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School Shenanigans  PV Marianne Brito   Closed 

Evany woke up on the weekend feeling energized. She and Marianne were going to to set up a number of pranks, and the absolute chaos would be hilarious. Seeing as Marianne was still asleep (it was 7:00 in the morning on Saturday after all), Evany decided she’d  get everything ready. Stepping out of bed, combing her shoulder-length hair, and dressing quickly in sweatpants and a t-shirt, Evany walked to the Great Hall, grabbing a toasted bagel and some breakfast cookies, then hurried to the owlery to get her package.

Arriving at the Owlery after huffing through several flights of stairs, she saw her Godfather’s owl just leaving. Wrinkling her nose, she finally spotted her package. Quickly opening it to see if everything was there, Evany smiled. It was. She had made a large purchase of prank material, including some muggle items she thought might be useful. Vials of Peruvian Instant Darkness powder, rows of fireworks, and many other items.

Chewing on a cookie, she rounded a corner into the corridor she and Marianne had chosen. Unused during the weekends, it became a veritable highway on schooldays. Laying out her supplies, Evany selected a spot that most everyone passed. Still having not decided on one of the many plans swirling around her head, she took a step back, and analyzed the wall.

She must have gotten lost in her thoughts, because when she looked up again, it was much brighter, and she heard voices a little ways off. Checking her digital muggle watch (so useful!),  she saw it was just past 8:30. Turning around, she saw Marianne gazing blearily at the corridor. The redhead was holding some food, and still looked half asleep. ”Hey Marianne, awake yet?”

Evany S.
STA: 3 AGI: 5 STR: 2 CON: 7 ARCP: 7 ACC: 6