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Dawn of a New Day  Closed 

A mood had been set in the dimly lit corridors; Alexx was on an adventure. It was rare for the girl to get out like this, on her own no less. But alas, the hue of her vibrant blonde hair bouncing behind her like a woman on a mission was all the viewer needed to make up their mind.

It was true, hunting down the fabled spirits that roamed the halls was an odd task. Everyone knew that to find them, you must simply ask. But for Alexx, it was rather a different task. You see, the porcelain girl had, prior to her time at school, spent many days being skeptical of the existance of such.

But ghost hunting felt necessary. Her brothers had mused on and on, entertaining her with the ideas of that of which were out of fairytales.

She peered keenly around the corner, her eyebrows arched in curiosity. How was she to go about finding a ghost? Did she just wait? Would they even be here? She knew not what she was looking for, only that she was on a mission. A stupid mission, yes. But a mission no less. But truthfully, she had no idea how she would react at the sight of a ghost.
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Dawn of a New Day  Closed 

Being a first year was fun sometimes, since everyone wanted to help, everything was new, and there were so many things to discovery at Hogwarts. But the thing Frankie didn't like the most was how big and maze-like the school was. She had been absolutely sure that her class was this way but after while of not seeing many other students she realized thay she was lost and now she was entirely upset with herself.

Frankie carried her supplies for Potions and Charms and she walked along the almost empty corrider. She looked as if she were just heading to class, not flustered or uneasy at all, but in reality she was having a massive panic attack. Her heartbeat fast as she thought about the reprimanding she'd get if she were late to class, it absolutely terrified her, but Frankie just focused on figuring out where she was.

She peeked into classrooms, greeted passing professors respectfully, and tried to calm herself down. But it was to no avail, because she was still, utterly lost.

Frankie slipped into a nearby lavatory and set her books carefully onto a nearby counter and then stared into the mirror. She took deep breaths and wrung out her hands. She ran her short blonde hair, something her older sister did when she was stressing out openly.

Frankie splashed some water on her face and then left the lavatory, deciding she should go back where she came. While she walked she happened to look up and see another girl who was peeking around the corner. Frankie frowned and looked away politely, not wanting to get in her business, but then she considered that maybe the girl knew where to go.

Frankie, without smiling, went up to the girl and said, "Excuse me, but do you know where Charms is? Pardon if I'm bothering you, but I need to get to class." She wondered why the girl wasn't in class herself.

Dawn of a New Day  Closed 

Anastasia was walking through the corridors knowing that she was bound to get into trouble for not attending class but she didn't care. She didn't like that class anyway. She already knew what they were teaching. She strolled confidently through the halls watching out for professors at every bend. Only a handful of people were still walking around, probably first years looking for their classes. She giggled with the memory when she was once in their situation.

Ana noticed a girl that she had seen a few times in some of her classes and in the common room. She saw that the girl was on a mission and was highly interested. She waved to the girl and asked her if she could join her expedition. Hi, I'm Anastasia. I'm in your year and I was just wondering if you would mind if I could join your little expedition? A thought crossed Ana's mind and she couldn't help but ask. What exactly are you doing anyway? The girl seemed to be very determined and Anastasia liked that about her. She hadn't talked to her before so she didn't know what kind of person she was but she didn't mind.

I would love to join you? Ana asked hoping that if she did they could go somewhere so that she wouldn't get into trouble for bunking class.

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Dawn of a New Day  Closed 

Miko walked through the corridors occasionally stopping to speak with others. He stopped in front of three girls standing in the hallway and set down his broom on the floor. "Ello there ladies! Jolly good day today isn't it?" he said, grinning. The boy made sure to stick out his most recent pin which said is big letter "Hufflepuff Seeker".

This badge made him have extreme pride in himself and in his house. Recently he had earned it, not because he was a seeker, no he wasn't, in fact the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team Captain had given it to him since it had a moving image of his father which was a famous Hufflepuff Seeker and since he said he was seeker worthy. It was true, Miko was good in this Quidditch position but he had not been in it yet. The boy just had a gift for it and had descended from one of the most famous Quidditch players in the wizarding world. In fact, his father knew a famous someone in Gryffindor personally and was pretty good mates with him. The two had gone to the same Muggle School together as young children when they were with their muggle family.

Now this was something to be proud of in fact.

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Dawn of a New Day  Closed 

Ellara wandered through the corridor, her footfalls echoing on the cobbled stone floor. At the moment, she was busy trying to remember what floor she was on... The second? Third? This whole castle was a maze by itself, but the whole concept of moving staircases, secret passageways, and forbidden corridors just made everything a thousand times more complicated! Charms class was coming up soon enough, but she figured it wouldn't be all too that big of a deal if she were late... The professor would probably just hate her forever. Whatever.

The young witch glanced up from her hastily drawn map, a bit creeped out by the knightly armor that was lining the hallway. All of a sudden, the light from within one of the armor pieces flickered, and she jumped in reflexive fright, rushing down the hallway away from it. Magic spells, monstrous creatures, flying broomsticks, and the likes... Were there haunting ghosts that existed, as well? Not paying attention to where she was going, Ellara nearly ran straight into the group of conversing First Years, only managing to slow herself down just in time.

Of course, now assuming they were all staring at her and her surprised expression, she faked nonchalance and smiled, commenting, "Sorry... Thought I saw something back there..." Soon enough, that topic of conversation was forgotten, and she looked over at the boy's Hufflepuff pin with mild curiosity. "Oh! Do you play for the team? I was thinking about trying out but haven't heard when they're happening yet."

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