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No Mercy  PV Windstone   Closed 

"The itsy-bitsy spider fell down the water spout..." Skylar stood at the end of the hallway, crouched to ground and staring at something on the wall. Her blonde hair was flat and straight against her back, her clothes crisp and shoes polished. She looked so small in the dark hallway, like a lit flame in the darkness. In her hand was her wand and a little piece of paper she kept crumbling up and unfolding, over and over again, rocking back and forth while she sang the children's song like a voice far away.

"Down came the rain and washed the spider out..." She watched the lone large black spider in it's silk web, it staying perfectly still and silent, either too afraid or not afraid at all. But Skylar wanted to make it very afraid. She wanted to make it so afraid that she could get some of this rage brewing inside of her. Right now she had a nonchalant expression as she sang, as if nothing was wrong and this was a normal thing to do on a daily basis. Her blue eyes, though, were frozen on the spider, watching it do nothing.

"Up came the sun..." She unfolded the piece of paper. "And dried up all the rain..." She crumpled it up again, holding it tightly in her fist. She held her hands together, trying to make the paper ball as tight as possible.

"But the itsy bitsy spider never went up the spout again."

The ball flew towards the spiderweb with a snap of her wrist, the spider didn't know what was coming. It tried to get away, crawling across the wall, alarmed and now definitely frightened but before it could disappear into the dark, Skylar grabbed it by a leg and held it high in the air. She grinned as it squirmed, it's hairy legs cutting through the air. She held it close to her face, eye to eye. "You will die today." It seemed to squirm even faster, as if it understood her, which she wouldn't be surprised about giving where she was at. "Don't be afraid; everyone has to die some day. But don't worry, you've served a great purpose."

The little girl slowly pulled off each of it's legs, thinking of them as each one of the people she hated most. She said each name under her breath, her eye twitching with anger and pleasure. She relief as the anger slowly ebbed away, as if it was something she had to feed to control. She felt no mercy killing an arachnid but it symbolized mattered.

Suddenly snapped her head to the side. There was a student nearby. She looked up at them from where she was on the ground and stared blankly, then she smiled. "Hi."

"You have to be odd to be number one." - Dr. Seuss

No Mercy  PV Windstone   Closed 

Eri had been walking down the hallways. It wasn't unusually for her to just be walking down a hallway with no sense of direction. Today though as she was walking down the hallway she heard of voice telling someone or something it will die today. A bit intrigued and weirded out Eri walked soundlessly into the hall and watched the girl. 

To her horror the girl started to tear the limbs off of the spider. And as she did she whispered someone's name and looked like she enjoyed it. Then the girl turned and looked at Eri and said hello.

"Umm Hey." She waved. "What did that spider do to deserve such a painful death? I mean who pulls the legs off of a spider and enjoys it. Are you okay?" Eri asked her. She did seem a little wrong in the head. Maybe she hit her head earlier. But anyways it didn't seem like she was messed up. It just seemed like she was a little demonic. 

Looking at the girl sitting on the ground, the second year debated on what to say next. "Umm no offense..... but that was a little demonic." Eri said to the other girl.

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