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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

This thread is open to all first year Hufflepuffs. This is an IC RPG thread, so all posts must adhere to the 200 word minimum. Please only post once between every Prefect post so everyone has a chance to talk to each other and respond. :) 

It was a new year, and Amadea was sure that it was going to be a great one. Amadea stood at the head of the table, watching everyone eat. She was excited for the school year to start. As everyone finished eating, she bounced on her feet, trying to formulate something to say in her mind.

Amadea was the one tasked with greeting the first years. She wanted to have the perfect thing to say to all of them. She remembered when she was a first year and how terrified she was. She wanted to make sure that all of these first years would feel comforted and excited to be in the best house at Hogwarts! Plus, she thought, first impressions were quite important. She needed to show all of the Hufflepuffs that she was in charge. If they needed anything at all, they should ask her.

As she cleared her throat to begin speaking, she quickly smoothed down the front of her robes, making sure that everything was perfectly in place. Her hair wasn’t too frizzy (yet) and her robes were freshly cleaned and pressed. Her Prefect badge was pinned to the front of her robes, and Amadea touched it to make sure it wasn’t sideways. Once she was satisfied with her look, Amadea spoke.

“Attention Hufflepuffs!” Amadea called, hoping her voice was loud enough to be heard above the chatter in the Great Hall. “You are all dismissed. Please head to your dorm rooms. All first year students, please disregard that information and follow the Prefects into the Great Hall!” With that, she turned and began walking out into the corridor. Amadea stood on her tiptoes, trying to make sure that all of the Hufflepuffs were going where they were supposed to go. Unfortunately, she was still just a bit too short and couldn’t see above the crowd of people. She supposed that was a good thing, she thought to herself. It meant there were a lot of new Hufflepuffs! Once everyone had filtered out and there was a slightly smaller crowd, Amadea addressed the first years.

“Hello and welcome!” she said in what she hoped was an excited tone. “You have just been sorted into the house of Hufflepuff, known for our loyalty and kindness. You should all be honored to have been sorted into such a great house, and I have no doubt that you will all grow into wonderful Hufflepuffs.” She took a deep breath, giving herself time to think of what to say next and giving time for the new Hufflepuffs to process what she was saying. “My name is Amadea Campbell, and I am one of the four Prefects of the Hufflepuff House,” she continued on. “The others are John Johns, Rosie Parker, and Lucy O’Sullivan,” Amadea said, pointing to each of the Prefects in turn as she said their names. “If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask them to any of us Prefects. We are all here to help you! We will be giving you a tour of the castle before heading to the Hufflepuff common room. The castle is big, so don’t wander off, no matter how tempting it might seem. You could get lost, and on top of that, we would have to give you a detention. That would be unfortunate, so just stick with us! I promise, we have plenty of exciting things to show you. Now, do any of you have any questions before we begin?” Amadea paused, looking around to see if anyone had questions.

Then, she turned and headed off to begin the tour.

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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

Kent was so full. Super full. The fest had been way too much and now the new Hufflepuff was close to a food coma, and only realized later in the night that he still had to move to where he was sleeping. Since it was effectively boarding school with magic, Kent had assumed sleeping quarters like dorms or something. But prior to stuffing all kinds of weird and wonderful food into his stomach he hadn't considered how far or long it would take to actually reach those dorms.

Now he regretted having the last whatever those things were with swirls and sprinkles.

Still, Kent listened to the redhead girl that shouted above the clatter and talk and followed her instructions. She seemed to know what she was doing so it made sense to just go with the flow, especially since Kent was so far out of his element and just appreciated being guided for now. Dressed in his nondescript school uniform, he supposed a Hufflepuff version would be waiting for him wherever they ended up. Still, Kent wasn't going to wear the stupid hat, so he had it tucked under one arm and walked with the masses of other First Year students.

"I have a question," Kent called to the tour guide, Amanda was it? It didn't matter. "What's a Prefect, exactly?"

Kent had no idea what the title or position meant beyond showing First Years to the dorm and potentially giving detention? Seemed like some kind of hall monitor or something. But it was better to make sure, just in case Kent found himself having any run ins with Prefects...

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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

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Hestia had eaten well at the feast, and had been pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegetarian food on offer. She'd followed in her mother's footsteps and become a vegetarian a few years ago. Nonetheless, Hestia couldn't help but note that all of the dishes looked amazing... but the puddings were out of the world. She'd helped herself to slice of apple and cinnamon pie, and could have happily eaten the whole pie had there not been other members of Hufflepuff.

Now, it was time for the tour. She stood up and brushed herself down, pulling her robes closer to her as a draft shifted through the corridor. A girl - another redhead - introduced herself as the prefect, and instructed the first years to follow her into the Great Hall. A number of people stood up, awkwardly following the prefect as if she was a mother hen.

Once the small group reached the Great Hall, the redhead introduced herself as Amadea and explained a little about the prefects. As she rounded off her speech, another person - a first year - began to speak. Hestia looked over at the boy, furrowing her eyebrows as she noticed the hat tucked away under his arm. Obviously, he didn't like the hat... neither did Hestia. It made her hair go all funny on the top, which supremely irritated the young Hufflepuff.

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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

Beth took a careful bite of the apple pie. Her eyes and mind wandered the large table with all of the other students – a mixture of first, second, third and so forth years. Her stomach was full, but overbearingly full. She ate just enough to feel satisfied and, hopefully, full until breakfast time. Her grandmother had talked to her about Hogwarts, albeit only recently. The description her Grandma gave her, though, but to actually see it with her own eyes was... Overwhelming, to say the least.

She knew from the entrance alone that she was going to be lost pretty frequently these first few weeks.

She was quiet throughout the feast and at the end, she only finished her meal with a simple glass of water. Moments later, a red headed woman stood up to call attention to all Hufflepuff at the table. She perked a nervous brow at the commend. All years except for first years were to leave. It was likely an introduction or such? They had the sorting ceremony, of course, but this was after all that. She hadn't met any of the Prefects, and truth be told, she wasn't aware of the full details of their role except as helpers and leaders.

Either way, Beth followed with the other first years to the Great Hall. She had guessed correctly - it did seem to be a welcoming type of thing. Beth couldn't help but smile at Amadea's glowing review of Hufflepuff and of their futures there. She took a glance and tried to memorize the faces to the names of the other prefects. She needed to remember their names in case she needed them or so she didn't make a fool of herself if they asked her something. Next, she took a moment to look at the other students - several others were there, but she noticed one girl with long red hair and a boy with short blonde hair who had his hat under his arm. Was it okay to not wear the hat? Well, now that she thought about it it probably wasn't that big of a deal... She might not wear it either. It reminded her too much of those movies and shows with stereotypical, evil witches.

Would she make a good Hufflepuff? Beth had toiled over it ever since the sorting hat placed her here. Was she loyal, just, and kind? She assumed she'd find out sooner than later, although she hoped she lived up to Amadea's expectations.

Following the boy's question, Beth cautiously raised her hand and asked her question, "I hear there are moving staircases... What if we get lost? Or get late to class because of it?" Or worse, what if the staircases didn't even want her to get to class?!

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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

Leaving the feast in the Great Hall, Arthur followed the flow of the crowd out through the corrido, behind (he assumed) the prefect. Though her bright curly hair shone like a beacon (seriously, did every person in the wizard world have red hair??), she had disappeared into the crowd somewhat after everyone stood up. After just a short time though, the flow of the crowd slowed and the older students began to filter around them as a small group of first years congregated in front of the prefect. Arthur stopped near the back of the crowd and listened as she started to address them.

Distrated, he wasn’t really paying attention to the first part of her speech and instead looked over his shoulder, to where the groups of the four different houses were filtering off into four different directions. Although there was nothing wrong with Hufflepuff in his mind, there was still a bitter pang of regret deep in his chest. It was more to do with the finality of it all, he thought, than anything about the house itself. Knowing there was nothing they could do about it now, that wherever they were, they were stuck for the next seven years, made him worry over whether this was the right choice. None of the people he met on the train were sorted into Hufflepuff. He had hoped there would be at least one other person that he knew in his house. It was too bad... They all armed line really interesting people. Knowing they'd never get to be in the same house made him feel like he had messed up somehow. Like he'd screed something up already.

He turned his head back and listened to the rest of the prefect's introduction. When she was finished, a few people started raising their hands or asking questions. He nodded as a girl near by him brought up getting lost, reminding him of something he'd been wondering earlier.

"Oh, yeah... Is there a map or something?" he asked.

A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

Amadea looked around at the small group of Hufflepuffs gathered around her, waiting expectantly for her to begin the tour. They all began talking and asking her questions. Amadea took it in stride, quickly trying to think of answers in her brain and remember them as the next one asked their question. When they had all finished, Amadea began answering, starting with the first question. 

"Prefects," she began, "are students who have shown exemplary behaviour. We have extra authority and responsibilities. We are kind of like the intermediaries between the students and the professors and Head of Houses." Amadea hoped she had explained it well enough without sounding like she was bragging about her position at the school. 

Moving onto the next question, she answered, "Yes, there are moving staircases," Amadea said. "You'll learn to be able to navigate them as you get used to the castle. While it might seem daunting at first, professors will understand that you're still learning your way around. As you get more comfortable, it'll be easier." 

Turning to the last boy who had asked a question, Amadea thought before answering. "I'm actually not sure about that," she said, surprised. Was there a map of Hogwarts? There was the Maurader's Map of course, but she was pretty sure that there was no map that was available to everyone. "You could always try making your own!" Amadea suggested. 

"Alright, now let's get on with the tour!" Amadea exclaimed, waving her arms dramatically in front of her, hoping she didn't look like too much of a fool. "This is the ground floor! That way leads us outside," Amadea said, pointing. "We will be sticking inside of the castle, however. We just came out of the Great Hall, which is where we eat all of our meals. This is the small hall," Amadea said, walking as she pointed to the room. "It's like the Great Hall, but smaller." She cringed internally at her very descriptive description of the Small Hall. In all honesty, Amadea didn't spend much time in the Small Hall, and didn't really know what the purpose of it was. How had she been qualified to be a Prefect?

Shaking her head, she continued on, turning back to make sure everyone was following her. "Alright, now we're going to go up to the first floor!" she said to all of the Hufflepuffs. "This is where our common room is located, so I can show you all how to access that. Does anyone have any questions before we move on?" While it might seem repetitive to continue asking if anyone had questions, Amadea wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to say what they needed to say and ask what they needed to ask before they were thrown into a normal Hogwarts schedule. Some people might be shy and not want to ask the first time, like Amadea would have been like last year. She wanted to give everyone a chance to get all of their questions answered.


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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

Arthur nodded as the girl began to answer the students' questions. They had prefects at most secondary schools, one had showed him around the open days at the school he was looking at before he got his Hogwarts letter, so he already knew about that. The moving staircases was new though. He was a little surprised they didn’t have any kind of map, for a castle this big. Though trying to make one, as she'd suggested, did seem like an interesting challenge.

They continued on with the tour, walking past several rooms as she pointed them out and explained their function. Small Hall. Great Hall. That should be pretty easy to remember. It was nice how close their common room was to the Great Hall as well. That should make things pretty convenient in the morning, with little chance of getting lost along the way. There, at least, they could ask their other housemates where to find at least the first class of the day.

Pausing, the prefect once again stopped to ask if there were any questions. In the lull of silence that followed, Arthur looked around, then shook his head gently. He didn’t. At least, not for now anyway. Maybe he would think of something tomorrow, but right now he was already pretty beat. Honestly, he was tired even before the feast and the sorting ceremony. Sleeping quarters and soft dormitory beds were the only things he wanted a tour of..

But he listened politely and hoped that his half asleep brain could remember all of this tomorrow.

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Laila was really excited to be going on a tour around the school.  A prefect named Amadea Campbell introduced herself. She mentioned the prefects of Hufflepuff. She then asked if anyone had any questions. Laila shook her head. "I have a question" Said a boy with blonde  hair and blue eyes. "What's a prefect exactly" He asked. "Prefects, are are students who have shown exemplary behaviour. We have extra authority and responsibilities. We are kind of like the intermediaries between the students and the professors and Head of Houses." Amadea said. Another girl asked about the moving staircases at Hogwarts. Amadea told her that there are indeed moving staircases and we will learn to navigate them as we get used to the castle.

As other students asked questions, Laila remained quiet. She was a little tired and she did not have any questions to ask. "Alright, now let's get on with the tour!" Amadea said. She pointed out where places where on the ground floor. She explained how the small hall was like a great hall, but smaller. The prefect asked if anyone had any questions. 

"What is the small hall for? Is it also a place to have meals?" Laila asked the prefect. Laila did not know if it was a stupid question or not. Because she did say the small hall was like the great hall but smaller. But Laila did not know weather she meant that it was just smaller than the great hall, but it had a place for meals, or if it was just used for something else and it's just smaller than the great hall.

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A Hufflepuff Hello  PV First Year Hufflepuffs   Cl 

Amadea paused, waiting for people to ask questions if they had any. One girl asked about the Small Hall and what the purpose of it was. Personally, Amadea didn't really know the answer to that question. She didn't frequent the Small Hall, except her daily walks through it to reach the Great Hall. She had to admit that the Small Hall was still quite grand. The large, stone fireplace constantly crackled and filled the room with an orange glow. The walls were filled with paintings of the most famous witches and wizards of Hogwarts, and in general the wizarding world.  The huge chandelier was probably the most ornate thing about the Small Hall, and Amadea loved looking at it and admiring the sheer size of it. It was absolutely beautiful and cast light that spread throughout the entire room. 

"The Small Hall is a place that anyone can use," Amadea said. "It really isn't used for meals, considering the size of it, but students can hang out and have gatherings there. The Great Hall is where everyone eats meals." Hoping that she had answered the question to the girl's satisfaction, Amadea turned to continue on. It was kind of a shame, Amadea thought, that the common room was located on the first floor. The tour would end quite quickly, but Amadea figured that she could show the first years around the common room and maybe do some icebreaker games once they arrived.

"Watch your step," she called to the students as they headed up the stairs to the first floor. "There aren't any trick stairs here, but on some of the higher staircases, there are." She didn't want to scare them, but wanted them to be aware of everything so they weren't surprised if they encountered anything. "So," she said. "Also on the first floor is the History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts classrooms, as well as a study room that you can use to complete homework. You can also do homework in the library on the fourth floor, or in the common room, which we will be entering now." 

Amadea led the students over to the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room. "Just remember the password," she said to them. "Alright, any questions before we go inside?" 

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