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A snake salute  PV First Year Slytherins   Closed 



- Every RPG rule does apply, please make sure to write at least 200 words not counting reducio and quotes. No powermodding of me or any other player is allowed. You may react to what you hear and experience. 
- You may post no more than two times till another prefect has replied. That way we want to make sure that everyone has the chance of participating. 
- Now go ahead and have fun ;)

She couldn't imagine how the others around her were able to eat. Marcia was sitting between her Slytherin peers, who all were enjoying their last bits of their pudding, while she was staring at an empty plate. Soon it would be her turn to welcome the new students, and that thought made her sick to her stomach.

She hadn't talked much the past hours, since their head girl had announced who would have the honors of do the welcoming to their respective houses. Instead she was trying to remember what the prefects had said last year, when Marcia had been on the receiving end. All she came up with was a short explanation of direction and some empty phrases. Heck, she had been tired to the bones and had wanted nothing more than to finally go to bed. With a quick glance she looked at the new students and saw a familiar tiredness in some of their eyes.

During that moment their headmaster ended the feast, and Marcia had to swallow hard, questioning yet again, why she accepted to be a prefect.

She saw people standing up on every table, so she did the same. Some of her colleagues would make sure, that everyone would get the password to their Common Room, while she stayed behind. Older student weren't paying her or the youngest ones attention, and they made their way quickly out of the hall. With the squeezing came the loud noise of chatting people.


Some sixth year was stepping on her foot on his way out, but at least he had the decency of apologizing for not seeing her. Marcia realised that she was not visible enough. She was too short! Although she was waving both her hands up in the air, not one first year was looking at her direction. With every passing second Marcia got more nervous. She needed to act, now, or the first years would run pass her. It was her first mission and she was already failing. A wave of determination hit her as she clenched her fists.

With a sigh she stepped on the bench and climbed on the table, carefully navigating her way around the platter. She crossed her fingers and put them into her mouth before a loud whistle could be heard echoing in the hall.

She now stood tall, looking down at the students, with a grim look on her face, although her knees were shaking. Now that she had their attention, she forgot for a second, what she had to do. Some awkward heart beats she was just standing there, until she finally found her voice.

"Do I have everyones attention now? Good." She shifted her foot but in doing that she knocked over some glass and making a little mess on the table. In the corner of her eyes she saw what was happenedning, but she pretended nothing happened.

"Welcome at Hogwarts, but our headmaster already said that, didn't he? You have now the honor of wearing some green which looks especially good with our black robes." Her heavy scottish accent was dripping on every word she spoke. She could feel her heart beat in her chest and she wanted it to be over soon. "The Gryffindors are doing what they do best and demand the foyer for themselves, so we will stay here for a few minutes, and give them some time alone. That will give me the chance to tell you one thing or two. First," she put her hand up and  pointed one finger up, "I want you to remember that you are now students of the most honorable of all houses. Don't let anyone tell otherwise." So far she got the words that she had prepared out and she grew a little more confident. They were listening, which was a good sign.

She stretched out a second finger. "To be here is a privilege and every one would do well in keeping that in mind. Third: we have a hidden swimming pool in our Common Room which is used exclusively on Saturdays so prepare your swimwear."

As she was looking down she upheld a stern look and waited for some response, until she finally jerked her shoulder. "Just kidding, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were a hidden swimming pool somewhere. Keep exploring the castle and most importantly: have fun."

Having said the main part, she jumped down from the table, where she met with curious eyes. She was barely taller than them. "Now, let's see if the Gryffindors have finished their business."

She now was leading the way and was hoping that everyone was following her. The hall was almost empty now, so she could hear the shy footsteps of her students behind her. Good, good, follow me little ducklings.

The first part went really well, which is why she felt her pulse slow down. Showing them the way was a piece of cake. She just hoped the Gryffindors were indeed gone by now. With a quick glance she looked through the gap of the doors and was relieved to see an empty foyer.

"Alright, let's move." She walked towards the stair to their right, away from the Grand Stairs in the middle. Their way would lead them down. She may have been kidding when she was talking about the swimming pool, but the new students were in for a big sight. She was grinning at her own thoughts, when her smile froze. Her eyes wide open she spun around, looking at noone in particular. 

"Oh! And my name is Marcia. Surename's not important."

She should have introduced herself sooner, but she now had to live with her mistake.

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A snake salute  PV First Year Slytherins   Closed 

Once the food was, mostly, gone from the table, Daniel found himself... well, it wasn't tired, but it was definitely sleepy. Not only was the Great Hall packed with people and, therefore, more warm - especially in such long robes in the peak start of September - but the food had settled in his stomach and, of course, that made him ready for bed. The headmaster had dismissed the feast and man, was Daniel ready to see the common room. He could vaguely picture the Gryffindor one - decked in red and gold, sunlight streaming into the windows, a place where the Lions could act, well, like lions. His eyes scanned the robes underneath the red banner. At least he wasn't there. He pondered about it for a long moment.

He found his mind wandered for a second before a loud, annoying whistle crossed into the Great Hall. It was now mostly empty, save for the Slytherin first years. That was fine; whenever the other houses left was of no concern of him. He stood up and dusted off his robes, as if there were dirt on them, and glanced at the girl. Older, definitely, and from the badge pinned to her robes, a prefect no doubt. He tilted his head as she started to talk. He disregarded the comment about the swimming pool; even if it was true, he had no inclination, nor any care, for it. It was just another distraction and faux bonding that people did. He'd be interested in other things...

Soon enough, it was time to step out of the Great Hall and begin the journey. He stepped along with several other first years casually towards the front, but not right up front. He had no inclination to being viewed as a suck up, and right now he just wanted to make it to the house's common room. It was interesting to think about.

"I bet it probably gets cold down here during the winters," he commented, really to nobody in particular. It was really just something he was taking note of as they walked towards the lower parts of the great Hogwarts castle.

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A snake salute  PV First Year Slytherins   Closed 

It had certainly been an interesting evening, with the boat ride and the sorting hat. Any normal person would have been overjoyed and awed at the spectacle but if Xander was, it certainly didn't show on his face. His eyes however hinted at how intrigued he was at what was going on around him.

He listened quietly as the other Slytherins had welcomed the others into the house, bandying names like weapons against each other in the game of 'Im more important than you'. It was to be expected of course, and to the other houses it might look as if they were arguing. The fact was they were simply getting to know the measure of each other. Slytherins were loyal, especially to each other, and knowing your place simply made that loyalty clearer.

No-one had really taken notice of him but he did not mind that at all. In fact, he preferred not to be the center of attention at all. The evening had progressed and soon it was time for them to be led to their new accommodation.

He watched dispassionately as 'Marcia' introduced herself - a friendly girl it seemed. She outlined some of the 'requirements' of the house - to be noble or something. It was like his mother all over again. A small joke was made, but if Xander found it funny it didn't reach his face.

The steps down to the dungeons were, well, dungeony and the thought of what he was missing in the two tower common rooms passed by Xander's thoughts several times as they entered the darkened rooms below Hogwarts. Why they needed dungeons in a school was, well, a matter of debate but it certainly served as a deterrent for behaviour. Xander thought whether there were some old bones, or rotting corpses, or inferi... or something equally as cool down there...

He continued to follow the prefect and the others in his house downwards, following in the footsteps of so many of his forebears. Hopefully his tale would not come to a similar end.

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A snake salute  PV First Year Slytherins   Closed 

Elena Jones watched the prefect. She was clever, Elena could see that much.

Hmm, the green was an excellent colour. Those Gryffindors though, she wasn’t sure about them, she almost was one according to the hat. Bravery and honour was the gryffindor way.

Honour is for people that haven’t needed to steal to survive. Leave honour to those that can have it, that believe in it. Bravery was important though cunning was even more so.

So Slytherin was the most honourable? I guess it could be. Honour means something different to everyone, to Elena honour meant taking care of her people. Stealing and cheating was fine as long as her and her family came out the other end fine.

The joke about the swimming pool had been funny but Elena was not going to show emotion, that would be a gateway. Elena was here to learn and to win, so she could save her gang. Friendships couldn’t get in the way of that.

Elena got up off of the bench and moved lightly to follow the prefect. She lead them through the hall and the foyer and then down to some odd staircases.

Marcia was the prefect’s name. It’s always good to know who’s in charge.

“I’ll bet you a copper that she’ll be free in five minutes,” Janco said to Ari.
Ari grunted in amusement. “A silver on ten minutes,” he countered.
“I’ll bet you both a gold coin that she kills him,” Valek said.