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Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

Hogwarts' Corridors
October 1st, 2018

The month of September had flew by like every other. The first month as a first year didn’t go as bad as Aurelia had expected it to be. Besides stacks of assignments and the recent discovery that she was adopted, the weeks had gone quite smoothly. The fact that she had received Os on both her herbology and Charms assignments was much of a surprise. Os weren’t a very big of a deal for some, but for a girl who had maintained an acceptable average for her first year, it was an astonishing improvement.

Aurelia walked up the narrow staircase nearest from the cold potion classroom. The last lesson of the day had ended, a relief it was. She couldn’t stand being in the freezing basements any longer. If you’d ask Aurelia to rate which class she dislike the most, Aurelia wouldn’t hesitate to place potions as the first. Putting body parts of magical insects into pots and brewing like stew and knowing it would be consumed didn’t seem appealing at all to the brunette.

Even then, Aurelia had made many visits down to the potions classroom for the past week. She had been replenishing her brew of Forgetfulness Potion. Her friends didn’t understand why she would keep a stash of the potion besides the purpose of forgetting what was taught in the many lessons or homework. Aurelia didn’t tell them of course, she knew well what it’s purpose was for.

The Gryffindor common room was far from the basements. The girl’s legs were already exhausted from the trips up and down the many stairs to her classes during the day. She would really appreciated if Hogwarts had a magical lift or something like that, if only she’s know how to apparate like how her Ma and Pa always did when they brought her around places.

Aurelia had finally reached the second floor. Her mind must have been somewhere else when she swirved around a corner only to collide with a student. The student definitely hadn’t expected that too as she fell backwards from the force, her blonde hair flying in a mess that covered the features on her face. Aurelia felt bad, she had barely even stumbled.

Godverdomme, are you alright?” she asked, kneeling down to help her up.

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Godverdomme - God damn it


Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

Her blonde hair danced gracefully behind her as she trotted down the never-ending corridors, Dymphna by her side. Their friendship had started whilst taking History of Magic together, being partners for a project, and had only grown from there. The blonde was relieved to finally have found a friend that stuck around.

The two were mindlessly chatting, having just come out of class. Alexx made an off-hand comment about a cute boy, but had assured her that it was no one special, just someone she had seen from across the grounds once. It was this type of mindless chatter that made the two get along so well, Alexx supposed.

As the two girls rounded a corner, Alexx was met with the body of another girl, the two colliding heavily, then Alexx falling down. "Fils de pute!" She hissed sharply, grabbing her elbow, which had hit the hard floor in the process. Her soft voice took in a sharp and staggered breath, her eyes closing as she winced. There was no serious harm done, but she reckoned there would be a nasty bruise later.

“Godverdomme, are you alright?” she asked, kneeling down to help her up.

Pale blue eyes looked up, and she smiled helplessly. "Eh- Oui. I will be fine, thank you." She assured her, laughing warily at the end. "Je suis profondément désolée, I really should watch where I'm going."

In truth, the French girl was unsure of whose fault the collision was, but she immediately blamed herself and her known clumsiness. She could practically already hear Dymph playfully laughing at her for not watching where she was going.

Her porcelain, thin hands took this moment to brush off her skirt and robes, having collected a small amount of dirt and dust in the falling. She tossed her hair back, it now being wild and out of place. She was now grateful for the use of contacts, as it may have saved her from breaking yet another pair of glasses.

French to English :
fils de pute - son of a bitch
je suis profondément désolée - I'm really/terribly sorry (femme)

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Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

It might be better if I post again, in order to be more discriptive and you guys would have more things to write about.
Both of you are free to post now :)

The girl had also muttered a few words as she fell - which Aurelia had suspected were profanities - in a language that sounded undeniably French. The blonde girl held her elbow, sucking her breath through her teeth. It was fortunate that Aurelia wasn’t the one that had fell, even then the girl claimed she would be alright and had casually laughed. It wasn’t that bad, so there wasn’t much for Aurelia to be worried about.

The girl tossed her blonde locks away from her face. Alexx Helm, the daughter of a death eater. It was no wonder she appeared familiar. Alexx might not have recognized the brunette, but from the verbal fight last year with Emma siding for her defense, Aurelia remembered the incident clearly.

However, that wasn’t the thing that bothered her at the moments. Her heart was suddenly pounding furiously in her chest. Those blue eyes, she had the mistake at staring at them. Beautiful things they were, but Alexx was oblivious that they were a curse. He was coming for her again. Aurelia’s eyes darted frantically around searching for something to distract and divert her attention from those eyes. She could feel it piercing into her soul, claiming the air in her lungs, making the air thick around her and breathing difficult.

She heard laughter. Soft, distant laughter. Aurelia hadn’t realized another blonde girl behind the tall shadow of Alexx. Something to focus on, to distract herself. But regret overwhelmed her and her stomach twisted, the girl was cursed. Laughter, he was mocking her. How many times she’s had to apologize yet he always found away to haunt her.

She stared at her trembling hands, it was happening again. There was no way she could ignore it. Aurelia turned around on her heels sharply, facing away from the two girls. She needed to isolate herself, from everyone. Even when she ran, she could feel those blue eyes on her, watching her. Her head facing towards the floor, afraid if she looked up, she’d be tormented again by another blue eyed.

Her shoulder collided hard against another student’s but she continued walking down the corridor towards the abandoned toilets. She could hear them, the flashbacks were coming. She could hear the laughter, giggles from a young Aurelia and her brother playing in the park. She didn’t want those memories

Coldness greeted her as she turned into the dusty abandoned toilets. The smell of mold and algae waftered around the musky air. Her wide eyes scanned briefly around the room, ensuring there weren’t any other students. Her knees slammed against the freezing cobblestone floor. She hastenly rummaged through her bag only to take out a glass vail with contents of dark orange liquid.

The forgetfulness potion. This was what it’s purpose was for. In the summer holidays, Thellea had brought her daughter to St. mungos to see a healer about Aurelia’s ‘mental condition’. It was getting far worse than when she was younger and hadn’t discovered that she had magic. The healer explained it was magic in her own veins attacking her own mind due to her own borther’s death that was most likely too traumatic for her to experience when she was younger. She couldn’t get over it even if she wanted to. Only time could tell. But for now, she only had the potion to help her.

Aurelia brought the vail up to her lips.


Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 


The blonde Slytherin was someone who Dymphna was surprised to find that she got along with so well. They were able to chatter away about the most random topics from weather to classes to boys. Though she found herself tongue tied, unable to say much about crushes or those sort of feelings. Instead, she much preferred to listen to Alexx talk about seeing a boy across the way that she somewhat fancied.

Truthfully, it was a way to stay off of the more negative topics. Dymphna didn’t know if her friend knew that her parents were formerly Death Eaters. The only reason that she knew herself was because of the inn’s ledger from the Second Wizarding War, the only proof that anyone was staying at the Teague’s Inn during that dark time.

It was no wonder that it wasn’t locked away in their Gringotts vault. Something so vital didn’t need to be out in the open where just anyone could read it, which was why Dymphna had hidden it away in a place where hopefully no one would find it. Her Granny Eithne had asked for it once but Dymphna played dumb, pretending that she had never heard of the ledger.

There was something special about it that made her want to keep it to herself. Surely her grandparents that ran the Inn at the time knew and remembered that it existed but why didn’t they hide it away? It was frustrating, protecting documents that the adults in her life didn’t deem worthy of protecting. However, perhaps they thought it had been sent to the vaults along with other important or valuable items.

When they rounded a corner, Alexx was knocked to the ground by another girl. It was a nasty fall and Dymphna was quick to help her to her feet, slightly glaring at the one who had been in a rush in the first place. It wasn’t like her to be angry over a simple accident and it was clear to see that despite the fall, there was no blood so it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. She let out a sigh, glad to see that her friend was already checking on the girl.

Perhaps later on in the day, Dymphna would be able to laugh it off. It was likely the serious thoughts before that caused her to react so strongly. A moment later, she felt bad. The girl was trembling. “Are you injured?” Maybe the fall had affected her worse than Alexx. Her mother would be so disappointed in how she was handling the situation. Then the girl was darting off down the corridor, running into another student in the process.

Dymphna gave Alexx a look as if to ask what should we do? The obvious answer was to look for an adult or a Prefect, whoever she could locate first. “Find her, I’ll go for help.” She knew the direction the girl ran, towards the abandoned toilets so it was likely that she went to hide out there. “The loo,” Dymphna suggested before running in the opposite direction to see if she could spot anyone who could help them figure out what on earth was going on.
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Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

Howie sat on one the abandoned toilets in, well, the abandoned bathroom. It wasn’t the most pleasant of places, but it did offer the solitude that he needed. It had been quite the adjustment last year for the only child, constantly surrounded by other students and staff members. Even his dorm room offered little privacy, and the castle was noisy! The young boy had discovered that most of the student body steered clear of the abandoned toilets, and with a cleaning spell in his aresenal, he had managed to make this stall somewhat comfortable.

Howie sat with his eyes closed, practicing the breathing techniques his mother had taught him to help calm his nerves. He struggled with his experience here at Hogwarts. It was all a bit, overwhelming. Magic scared Howie, something he didn’t speak freely of as almost all of the other students he had met seemed elated by the fact that it flowed through thier blood. It was too much for the young Hufflepuff. Too much power, too much responsibility. In his first year alone he had seen how much damage could come from it. Students hurt physically, some even suffering psychological damage, yet it all just seemed normal to everyone, a fact that Howie wrestled with daily. Most looked at this mysterious power as a gift, but to Howie, it felt more like a curse. It was this fear, this stress that drove him into the abandoned toilets this day. 

The door to the toilets crashed open. An intruder in his fortress of solitude. Howie quickly pulled his long legs up against his chest, hoping to remain unseen. A bag crashed to the floor, along with its owner by the sound of it. Whoever it was seemed to be in panic, as they gasped for air and mumbled in fear. As much as he may have wanted to ignore it and hope it would go away, his better nature prevailed.

Howie stepped out of the stall to investigate the disturbance. There, down on her knees was Aurelia, a Gryffindor that he had become acquainted with last year. She looked around frantically, fear blazing through her eyes. “Aurelia. What’s wrong.” Howie would call out to her, but it was as if he wasn’t even there. She pulled a vial from her bag, containing an unknown substance. Howie took a step closer to her. “Aurelia! What is that?!” He said sternly. She removed the lid and held it with trembling hands to her lips. She wasn’t in the right state of mind to be chugging potions, maybe it was this that put her in this state in the first place. “No!” Howie would call out as he smacked the potion out of her hand, causing it to crash on the ground, the potion and bits of glass scattered everywhere around them. Howie grabbed Aurelia by the wrist, pulling her up off her knees. His bright blue eyes met hers. “Aurelia, what are you doing?!”

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Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

With every second that passed it made it more difficult for Aurelia to think straight, the noise, they were to loud, she knew it was just her mind, her magical mind, but she couldn’t get them out. Her thoughts were clouded like a thick layer of fog, her main language claimed the words she spoke.

Dutch, the language she had always used when speaking to her brother. She remembered when she stopped speaking to anyone in the language for a short period after she knew what death was. That was five years ago, the panic attacks had always made her recall such memories, but she didn’t want too.

Haast je,” She mumbled trying to pull the lid open that refused to budge, her hands weren’t fully in her control, they kept trembling.

The lid had finally snapped open, there was faint hints of the scent of mistletoe berries and Valerian. In the garden of The Bezuidenhout Mansion, there was plenty of valerian stalks blossoming with colorful flowers at their ends. In fact, the stalk that was used in the potion once belonged in the garden, the garden that she and Raphael used to play in.

It was happening again, the flashbacks. She needed to forget, forget that she had seen those eyes, and forget everything that had came after and the thing that had first made her anxious. It was what she had been doing for the past month ever since she had known about the miracles of the potion.

She brought it up to her lips, but as she did, a hand came into view, hitting the vial from her grasp and it shattered on the cold cobblestone ground.

Wat heb je gedaan!” The girl screamed, a scream that seem capable of piercing through ears and breaking glass. It didn’t seem likely that a twelve year old would be able to raise her voice as high as what she just did.

Almost immediately, had the same hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her up forcefully. Who ever did that was just as strong as the girl herself. Aurelia lifted her head only to be met with a pair of blue eyes and another peircing scream echoed within the walls of the abandon bathroom. Aurelia didn’t care who the pair of eyes belong to, she wriggles her hands free from the awfully tight grip and pushed the boy away square in the chest without restraining her own strength.

The noise, the laughter, they were loud, she new when she had heard them. Five years ago, during a few weeks before Christmas Eve, Raphael wanted to play tag...

Aurelia could feel the ground shaking below her as if there was a small quake. The flashbacks needed to go. She rushed towards the vail, laying on the ground in pieces, she wasn’t thinking at all as she attempted to salvage what was left. However, nothing was left besides the shards that cut through her hand.

The girl flinched and instinctively grabbed her hand the potion was gone, and there was nothing else she could do to make the flashbacks go. So she curled up under the closet sink. The pain was nothing to her, not when the emotional one hurt more. The mirrors above her shook noisily, as if they were to shatter in any minute. The faulty taps began to squeak as they spurted water out. It was the exact scene of when her parents first discovered that she had magic.

The blood dripped from her palm down. The cuts were deep. Aurelia covered her ears with her hands at the same time smearing the blood onto her cheek as well. That was the least of her concern, she needed the noise to stop but it did little to muffle to noise as it was all in her head.
Wat heb je gedaan - What have you done?
Haast je - Come

Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

The blonde was understandably confused. She knew the brunette, yes, and she remembered every detail clearly. Last year as a rollercoaster, especially after that fight. But she blew it off, assuming that the two had put all hard feelings behind them; let bygones be bygones.

Her blue eyes followed the figure as she disappeared into the distance, the round gems glistening with wonder. With a somber heart, she only momentarily assumed it was simply because of the fact that the girl bearing gold and maroon was not truly over the incident from last year. Considering shrugging it off, assuming that it was too late to fix the conflict and that there would always be people judging her for the actions of her parents, she then corrected the train of thought, remembering that Aurelia was still human after all, and that this would be her chance to prove that she wasn't her family.

Turning her head, she tried to meet the eyes of Dymph, who then insisted that she go and find her while she went to get help. Her blonde locks bounced as she nodded, stumbling after Aurelia. She had recognized that she was heading in the direction of the toilets, which wasn't surprising, as many found their way in that direction when they wanted to dwell.

Making her way in, she could already see Aurelia, who was bleeding from the palm of her hand, curled up under a sink, and then in the same general area was a Hufflepuff boy, Howard or Howie or something. The French girl wasn't familiar with him.

Hastily, she allowed her body to slowly and tentatively walk toward Aurelia. "Aurelia?" She called out in a hushed tone. It sounded wrong, especially after the events of last year. In any case, she had to try. Dymph should be returning soon with help, right now she was only stalling. She looked back out the door, hoping to see her friend returning.

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Shards of Glass and Icy Blues  PV   Closed 

It’s been more than 1 month without a post. I assume that this thread has been abandoned. In the end, Aurelia managed to flee into her dormitory in order to drink a vial of forgetfulness and forgets everything that happened in this thread but is left with a cut on her hand as evidence.