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Hogwarts’ Corridors
September 3rd 2018

It was Monday, she had dreaded the first few lessons of the semester. There weren’t any practicals yet, no new spells were taught in class, only boring lectures. She had trouble waking up the morning and was late for breakfast. She had spent most of the Summer Break sleeping in that she had to get used to waking up early again.

A few students pushed past her, almost causing the girl to lose her balance. Rude, Aurelia thought. The first years were too eager to get to the great hall for lunch that they were acting as if the food was going to disappear if they didn’t get there fast enough. Part of it was true, the good food usually would disappear within the first few minutes of lunch, leaving dishes like fried flobberworms or other not so appealing ones like mushrooms. Aurelia hoped that the majority of the first years would get lost in the halls so there would still be a decent amount varieties left when she gets there.

Aurelia trotted down the staircase, which was clearly not big enough for hundreds of  students streaming down to get their bellies filled. Aurelia decided to slow down and let the crowd pass, she hated narrow spaces, it had made her feel vulnerable and restrained. Seconds passed and the number of students going down the stairs got smaller. She finally resumed her normal pace down the steps.

Then her foot landed on something uneven. Her heart stopped but she had grabbed the railing just in time to avoid her from falling down the steps and snapping her neck like how her late Brother did. She let out a puff of air, relieved she hadn’t just died on her official first day of school.

Aurelia lifted her foot only to see silver shards glimmering back at her with a thin chain connected to it. She carefully picked it up, ensuring not to let the small pieces cut her. She had stepped on a necklace. What seemed like a beautiful piece of work was now shattered, but at least she hadn’t fallen to her doom while tripping on it.

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Someone had told her in the first day of school that the food would disappear if she arrived late for breakfast. It was true, of course, but there was something very typical of Slytherin in imparting this information to their freshmen more dramatically than it actually was. Marianne followed the crowd down the stairs, but eventually realized that she was not so hungry and she almost fell on the steps as she slowed down. The girl took a deep breath and to calm herself as usual, her left hand went to the pendant of the necklace that had once belonged to her father. For the first time it was not there. A small panic attack filled Marianne's entire body. The huge brown eyes began to sweep the steps for the jewel. She knew it had fallen. She had never taken off her neck, after all.

"Where is it... Where... Where..." She murmured up the steps very slowly and groping her hands on the railing for support just in case. Eventually she saw someone on the way and politely questioned whether the person had seen a silver necklace with a pendant in letter M format inlaid with green pebbles on it. With each negative answer her heart was accelerating more and more and the desire to cry came with more force.

It was a family heirloom and an amulet with some supposed and legendary magical power (probably a lie) that would protect the heir who carried it. But what really mattered to Marianne was the emotional connection to the object, since it was her father who gave her the necklace days before he was murdered. That was when she saw the characteristic glow of silver in the hands of an older Gryffindor girl a few steps up. Until that moment she had nothing against the rival of Slytherin house. Until that moment. "M-M-My necklace..." She whispered too low for the brunette to hear, but the gestures that Marianne made with her hands and her huge eyes full of tears would denounce her as the owner of the object. "My necklace!" She spoke louder and when she got close enough to see the artifact in pieces, she held the air in her lungs and slowly raised her eyes to face the other girl directly. There was a deep indignation in her gaze. "What did you do?!?"
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You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

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The shiny peices in her palms were beautiful and Aurelia had destroyed it just like that. Aurelia sighed, contemplated what to do. She could leave the charm right on the steps, where she had found it or go out of her way to find the owner. She was hungry, perhaps she would have her lunch first then find the owner afterwards.

However, what would the Gryffindor say once she found the owner. Should she hide the truth saying she found it on the steps or should she speak of it and admit that she was the one who had crushed the item on accident. She made her mind would hide the truth, save her from the trouble.
My necklace! What did you do?
Somebody screamed. Aurelia almost dropped the necklace, it wouldn’t matter if she did now, it was already in a very horrible state. Aurelia turned her head in the direction only to see a small girl, tears swelling in her eyes and mouth agape. The brunette’s heart twisted, she wanted to give the girl a hug and say ‘awww, please don’t cry,’ like how she would say to a baby girl who had just dropped an ice cream cone, but instead, Aurelia’s hands raised up defensively.

I didn’t do anything. I found it on the floor and just picked it up when you walked past.” Aurelia snapped. The girl had just accused her of destroying it, it was true, Aurelia had stepped on it, but it was only by accident. The Slytherin herself should be the one to blame since she was so careless and left it on the ground.

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The brunette Gryffindor lifted her hands up defensively and Marianne needed a lot of effort not to lose her mind and start yelling at the older girl. The necklace pendant could break easily, that's true, but whoever stepped on it would notice what it did and stop to look. She could not be sure if the girl in front of her was lying or not, but in the heat of the moment the redhead preferred to believe so. Evidence spoke louder, and the little Slytherin always clung to them. "Do you really want me to believe that's all it was?" Her tone was not only accusatory, but more serious now. Tears fell and Marianne wiped them on the sleeve of her uniform. "I thought a Gryffindor would be braver in admitting the truth. Apparently it's a lie."

The redhead approached the girl and held out both hands, hoping to receive what was left of the necklace. The emotional weight of that object for her was too great. "Give me back." She could ask please, but her pride would not allow. In her head everything was lost, but in the future perhaps there was some way to fix it. Her older brother would help her with that question. Beyond him she only trusted Bella, her childhood friend.

"Give me back!" She insisted one last time more aggressively to the point that her cheeks flushed with anger. She stared at the Gryffindor girl as if she wished to remember the features of her face and never forget them again. The only thing that was going through her mind was the memory of Marius handing her the necklace and telling how important it was in the family story. How kind he was to explain to her about the ancestors helping him through the obstacles. And now... It was broken! What would she do about it later? She had no idea. The only certainty of the moment that Marianne had was that the brunette in front of her was to blame for all that situation.

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.