the dimmer section of the hallway, tucking her hands in her pockets, "I don't like to doddle on it, though. It's not my favorite weather to look at." She told him, keeping her eyes on the hallway in front of her. She intended to explore the corridors a little further, see where some hallways could lead. She should invest in a magnifying glass.

 She looked back at the prefect boy, then turned around fully, stopping in her tracks, "Would you care to join be on a walk through the corridors?" She offered, tilting her head slightly to the side. She'd might as well invite him, it didn't seem like he had much else better to do at the moment. 

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

His gaze lingered on the scene outside for a moment before Ben turned to answer his friend's request. He really did love the view and was a bit disappointed she didn't agree. Somehow it didn't hurt his feelings too bad. After all, she was just a friend so she was allowed to disagree with him on things. The Scottish lad let out a silent sigh and smiled at the rainy grounds one more time.

I wonder if Bloom likes the view. Why would that matter?

When Ben turned to look Felicity in the eyes to answer, he hid his disappointment well from his face. Instead he would smile towards his friend in response to her. It would be obvious he enjoyed it but he wouldn't make his friend feel bad for feeling different if he could prevent it.

"Maybe it isn't for everyone," he responded out loud finally, keeping the smile. "Don't need to meet Bloom for a few hours, so I have time."

He teased a bit with the last, knowing everyone assumed they were attached at the hip due to their prefect positions. While it was true they spent time together, it wasn't like it was usually by choice. Not like it was a date or anything, it was work or they met in class. Ben thought of Bloom as easily becoming his best friend at Hogwarts. She was fun to be around and really made him try harder to be a better student. His other friends were mostly kind but it just felt different. Ben thought it had to be the best friend syndrome.

Why am I thinking about her? Seems rude to Felicity. Stop it, brain.

"So, where we heading, Felicity?"

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 In response to his little something of a joke, Felicity laughed a bit, shaking her head as she turned back around to resume walking in the way that she was headed before she turned to face the boy behind her. "I'm unsure of where we're heading right now, actually. I'm kind of following the corridors. Do you know anywhere interesting to explore?" She asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. He was a prefect, so she was sure that he would know more about these hallways than she did. After all, this was her first venture down here. She didn't go out of main hangout areas often, unless she was with Bloom, or Reid, but she wasn't currently.

 The fact that Felicity had figured out what she was now was still a shock to her. She had a vision describing it, and she wasn't exactly sure if she was ready for that quite yet. She had done some research the previous night, into the unholy hours, on what Seers were. She had even made a point to go to the library to check out books. She found out that Sybill Trelawney, a previous professor of Divination at Hogwarts, was related to a Seer herself. Does that mean that she might have been a Seer as well? She wondered, but shook off her thoughts. She didn't want to make it obvious to anyone, especially Ben, who was closest to her, that she wasn't getting her good seven hours of sleep. She smiled a little bit, and flipped a piece of hair over her shoulder as she looked over at Ben.

 "I heard you're going on a date with Bloom.." She quirked an eyebrow at the fellow Scot, glancing at him out of the corner of her eyes. She wasn't answered by Bloom as to if the plan was a lie or not, and she ought to figure out somehow. Perhaps by asking Ben, she would be able to find out..? She looked back ahead of them as she turned the corner, opening her to a hallway with even more picture frames and photos. She licked her lips slightly, silently cursing herself for not bringing chapstick along with her from home. This fall weather was bound to be harsh on her lips. She was quite sensitive to the cold, if you couldn't tell already. Hopefully, her mother would send her some. That'd be the only way she could get some at the moment.

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

Ben laughed at Felicity when she said she was lost. He knew exactly that feeling. Becoming Prefect and doing those nightly rounds quickly helped him learn, but by no means was he an expert yet. In general the second floor was unused by the students so there was little to do here. Of course Felicity had become lost and ended up there. He was certain she would get lost if he didn't go with her.

"I am not exactly a hallway master yet, but I know some places we could explore." He looked upwards to the ceiling in thought for a moment before adding onto his comment. "The fourth floor has a really cool looking ballroom if you have not seen that ye..." 

Wait wait, a date with Bloom? Where did she hear that? There was no date. Why would she think that? Does Bloom think there is a date? Did I miss something? If I say no, she will tell Bloom, she'll get offended if it was a date or be embarrassed that she got caught if she did say so. If she wants a date, should I do something? Do I want a date? What would we do? If I say yes will it become a date or will Bloom make fun of me or will our friendship become awkward? What do I say? Is this a set up?

Ben's mind was going so fast he stopped in his tracks. If Felicity kept walking she would lose him, but she likely saw him stop since she was looking at him. His brain was spinning. His dad would say Women are the most complex creatures. They hunt in packs to flank their prey and go for the kill before you know what is going on. He was told to be careful with women, especially without his dad around to give him guidance.

What do I do? Does yes seem the best answer? I better say no. If Bloom confronts me about cancelling, I'll say I was just teasing Felicity. Yeah!

"A date? Who told you that?" he asked, wanting to dig deeper if possible. "No date... we're just friends."

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

She grinned when he mentioned a ballroom, but she didn't get a chance to reply to his idea before he got back to her about the date. She stopped once she noticed that he had, turning around once she was a couple of paces away from him. He seemed troubled with the idea of the date, she could kind of see it on his facial expression. Perhaps he was not aware? She smiled a little bit as he denied it, licking her lips slightly as to moisten them before she spoke.

 "Well, Bloom told me, of course," She mentioned, scuffing the toe of her shoe back behind her other heel, resting the toe of it there for a moment or two, "Have you cancelled on her?" She wondered, tilting her head to the side slightly. She had always had the habit of doing so when she was inquiring about something or other, or when she was curious. Some people called it a curious look in itself, but she wasn't too sure about that herself.

 She wondered if they really did have a date, after all. Maybe they were trying to keep it a secret? But that wouldn't have explained as to why Bloom had announced her plans in front of Felicity and Reid. She knew that Reid wouldn't blab about it to anyone, he didn't have any use for doing so, but it still made her wonder. She smiled, and shrugged her shoulders, "Either way, Bloom seemed pretty excited about it. I hope you do change your mind - if you cancelled, I mean." She looked at him pointedly, as if she were assessing him before turning on her heel.

 "So, this ballroom you had in mind? I didn't even know that Hogwarts had a ballroom - I must have missed it. Then again, where would they have held the famous Yule Ball?" She asked, rambling a little bit as she began to go down the hallway that she had previously been venturing down. She had a particular interest in the ballroom now that she remembered it was where the Yule Ball was held. Would they be having a Yule Ball this year? Forget that, would they get to experience a Tri-Wizard Tournament at all? She sure hoped so. Then again, she doubted - it wasn't often that Hogwarts hosted the tournament, and after the last time.. Maybe it wouldn't be wise.

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

I am more confused now than before! Do I bring it up to Bloom? Agh...

Ben breathed out slowly and squinted at Felicity. He had no idea how serious she was being so he had to be as diplomatic here as possible. No matter what happened between Felicity and Bloom, it would be wise not to call a bluff Bloom made or fall into a trap being set to see if Ben likes her. Ben would not admit that to even himself, not yet at least. This was the first time it really came to mind and he was writing it off as some trick.

"I wouldn't cancel on a friend," he said slowly, a smile crossing his face as he tried to figure out how to feel. "We have our nightly patrol later. Maybe she meant that."

She was excited about a date? Am I missing something? She didn't act like she liked me more than as a friend.

"Our patrols are pretty exciting. Maybe we'll catch you!" He tried to change the subject so fast, and was glad to hear Felicity herself moved on to talk of the ballroom. "No late night Ballroom visits."

He snickered a bit, but his face was clearly red from the conversation beforehand still. Dating girls was not on his list of first year activities! His dad would laugh and be proud of him. Ben thought that at least. His last experience with dating a girl was two years prior. He tried to ask a girl on his youth, co-ed football team to be his girlfriend and go to a dance with him. The denial was so swift and so firm he pretty much gave up on girls for a while. This was the first time he considered the idea again, but he wasn't diving in quite yet.

"Let's head on up," he said, finally regaining control of himself. "Like I said, fourth floor! These stairs over here will lead us right next to it. It has amazing decorations but I have to admit... I saw a ghost in it last time so I ran away."

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 "Perhaps that could be it," Felicity considered, leaning her head side to side as though the idea was the tennis ball in a game of tennis in her mind. It could be true that she meant the meeting the two would have when they were prefect-ing around Hogwarts. She didn't believe it, but she let the topic be at ease for now. She didn't need to be in all of Bloom's business. She wasn't nosy, and she didn't want to get involved. She had her own drama and everything that she had to personally deal with, so she was more than able to stay out of Bloom's.

 She grinned at Ben, wiggling her eyebrows at him a little bit, "Trust me, if I break the rules, I'll make sure you won't catch me. Bloom, on the other hand..?" She joked back, then nodded along to his directions, snickering a little bit as he mentioned a ghost, and running away. "It's okay, Benny, I'll be there to protect you this time." She teased, pulling out her wand for extra emphasis. She was pretty sure that spells couldn't even hit a ghost if she tried. She was quite excited to see her first ghost, actually. After all, she never did find one in the Abandoned Toilets with Stassie, a fellow Ravenclaw student.

 She walked up the stairs, one at a time, holding on to the railing so tightly that if she didn't continually move her hand up as she walked, her knuckles would be white. She was deathly afraid of heights, and magical, moving stairways didn't help her case. Flying lessons would be more than difficult for her, she was sure. She'll never go higher than three feet out of fear - hopefully. She hoped that she wouldn't be surprised and unable to control the broom, and have it go flying everywhere, so on and so forth until her untimely death.

 So, yes, you could say that heights were not her strength in life. But that didn't matter once she reached the top of the staircase, and ran off of it quickly, hoping that it wouldn't move while she did so, causing her to stumble or, like, break her leg. Only bad things could happen when you're high up was Felicity's conclusion. Nothing good, whatsoever, would be able to come out of it. She was sure of it. She sighed a little bit, then turned around, to look for Ben, making sure that he was coming along.

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

Ben was more than glad the topic of Bloom had passed. It would have to be addressed later with the girl herself, but for now he was happy to just do some exploring. The Ballroom was a really cool place to look at architecture and some old stuff. He was a bit of a nerd, obviously, so that interested him a ton. Maybe there would even be people there for them to watch.

What do you do in a ballroom? Is it a place to dance? Have parties? I should ask but I might sound dumb.

"Please, protect me oh mighty Felicity," he said sarcastically with a bit of a laugh at the end. "After you."

He followed Felicity up the stairs who seemed really awkward about using them. At first she was super slow the whole way up as if she was injured, but then she suddenly got very quick. Ben watched in utter confusion as he came up behind, trying to be kind and not pass her. Once she jumped up to the floor and seemed to shuffle away from the stairwell quickly, he realized. This made the Scottish lad laugh at his friend as he came up behind with no issue.

"They should install an elevator for you," he joked as he approached. "Stairs don't seem to work with your feet."

More snickers escaped as he pointed to a pair of large, decorated doors down the hall. He motioned for Felicity to follow as he took the lead this time. Felicity was a fun friend to have around but he yet again wished Bloom was coming with them as well. The Ballroom was pretty and he wanted to see Bloom there, because she would enjoy it of course not because he thought she was pretty too.

Bloom is pretty isn't she? Wait, no, this is what they want isn't it! Out of my head!

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 The girl scrunched up her nose at the boy, almost as though it were in disgust, but it was more from annoyance. He was making fun of her fears, and it made her huff heavily, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked over at the prefect, unimpressed. "I'll get over my fear one day," She harrumphed as she continued to walk forwards now, hopefully in the direction of the Ballroom that Ben was talking about. She wasn't sure where it was, at all, so a guess was the best thing that the blonde could do. She glanced at either side of the hallway, wondering to herself - was she going the wrong way?

 She looked back at Ben with small frown, disappointed she would have to admit her complete lack of navigation around most parts of Hogwarts. She would need a compass to get around the castle flawlessly at this rate. "I have no clue where I'm going, why don't you lead?" She asked, gripping her hands together behind her back tightly, as though it were padlocked. She wasn't the best with admitting that she wasn't the best with something, especially considering she thought that it would upset her father if she were not the absolute alpha of every topic. When, in reality, her father was just proud of her for doing her best.

 The hallways on the fourth floor seemed much more polished than the second floor. The ceilings seemed to be a little higher - that or she's just too short to notice - and there were fewer paintings on the walls, strategically spread out to make it as visually pleasing as possible. She enjoyed this floor's hallways much more than the cluttered ones of the second floor. These ones would cause her less headaches from the constant whispering, as well. At least, she hoped so. This would most likely be the place where Felicity would spend her rainy days from now on - there were less windows now, too.

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Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

By the time Felicity asked Ben to lead, he had already decided to do so. He knew she was unfamiliar with their destination so it only made sense. Nonetheless he could not help but snicker some more as she 'decided' to let him lead. Her little fake, maybe real, anger also amused him so he was laughing a good thirty seconds before finally responding verbally.

"It's a good thing your head is attached to your body, don't want to lose that too." Ben made the unfortunate joke at the wrong time, he would soon learn.

The doors to the ballroom appeared before them quickly as they had not been too far away from it. He turned to Felicity with a soft smile, proud of himself for remembering where this thing was located. His memory turned to the first time he opened the door late at night and saw nothing but ghosts. That was terrifying.

Ghosts don't come out during the day anyways, right? They move.. this could be fine. Yeah totally fine.

"The door itself is even fancy. Wouldn't think they put this in a sch-" mid sentence Ben nearly screamed as he stumbled backwards suddenly. "Fu....dging... frogs of... hell..."

A ghostly body poked out of the door but it was missing its head in some kind of cruel irony. The body disappeared but the scare was accomplished. Next, the head poked through and laughed at him, seeming detached from any body. Ben was trying to be tough but it was failing pretty miserably after the first jump scare.

"Lose your head huh? Attached huh? HA!" As the ghost finished speaking, his head popped back away moment before the entire ghost walked through the door. "Two students going for a romantic walk to the great ballroom? Wonderful!"

Rainy Day Explorations.  PV Ben E   Closed 

 Before the blonde was able to respond to her friend's tease, a body popped through the doors that they were facing! She squeaked, jumping back as her arms retracted back into her chest. Oh, god, she hadn't really suspected that there would be a ghost in the Ballroom! She was speechless, as she watched the figure went back through the door, only to put the head through. Oh dear, this was certainly traumatic. She would never be alright with ghosts again. She couldn't even go into haunted houses with her parents on Halloween! She took being haunted all too seriously. It was sort of annoying - and by sort of, I mean very.

 "A-A ghost!" She finally stuttered out once all parts of it were through the door. She was more than startled, but she hadn't stuttered once since she first arrived at Hogwarts. Her friends from the train helped well enough with that. She felt a blush come to her cheeks as she cleared her throat, and she took a step forwards. She was pretty sure that her father had told her about the ghosts in Hogwarts, but she couldn't match their names, descriptions, and real appearances together. Then again, wasn't Nick the only headless one? Or nearly headless? Could this possibly be him?

 "Erm, hello, we-we're not romantic. No way." She responded, only just now catching the romantic walk part of what the ghost had said. She could feel her cheeks further heat up, and a huff escaped her lips. "We did just want to see the Ballroom, though, would you not mind?" She asked, kind of like it were for permission, when in reality she could just walk right through the ghost if she needed to. The thought alone sent shivers trailing down her spine. She didn't want to have to do something she didn't need to.

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