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Saturday 8 September
Hogwarts Corridors
Daniel Weaver and Isabella Hills

The painting of Hogwarts had always fascinated Isabella. From the first steps into the grand castle, to the latest steps she had just taken walking down one of the corridors - they were forever interesting to her. They knew the going ons, the secrets and current affairs inside the walls of the castle.

They seemed to mostly keep to themselves, choosing to keep the gossip of the school within the confines of the frames. While some students could tempt the paintings into talking with them every now and again, Isabella was not one of them. Loud and boisterous, it seemed the paintings shied away from her whenever she came close to them. All this she knew after only her first month at school.

That was why she was thoroughly surprised when a voice spoke from the walls. Grabbing the arm of the poor person nearest to her, she spoke in a whisper to them. "Shhhhhh, did you hear that? I'm not going crazy am I?"

Looking around the walls for the source of the voice, her eyes settled on a dusty painting - a bit on the small side. It had a beautiful woman standing within the frame, who was staring right at them. Lifting a finger, she beckoned her and the strange student she had just grabbed over towards her.

Isabella was unaware that she was still dragging the second person, only realizing when they reached the painting. Giving them an apologetic smile and releasing them, she looked up at the woman in the painting.

"Hello? My names Bella, Bella Hills. Is there anything we can do for you?" Within her sentence she had included the boy she had dragged over there. Surely he wouldn't want to miss out on this, right? At least, that was her logic when she changed the 'I' to 'we' in her sentence.

As it just so turns out, you can. I believe to of lost one of my most prized possessions. A green amulet that should be hanging around my neck. The painting of the monks told me that a goblin of some sorts has taken it - running around the paintings of the school. Could you help me find it? The monks say he was last in the horse painting 3 corridors down.” Absorbing what the lady in the painting had said, she spoke as soon as she had finished. Unknowingly cutting off any chance for the boy next to her to reject if he chose to.

Of course we will Miss, a goblin stole it? We’ll bring it back for you. Don’t worry about it.” Charging off down the hallway, she called to the boy she had dragged along with her. “Come on then, what are we waiting for? My name’s Bella by the way, Bella Hills. Second Year Slytherin. I don’t think I caught your name?

You see? Even death has a heart.

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Daniel was... well, he wasn't really heading anywhere important. Seeing as it was a Saturday, he figured he'd meander about and get his bearings of Hogwarts. He figured he knew the dungeons pretty well, but the rest of the castle? Honesty, to him, it was literal uncharted territory. He could imagine some hallways without much confusion - like getting to his classes; once he knew the route, it wasn't too hard - but besides that? Nothing. He wondered how many secrets loomed in the dark shadows of the castle. How many of those secrets would he find? He wanted to find them all.

On his way, he glanced, ever so uninterested, at the paintings. Being of a rather magical family, he already had his fair share of portraits that moved and held pretty advanced conversations with those living. He could vaguely remember a picture of his great-great-great grandfather, James, going on about a helmet he lost in some muggle war, and how it was one day going to return to the Weaver family. Daniel, as ever, barely paid mind. It was just a silly memory, after all. Why would portraits and things that were considered inanimate have feelings about things like that?

Lost in these thoughts, he barely caught the girl squinting at the portraits. To be fair, the only time Daniel realized something was going on was when she grabbed him. The Slytherin made a face and attempted to tug his arm free of the grip, "Let go," he warned. Of course, empty threats fell on deaf ears. The girl pulled him forwards and towards a portrait anyways. The girl introduced herself and said that we could help. Daniel, absolutely, positively, did not want to help. It wasn't his problem, nor would he help fix it. If this girl needed help (which, to Daniel, she definitely did), she'd need to offer collateral.

Huge collateral.

He wasn't interested in chasing down pictures just to find some portrait's lost whatever. It definitely wasn't his problem. He scowled as soon as the girl agreed, took his arm again, and started to drag him off down the corridor. He dug his heels hard into the stone, not caring if it made her stumble or trip. He didn't care if she got hurt in the process. He had other things to do.

"I don't care who you are, nor do I care to tell you who I am. Let me go, or you best hope Merlin is around," He knew, logically, as a first year, he didn't really have many spells under his belt. He did know a few, which could knock the girl away, but he was hoping it wouldn't come down to that. His eyebrows knit above his eyes and the blue daggers seemed to send ice to the other Slytherin.

It'd probably be best if this "Bella Hills" let go of him, if anything.
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The abrupt stop made Isabella turn her head around, an annoyed look on her face as her eyes looked over the reason why they had stopped. It seemed as though, Merlin help her, this First Year was throwing a tantrum in the middle of the corridor. To what it was about she was clueless. “I don’t care if you don’t tell me your name, Have it your way, but hurry up. Stop throwing a tantrum and just move on. We need to find this.

So, as she ran it through her head, what had just come out of her mouth hadn’t exactly been tactful. But the way an eleven year old was throwing a three year old tantrum annoyed her a lot, what kind of Hogwarts student throws tantrums anymore? They were simply for children.

You’re in Slytherin, aren’t you? I am too. Second Year this year, if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I should hope to know the answer, I’m an ex-prefect after all. I would of been a pretty rubbish prefect if I hadn’t known the answers last year.” Feeling slightly guilty at telling the unknown boy to have a tantrum, she changed the subject to one of their house. Maybe a common interest would make him stop being so against everything she was trying to do.

From what she could tell, he was a person that held a lot of pride in his family name. Most of his ancestors were probably Slytherins. And she wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to claim that he was a descendant of the ‘great and noble’ founder of their house as people had tried to do before him. She figured if worst came to worse, she could get him talking about his families ‘great’ achievements.

Unsure of as to why she wanted this unknown, seemingly mannerless child to accompany her on something she could quite easily get done by herself. She’d probably be able to get it done faster by herself without someone else tagging along and whining. But she was a people person. And people persons come as people persons come. She preferred to be within the company of others instead of being alone. Well, most of the time that was. She had her moments, most of them spent with a drawing pad handy and a quiet place to think. Everyone had their moments of needing total isolation though, didn’t they?

You see? Even death has a heart.

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Daniel's eyebrows creased in annoyance at the older student. More specifically, at what she said. He let her keep going, repeating things she had previously already said. Right. Like he wanted to even help a girl who couldn't keep her thoughts straight. His nose wrinkled and his eyes darkened a little, mostly by the way his brows were hooked, but waited his time. Whenever she was done rambling like a fool, he figured. Now, he was just annoyed.

He cleared his throat, attempting to return himself to biting words, but not an irritatingly bad attitude. He doubt it would work, but at least he was trying. "Excuse me? Temper tantrum? You're the dolt who grabbed me and dragged me into your equally stupid hunt. If you wanted help, you should ask, and not just assume any random student would help you." Daniel might've been interested, but he wasn't a little boy. He might've been younger, but that didn't mean she had to act like she knew him.

It was just making him more irritated. The more he nagged at it, the angrier he got. He hated older students. They acted like such know it alls. "I don't think I'd want to help a girl like you, anyways. Acting like I need help, and bragging about what you were. News flash, I don't care. Whatever you were last year, you surely aren't now, so why should I seek you out if I need help? On what grounds do you have, compared to any of the current Prefects, or even our head of house?"

He knew he shouldn't be so vicious with his words, but it wasn't like he was saying anything overly mean. Stupid second years. Older students who thought they were better just because of their age really agitated him.

She was no different.

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