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Hot-Headed  PV Kiya Adams   Closed 

As he sat on the cold stone ground of the corridor, throwing a rubber ball down at the floor where it would bounce onto the wall and then back into his hand, Landon thought.

And not thinking about new pranks, thinking about actual real deep thoughts.

It was a rare mood to catch the spunky boy in, as he was normally out somewhere causing mischief. he saved these types of uncommon feelings for times when he could be alone. This time, it was during lunch. He could go without a midday meal for a day to ease his overactive mind.

The quiet was very peaceful, another rare thing to surround Landon, as wherever he went, noise and ruckus seemed to follow.

Today all he could think about was his brother. Wilson, who was long dead, would have loved Hogwarts so much. Landon felt that his kid brother would have been in slytherin had he survived to the age of going to the magical school, as he was a very cunning and ambitious child.

Hah, funny how his family valued Ravenclaw and yet the Riley children are in any house but Ravenclaw.

Or, at least, they would be if Wilson hadn't dropped dead one day.

Hot-Headed  PV Kiya Adams   Closed 

Kiya had just finished her lunch, when she was wondering around the castle trying to find her way back to the library. She had eaten alone again, but this time she was not sad about it. She actually was kind of glad, that she was able to think what she just had learned about the history of Hogwarts. And now she desperately wanted to find her way back into the library so she could continue with her reading.

As usual. She was kind of lost. She knew, where she was, but she had no idea how to get back to the library. She sighted, shook her head - as she used to when she needed to stay focused - and looked around. She knew, that if she went that corridor to right she would get to the courtyard. But she did not remember, if the library was near the courtyard or not.

After thinking a while she came to a conclusion that the library indeed was near the courtyard and decided to go that way. She slowly started walking, but the more she walked the more she felt lost. This must be the wrong way, she thought and stopped. She looked around again and decided to turn around.
After walking for a minute or two she now was sure that this was the right direction, so she started thinking about the book she was reading earlier. "It is interesting to notice, how the founders were friends at first. Or were they?" She mumbled to herself as she walked down the corridor.

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