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An Empty Hallway  PV   Closed 

Bright light from the midday sun fell from the left side through the huge, round windows and it created a pattern on the marble floor which reminded one of a zebra crossing.

It was a very long corridor with high walls on both sides. Freshly polished knight’s armours decorated the otherwise pale right side of the room in regular intervals.

It was terribly quiet apart from a pair of quick footsteps which echoed through the empty hall.

Indeed, it was a young girl with caramel brown hair and forest green eyes which had lost her way and now found herself here.

Corridors and more corridors.
This castle is an absolute labyrinth!
Where am I?

Amber seemed to be running in circles, she just couldn’t find her way back.

Carrying her heavy school books in front of herself, she desperately stumbled towards the other side of the room.

Just a little bit further... Maybe there will be someone who I can ask for directions! If not, I‘ll just take the next right, since I chose the left corridor last time and -

Completely lost in thoughts, she had paid zero attention to where she had stepped.

As a result, her foot got caught on a loose floor tile and she fell over with her face forward.

With a loud crash, her books and folders slipped out of her hands and distributed all over the floor. Her History of Magic and Charms books even slided a few feet away from her due to the very smooth and slippery ground.

Oh no...

happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light ♡

An Empty Hallway  PV   Closed 

Since he had a free period, Shawn was strolling through the castle.

He had to admit that sometimes, having an older sister had its advantages. Amari had told him everything about Hogwarts and she had hexed him a map of the whole castle so that he wouldn’t get lost.

So, as he was wandering around and exploring the building, he wasn’t bothered at all that he didn’t meet anyone else on his way. Indeed, he was enjoying it very much, since being alone meant that he wouldn’t need to act like someone he wasn’t.

That said, as he spotted a girl who was as old as him (he remembered seeing her in his History of Magic class), lying helplessly on the floor, he even felt a bit pissed that she had kind of ‘disturbed’ his peace. Still, the feeling of wanting and needing to help her got the upper hand.

“Hey!”, he shouted and quickly ran over.

Smilingly, he held out his hand and helped her get up. Then, he got on his knees to collect her scattered books and handed them over to her, but not before reading a name tag which was on her Potions book. It said: Amber Wood.”

“I’m Shawn Darlington, pleased to meet you”, he introduced himself and politely held out his hand to greet her.

trust the magic of true beginnings.
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An Empty Hallway  PV   Closed 

As Amber was about to pick herself up, she heard someone shouting and quick footsteps running towards her which echoed through the whole corridor.

Thank God. A saviour.

She was very happy to take the hand which the boy had held out for her and as she slowly got onto her wobbly feet again, she heartily wiped the dust and dirt off her robes.

“Thank you”, she mumbled as he handed her the school books which she had dropped as she had fallen over.

A bit shyly, she took his hand again and gave it a shake. His skin was incredibly warm and she had to fight the urge to hold his hand for a bit longer.

“I’m Amber, Amber Wood”, she said and smiled back at him.

That was the moment when she really got to look at the boy who now stood in front of her.

He was about her age, maybe a few centimetres taller, with brown, curly hair and green eyes which reminded her a bit of her own. 

Her heart jumped a little.

“What are you doing here, wandering around?”, she asked, but as soon as those words had escaped her mouth, she had already regretted them.
So stupid, of course he is wandering around, what else?

happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light ♡