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Goodbye, Spider  PV Kaegan Deathmote   Closed 

​Tabitha and Sadie McAfee looked very different but they loved each other as much as sisters could. They've been together for almost five years now and even though Tabitha was older than Sadie by four years, they still always seemed to have something to talk about...only this time it involved boys.

Sadie never had a boyfriend before, nor did she want one at eleven. She thought of boys as just another friend to be had, not someone to fall in love with. Come to think of, she didn't think she'd ever fall in love, but things happened. And Tabitha was a pretty, nice, and popular girl, and Sadie knew that she'd had more than a handful of boyfriends. When she saw her older sister skipping over to her after lunch, she knew by her bright and suspicious facial expression what the subject was going to be about.

"Tabby, I don't- no! You know how I feel about that stuff." Sadie felt herself blush but she didn't let that make her shy or anything. She knew how she felt and she'd stand by her choice.

Tabitha giggled, though, which slightly annoyed the first-year. "You don't even know what I came to you for, little sister. Though maybe I should dip in that subject..." She laughed again as she watched Sadie squirm in discomfort. Sadie wasn't the flirtatious type, she only really spoke to anyone either to convey information or get information, and her sister knew that very well. "In all seriousness, I've heard about your little academic problem, missy."

Sadie felt a chill through her body but she played it off. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I have perfect grades, the next Hermione Granger. I should've been in Ravenclaw."

"Ha, we all know that spot is reserved for Paige in the family," snorted Tabitha. "But back to reality, how come you haven't been doing well, Lou-Lou? What's up?"

Sadie shrugged, which bothered her sister more than it should've. The dark skinned Hufflepuff grabbed her sister's shoulder and lead her into an empty classroom. "Okay, tell me what's going on, Sadie Lou," she asked with a concerned expression. "I know I haven't been around that much, but we're in different Houses and Years, and I have studies. Plus we see each other at lunch."

"It's not you, it's just that...coming to Hogwarts is a big step for me. After my seven years here, I'm going to graduate and it's just a lot to think about, that's all."

Tabitha nodded slowly and they stood in silence for a moment. Tabitha was very tall for her age, as a fifteen year old, and had brown eyes, long dark hair, and caramel skin compared to Sadie's fair skin. They looked absolutely nothing alike but they loved each other to death.

Sadie looked up and was about to say something when Tabitha let out a loud shriek; on the floor near the doorway was a very large black spider with green flecks over it. The Hufflepuff was deathly afraid of spiders and she was already crouched in top of a desk far away, dry sobbing. "I hate them, I hate them, I hate them, oh my gosh!"

Sadie laughed and she cautiously went over to it. It looked harmless but she still carefully picked it up with two books. She then put on the table and watched it stay frozen in place, as if daring someone to move. They stood like this for a while before they heard some footsteps outside. Checking the time, Sadie realized that that the next class would start in less than eight minutes. I hope it's not a professor, she thought.

Trying play off their strangeness, Sadie said as the person walked through the doorway, "Hello, mis...oh. Hello."

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Goodbye, Spider  PV Kaegan Deathmote   Closed 

The boy’s entrance was many things. It invoked feelings of awe, and mirth. Of raised eyebrows and smothered laughter. Or maybe just of disgust that someone that odd was even allowed in hogwarts. How one perceived the entrance was entirely based on who one was, and whether or not one knew who the boy was.

He walked into the room rather quickly, dressed in a robe far too large for him, patched and repatched then patched again. It had a few leaves on it, some prickers and many a stain changed the otherwise uniform luster of the fabric. Directly above the robe, coiled around the neck it fully concealed was a grey scarf that blew and waved about in the slightest breeze. Billowing from the boy’s shoulders was a shining blue silk cape with black blotches and splotches on the back that looked like they were made by some boy with a bottle of ink. Which, in fact, they were. Strapped to his back in between the cape and the robe was a rather long umbrella. It looked long enough to be a walking staff, or a broom, the actual umbrella on top looking a bit shabby and maybe a little bit broken.

His hands were dirty and slender, with long fingers that sported fingernails that were not only longer than they should be, but also came to dull points. Claws someone had forgotten to sharpen somewhere along the road. Dirt was caked underneath them, and a few flakes of dark something flecked the top of the nails on his left hand. The boy’s face was beyond pale. It was a greyish white that looked like the tone of skin one would think belonged on a corpse. The boy himself just looked ill. Like he was about to fall over dead at any second. Heavy shadows kept vigil under blueish grey eyes that didn’t seem to blink at all. They stared dead ahead at the two girls, eyelids drooping down in tired resignation. Pitch black matted hair that stuck up in all directions finished the picture, the only color consisting of a shining, pristine badge that marked him as a prefect, and a few stray leaves that had decided to come along for the ride.

The prefect moved smoothly, a gait that, if you saw it, you would probably describe as either just a bit inhuman, or perhaps predatory. His face was so deadpan it made the cape look even more comical, the contrast between his attire and his expression stark as stark could be. He had strode in, this boy, when he heard screams. It was his nature to be curious, and curious he was. But he couldn’t see anything wrong. They were staring at a spider that was staring back. Why were they in a staring contest with a little spider? Why had he heard the girl screaming I hate it?

There were a few options here, a few things this could be. Either she hated spiders or the spider was a shapeshifting monster, a creature of darkness and fear. The first one was practically impossible. No one hated spiders, they were fuzzy and cute. Some might be deadly, sure. Others huge and powerful. But they were creatures, and no one really hated creatures, did they? That left the other alternative. With reflexes just a bit too fast to be normal, he leaped through the air, hand vanishing down his sleeve only to emerge not even a full second later with a blade. He landed on the desk and stabbed through the spider, splitting the arachnid in half before running away across the desk tops as if expecting the spider to explode. When he reached the opposite wall the boy turned to reveal the knife gone, and a wand in his hands.

“Are there more of them? How many?”