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Bolts and Books  PV Lucy Howell   Closed 

It was a foolish thing to try and go back to her dormitory to belongings, the tower was such far away. Still, being the risky person she was, she went for it. She didn't feel like carrying all of her books around today, why would you if you didn't have every particular class each day? It was a mere way to save muscles from aching when she got into her later years at Hogwarts. That was a scary thought she didn't want to think about, nor did she have the time to.

The only thing Emma could hear was her feet colliding loudly with the stone floor of Hogwarts. Her heart pounding tortuously against her abdomen, it was a sensation she could almost feel traveling throughout her body. Up her neck until it reached her head, pounding harder like a hammer rapping against the temple of her head. She didn't care about the black book bag striking her in the back with every stride she took, the eyes following her as she burst down the hallway... first years. Some of them had no idea what detention was like, and well, neither did she, but she wasn't going to stop and ask someone. She didn't even mind the strands of hair obscuring her vision.

Throughout her burst to Defense Against the Dark Arts, she did not stop. She didn't even know what the professor was capable of, after all, she was a professor, but her personality seemed blurred. Students that had classes usually gossiped about what their professor did, so it didn't make it hard to understand their personality. Occasionally, she may have heard murmurs about the new DADA teacher, but she paid them no mind like a fool.

What if she made her the center of attention for being late? She already hated being put in the spotlight as it was, but being embarrassed in front of her own colleagues was mere torture. She knew nothing about the professor, not even her appearance. She could have been nice for all she knew, but it was much better to focus on the bad than the good, right? At least, that's how her mind works.

Trying to lighten her footsteps slightly, she slowed as the door came into view with a few seconds to spare, at least, she thought. Only did she stop when she spotted a blonde Gryffindor, though she was tempted to call the color a pearly white. 

With no time to decide, she walked over to the girl as patiently as she could. Still, she managed to get out some kind of hurry inside of her impatient voice. "Class is starting in a minute or so, why are you reading?" She shifted her weight uncomfortably, looking down at the door for a few seconds before returning her gaze back to the girl with the book. To her surprise, it wasn't a Ravenclaw. Even after two years at Hogwarts, she still believed the rumors spread by the founders themselves. Just because she wasn't in Ravenclaw didn't mind she couldn't read. Still, it made no sense. Class was on the verge of starting, it wasn't the greatest time to be reading.

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
Stamina: 9 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 10 - Control: 9

Bolts and Books  PV Lucy Howell   Closed 

Lucy quietly stood stead on the cold cobble ground her legs crossed calmly reading a book, When classes were being held the whole school was rather quiet other than professors pacing around and some students that may have been out of class. She usually liked staying outside where the sound of wind swayed the grass and the birds chirps were the only noise in miles. However she way too tired to walk all the way outside and find a calm spot where there wasn't students skipping class.

While she herself wasn't exactly skipping class she just didn't feel like going due to wanting to finish her book that her father had sent her. Her peace and silence was soon disturbed by a noisy student making their way to class seemingly being late. She ignored their presence and kept on reading before hearing the student speak and ask a question.
She didn't look up to the female voice but answered anyway, ''It is starting isn't it? Then why are you wasting you time asking me why I'm not in class while you should be running to your class?'' She calmly stated as she flipped to the next page.

''I don't want to be the reason for you going late to class so go on'' Lucy said as she finally looked up to see the student that had interrupted her peace and quiet.

"One must know pain before they know peace"
-Love Lucy.V.Howell