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Trapped  PV   Closed 

He was a prefect, one of the bastions of defense that protect those within their house. He was of the house ravenclaw. A good house as houses went. He owed them no special allegiance, it was rather a promise he had made that kept him so loyal to his job, to his duties. But he held fast to his word, and was as diligent a prefect as he could be. And as one of his duties was to protect his house, his natural response was to destroy the biggest threats to his house. The fact that he was helping the other houses along the way was more of a bonus feature. 

The biggest threats, of course, were the death witches. Those fearsome magic wielding villains that disguised themselves as students right under the nose of the professors in order to destroy the lives and in some cases the names of their “peers.” But he had fought with one before, fought with one and ended defeated. Utterly ruined in his own blood while hiding in a trophy. This was most unfavorable, so much so that he had opted to use one of the greatest tools in his arsenal.


The art of trapping was a simple one, but tricky. The animals can smell the trap, they can see it. It is extremely difficult to actually capture anything. But it is possible. Especially if you know what attracts what you are hunting. And he knew nothing about what attracted them. But he, in his ravenclaw-y wisdom had come up with a plan. A good plan. In the corridor were several pull cords, leading through some eyelets up the side of the wall, but there they got confused in a tangle, obviously set there to confuse and distract. And above, hanging precariously from one of the cords, was a net holding a rather large amount of heavy furniture.
On one of the pull cords was a sign
“Pull to activate trap”

The other said
“Pull to instantly eradicate the entire student body in a horrible and teeth gnashing way”

Now all he would have to do is wait. Wait for one of them to fall into his cleverly prepared trap. Sitting down roughly 20 feet from the whole contraption, he waited. It was a matter of time, after all.

Shade-Beacon, Master of the Castle of Avarice

Trapped  PV   Closed 

It was a normal day for Aravis. Threaten some nosy first years, tell of a fourth year, annoy her twin and act like she hated everything. It was a simple routine she had fallen victim to. She would wake up, write letters home, go to classes, yell at first years, go study, tell of an annoying fourth year that always pestered her, go to the common room, free time, sleep, and then repeat it all. Never did she stray from her routine. It always remained the same. Aravis kept and emotionless face while doing it as well. 

It was almost like she had an auto-pilot button. She would do her routine day after day. She kept a silver watch on her wrist to make sure she was on time for everything. In exactly 3 minutes she would reach her destination-the study room. It was frustrating really, she didn't even like the class she was studying for. Charms, she couldn't stand harms. It was the bane of her existence. Created specifically to annoy her and cause her to fail. She only got A's in that class. Sure the teacher was nice enough, but Aravis still didn't like that class, and here she was needing to study for it.

As she made her way around the corridors she noticed a boy that looked rather familiar. Kaegen Deathmote. Aravis had never spoken to him but she knew who he was. He was the Ravenclaw Prefect and a second year. She hadn't wanted to cross his path in any way honestly, for some reason Aravis wasn't fond of prefects. Didn't matter who it was, could be her best friend but if they became a prefect Aravis was gone and away from the person in the blink of an eye. Time seemed to slow as she cautiously walked closer with a suspicious look on her face. It was like he was waiting for something, something unknown to Aravis. All she had to do was calmly walk past him, it wasn't that hard, she walked past people all the time. She was 30 feet away and her legs seemed to be jello. She wasn't sure why she was walking so cautiously and slowly, maybe it had to do with him being a prefect, or maybe she was just too cautious. 20 feet away. Not much farther, she only had a little ways to go and then she could study. 

I will take what is mine with fire and blood.
"It seems to me that a queen who trusts no one is as foolish as a queen who trusts everyone."