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It was turning in a series of unfortunate events. And that was indeed a thought dedicated to Lemony Snicket. Two adventures, a tumultuous return to her Second year, and now utter chaos. Why her? Was second year trying to make up for the admittedly dull first year? Was the rest of her year, maybe even school career, going to be this dramatic?

Of course, it had been innocuous in the beginning. Luna had come down from Ravenclaw tower, absently rubbing her left arm following yesterday's incident, lost in thought. The entire situation had her preoccupied. Why had she done what she had done? What did this mean about her and Bella? Naturally, she was so lost in her own head, that her surroundings were completely absent from her. Of course, this was the catalyst for a disaster. One small incident would sideswipe the poor girl, landing her in a situation in which she was poorly prepared to handle. 

Her steady gait down the corridor echoed with the clacking of her trademark boots. The sun shone through the windows, illuminating the hallway. So she really had no excuse for the collision. But in her fog, she bumped right into the red-headed Gryffindor. The impact startled Luna out of her introspection, and she glanced down to see the victim of her carelessness on the floor before her. 

Her pale skin immediately flushed red with embarrassment at her own obliviousness. She reached out her hand toward the girl in an offer of assistance.  "OH! I'm so sorry about that. Let me help you up."

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

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The events happened fast, or in slow motion. Kaegen couldn’t really tell which one it was. He had just stifled a yawn, dimly aware that he was severely sleep deprived when a girl, a girl that didn’t look quite human enough to be trusted, bumped into Eris. Hard.

There was no way that bump was accidental. No way this wasn’t a planned, calculated move. Eris was on the floor, books everywhere. She was vulnerable. Was knocking her down the bonfire’s weakness? Was Eris Fawley, Chaos-Born First-Avenger going to succumb to the tricks and maneuvers of this creepy “student?”

The answer to all of that was a decided no. He had sworn. Written her name down on the sacred fabric of his scarf and SWORN to protect her, to be her friend and protector, her companion through times of famine and feast alike. It wasn’t much of a boon, his skills were far beneath hers. It was like trying to compare the might of a small bank of swirling mist with the might of a raging fire.

But he was still strong enough to wring the life out of the witch that was trying to kill his friend. Only a powerful witch would dare even try to pull that off. And then it hit him like a ton of bricks. Airheat… Bones Cull-them….. Both of the death witches he had encountered thus far. She was one of them. He dimly remembered the amount of blood he had lost, remembered what else he had lost. He had almost lost Eris that day, the day he had tried to defeat Airheat the Death Witch. Lost vortigern and pendragon. He had almost lost Eris

The boy’s eyes shot black as night, his pupil’s swirling outwards until they reached every last bit of color, every last bit of white until nothing was left. Two dark shining black voids that were not right, not safe.
Not human.

Then came a small tearing sound as the fangs hidden away beneath the boy's gums came to bear. They weren’t huge by any means, but they were sharp. Incredibly sharp. His mouth was bleeding and the blood to him was a battle cry. The white haired girl was going to die, he didn’t care if she was a death witch. Someone was going to die in the next few seconds and it was not going to be his friend.

He leaped, lunged straight for the heart of the death witch. He didn’t care about plans at that point, sleepless worn-thin nerves held together by nothing but whatever will the young boy could muster had snapped. He knew in the back of his mind that he should have pulled a knife or leaped back and used his slingshot, at least cast a spell first. But he did none of those things. His unusually tall umbrella lay forgotten on the floor behind him, he could feel the air blow past his face in the not quite a second it took for him to close the gap.

A predator cornered is a terrible sight to see. A predator that knows it’s weak and is willing to fight anyway is worse. A predator that knows it’s weak and is willing to fight to protect something it cherishes more than anything else is, perhaps, one of the most terrifying things that mankind has ever had the displeasure of seeing.

He impacted the girl dead center, a metallic CLACK ringing out approximately where her stomach had been seconds ago. The boy had bitten down, trying to get at a vital organ but having accidentally pushed her away in the impact. He should have gone higher, knocked her down and out and pinned her. But he hadn’t thought, hadn’t planned. He had hit her square on and sent her flying back, away from him. Away from the sharp teeth that had grazed her robe by mere millimeters.

One failed lungue did not mean a failed hunt. One of them was going to have a entirely unique perspective when it came time to count the radishes.



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"Forgive me, Mr. Dickens."

Last words before a departure are rather important things and really ought not be rushed, especially when it could very well be the last time you see a cherished one. In this case however, the hastily whispered words would have to suffice. Khris didn't exactly have time to ponder an eloquent farewell for his dearest friend of paper and ink, when the life of a friend made of blood and bone was depending on the hurtling of Mr. Dickens' literature. That's right. The hurtling of a book. A pox on the young Mr. Bailey, I know. Books are sacred things. Portals to worlds in which to spend lonely afternoons and the meeting place of some of his dearest companions. Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes, Huckleberry Finn and Robin Hood. All friends that would have never been made without the help of a well written story.

So you see, there had to have been a terrible sort of obligation forcing his hand. An unspeakable motive to cause the winding back of a noodle thin arm, wrist shaking with the weight of Mr. Dickens novels as they were held above his head in preparation to launch. He hadn't wanted to send his book flying into the pandemonium spread before him. The idea of it being lost to the rage of flailing students made Khris' stomach churn in the most unpleasant of ways. He had no choice however. His book either became a projectile weapon of literary destruction, or he watched a friend die. Yes, die!

The drama of Hogwarts could be such a pain at times.

You see, it had started with walk down the corridors for our dancing in his mind, fluttering of fingers, mild mannered Khristopherson. He had a meeting to attend. Or at least, a check in of sorts. A prefect thing that he really ought not be late to. If anyone cared to know, he blamed the sun for his tardiness. The sun and the warm window in which time got away from him as pencils scratched an outline across crisp paper. It's why he was in such a rush now. Darting down the hall with a muttered complaint under his breath, a bag of art supplies in one hand and book in the other, shoes dangling from their laces as he dashed stocking-footed on his way. At least he didn't need to prepare anything, just write the weeks activities down. It had been fairly calm week in fact. Quiet, steady, sleepy in it's simplicity. It was supposed to be a simple check in. A report stating all was well and no trouble had cropped up. Which it had been until he turned the corner.

A burst of movement too quick to follow, the gnashing of teeth as a shadow attacked, a friend flying backwards with a shove of a body! It was a flurry of 12 year olds and chaos! There was wrath in these children's eyes, a sight that should never be seen. Dark intentions emanating from this peculiar boy's every move as he stalked forward. The sight made Khris' heart quicken and fingers tremble, his breath catch with the need to just run away. He couldn't though. Couldn't just leave Luna after seeing the results of this boy's rage. He hadn't known what had happened prior, and hadn't seen what caused the attack. All he knew was that his friend was in immense danger and he had a duty to protect her. Terrified or not. As a friend, as a hero in the making, he had to do this. Dickens needed to be tossed. Needed to be sent hurtling with the entirety of his nonexistent might towards the berserk figure who looked like death warmed over.

Thus the broken taboo and the whispered farewell.

He held his breath as his took his aim, a wish muttered that it would find it's mark. Not to harm, no. But enough to disorientate. Enough to distract. The tome was flung, bookmark fluttering from it's grasp as it made its way through the air, the life of his friend resting in it's pages.

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown

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Not a single day could pass without some sort of activity disturbing any sense of peace or quiet that might have taken hold. Ahkar was always magnetically drawn to such events, not by any purpose or mental decision, but by the simple strings of fate drawing such things together. Indeed, today seemed like just such a day.

Ahkar ordinarily didn't mind it. The rush and bustle of something always waiting around the corner reminded him of the cities he stole away to at times, so different from the eloquence and mind-numbing quiet of home. He hated being bored, but he sometimes wished there were better ways to cure his boredom than some random, and very heavy book thwacking him in the back of his head with sufficient enough force to leave his vision swimming.

Palms smacked the floor, and the number of papers that consisted of recently finished, and very agonizing to accomplish homework now lay scattered, scuffed, and torn underneath him. He'd very nearly hit his head a second time off the concrete, so startled by the sudden force that had knocked him off his feet. Perhaps the level of strength used to chuck the item wasn't intentionally used for such a dramatic result, but the surprise that had spurned in reaction to the assault had assisted in how hard he'd hit the ground.

And now? He was ticked.

Eye twitching, the boy whirled to his feet after one painful glance to the now destroyed homework. That had taken ages to finish, and now thanks to some idiot who probably thought it was funny to hit the hat-thief with a book he had to do it again? Probably the Slytherins, still ticked off about him stealing the animals back, or ratting them out to the teachers. He was already reaching for his sleeves, shoving them up, ready to prove he wasn't some mat to be walked over. He'd done the same in Cairo and other cities, he could manage the same in this school.

Only... it seemed as if there was already a scuffle about. It wasn't hard to guess where the book was thrown from, but who? There were a few too many faces to decide, but he was in the mood now to throw a fist and find out just who was about to learn a very painful lesson. Thus, the boy didn't even reach for his wand, as such things had never served him well when fighting muggles. (Besides, he hadn't even learned a spell yet to assist him.)

Thus, he jumped on the most lethal looking target, Kaegen. He had no clue who the other boy was, nor did he care. The dark eyed child was like a monster in the crowd, and thus Ahkar simply and logically decided that if he could put down that boy, then maybe he could get them to stop long enough to convince the guilty one to step forward. And thus, with absolutely no second thoughts for personal safety or future punishment, he threw back his sleeves and dashed forward, attempting to jump on the second years back, lock an arm around his neck, and choke him to the ground with all the class of a common street thug. No magic, just simple fists and scraps.

Had he known the boy was a prefect, Ahkar would...

...probably still have done the exact same thing.

He never really thought these things through.

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Eris was tired. Coming back to school was a strange thing, and while her summer had been enjoyable, it was extremely weird to be back at school with Kaegen, and some other people. She really wanted to be in the common room, sitting by the fire with a nice book. Or maybe Rhea, Max, and Dorian to gossip too. Sabrina was not coming back for her second year of Hogwarts, and the emptiness in the bed of one of Eris's best friend's hurt. Sabrina was not back, and Eris felt lost.

So much had changed since last year, but Kaegen had not. When they had arrived back at school for the year, the dark haired boy had been the same; brooding and edgy, with an undertone of danger to his personality. Eris's friendship with Kaegen had been strange from the start, and now that they were older, it was even more strange. His reaction to her color changing hair had been strange, his way of talking was strange. Everything about Kaegen was strange, but he was one of Eris's best friends, so she tried to handle him.

She did not want a repeat of last year, with the drama that had caused Adam to leave Eris. Kaegen was a good friend, if not a bit misguided. Eris opened her mouth to talk to Kaegen, most likely to tease him about being a prefect, when she felt a strong force thud into her side. The small girl hissed like a cornered animal, Eris's hands curling into fists, before she saw the shame in Luna's face.

It hadn't been an attempt to hurt Eris. The figure was gone, there was no need for violence, right now. Calming her rapidly beating heart, Eris managed a crooked smile at the girl from the floor, staring to push herself up, when Kaegen tackled the girl. Eris couldn't see much of the fight, just Kaegen flinging the girl away and taking chase.

Struggling to her feet, Eris pushed her tiny body up. She would not be in the sidelines this time. Kaegen would not hurt another ravenclaw, not on Eris's watch. Letting out a little shriek, Eris had started to run towards Kaegen, before a book flew past her face. Eris stopped for a moment, pausing to turn and stare at the thrower of the book, praying it was Dorian. It was not.

A strange Slytherin with blonde hair had thrown the book. Cocking her head to the side, Eris vaguely knew the boy as another second year, but while she was looking, another boy ran and tackled Kaegen. She knew this one as the house elf thief, Ahkar, from her party over the Summer. Eris had known he had guts, but hadn't thought he would just run into a group of second year's drama without any sort of thought process made Eris admire him all the more. Still, Kaegen could easily take down an 11 year old, and Eris felt panic rising up in her throat.


He didn't stop, and Eris felt herself growing angry, until the rage molded into the "killing calm", where all that mattered was stopping Kaegen, stopping Elf boy, and getting the blonde girl out of the fray safely.

So Eris pulled out her wand. "FLIPENDO!"

i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
Strength: 6 //Agility: 10 //Control: 9 //Stamina: 10

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Amanda was not looking for trouble that particular day, despite her usual behavior. School had started recently and Amanda was having somewhat of a difficult time adjusting. She missed summer and all of the freedoms that came along with it. She missed waking up late and having little adventures with her family.

But it must have been fate, because trouble found her. Amanda was walking through the corridors, mentally weighing out her homework load, when she felt a shove and went flying back against the wall. She whirled around, but no one was within shoving distance. Then Amanda spotted the tussle at the other end of the corridor. She recognized none of them, except for that vampire boy Kaegan. But Kaegan was too busy attacking another girl to have hit Amanda with a spell. Then she spotted a Gryffindor girl with her wand out. She is so not getting away with that. Amanda dropped her school bag and ran over to the fight. She went straight up to the girl that had hit her and brought her fist into the Gryffindor’s face.

Now that justice had been served, Amanda analyzed the situation. Kaegan seemed to be the cause of all of this ruckus, so Amanda pulled her wand out. “Steleus!” she shouted, the Sneezing Hex being the first thing to pop into her mind. The hex soared straight past Kaegan and hit a random girl. Oh crap.

“Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don't think for one second that I am one of them.”
~ Amanda Sparrow ~

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Malum quidem nullum esse sine aliquo bono.

There is, to be sure, no evil without something good. It went both ways, it seemed-- perhaps there was good to balance evil, but there was, most definitely, a lengthy measure of evil to balance out the goodness at all, and Cel wasn't certain that she liked it very much.

Fortunate, she was, that she'd slept through most of her pain last night and woken up in the Hospital Wing with barely any of the head-splitting agony she usually endured. Lucky, she was, that she had a perfectly ordinary day, as she tried to make it, even as her heart raged for the strangeness of an unordinary day--later, she would regret the thought. How in luck it was that she had managed to converse with another girl from the Hospital Wing--

...Wasn't that her?

That was... yes, that was Luna, fleeing quite a wild Kaegen. Her eyes swept the scene, arms already moving to stuff her book into her bag. Eris, fallen and rising to stop Kaegen... A book from a blonde boy-- Khris, the other prefect-- who would dare throw a book, of all things? It could get damaged-- a boy with dark hair tackling Kaegen, which was, admittedly, not the best idea... the girl tossed her bag, and it landed behind the knight's armor, safely out of danger, as she turned back to the scene, mouth opening to call to Kaegen to stop, for Luna to run.


Instead what came out was a sneeze, then a mildly whispered Latin curse. "Kaegen," she managed to get out, mental gears spinning to piece out the situation, "STOP! She didn't mean to push her--!" Oh, this was useless, it was only Eris he would listen to, and that girl that she hadn't quite seen who had hit her with a Sneezing Hex... had... punched her in the face?

Another sneeze, another sneeze, and she darted toward the girl. She was a prefect; she should not allow these things to happen... well, then again, so was Kaegen. A small, insignificant sneeze was let out before she spoke, not to Amanda, but to Eris-- if she could just get her up and able to speak, then Kaegen might stop.

"Are you okay?" was, unfortunately, the only thing she got out before a fit of sneezes distracted her from the conversation. Cel raised a clear glare toward the girl who had hexed her, then turned her attention back to the redheaded girl. "Eris. Eris, help--" another sneeze, they seemed to be coming slightly less frequently-- "if you can-- Tell Kaegen to stop, again--" Oh, pointless, this was, with the Sneezing Hex placed on her.

Vengeance was something she would have very much liked to seek at that time, but she had other, larger problems to deal with. It could be cleared up later, but she paid close to no attention toward the girl until she had spoken to Eris-- and then she turned toward her, stifling another sneeze.

"Quae est-- what the heck was that for?" she hissed, not quite taking an aggressive stance, but not perfectly calm either. Another sneeze. She had thought about the notion of cursing one's own luck before and concluded that to curse one's luck would be rather pointless and counter-intuitive, but she understood the urge to rage at it once in a while.

Cel cursed her luck.

What the--


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Chaos ruled this day. And lack of control of a situation is terrifying enough for adults, let alone preteens. The danger was overwhelmingly real, as two jet black pools where eyes should be were locked upon her with lethal intent. Luna would not be victim, never had been, wasn't going to begin now.

Her own offense, a push, paled in comparison to the one she received seconds later. The force of it had flung her slender body backwards, the air pushed forcefully out of her lungs. A hard thud cried out as she landed on her back on the floor, and using her instincts and agility she quickly twisted her body back up into a reverse somersault, dropping to a crouch, tension stored the balls of her feet prepared to dodge a follow up attack. Her hands were out in front of her, like those of a competitive runner, keeping her balance.

Her eyes set to attempting a rapid analysis of the unfolding situation. It was worse than she had expected. It had turned into an all out brawl. Though most of them seemed to be targeting her dhamphric Prefect. A book had flown off somewhere. An unknown Gryffindor was tackling Kae. Physical assault was likely an unwise decision in this case. The girl she had knocked over was taking a more cautious approach, but hitting the speedy Ravenclaw Prefect was proving arduous. Another Ravenclaw girl she knew from the history excursion, was just randomly in the fight at this point. She had punched the Gryff girl for no discernable reason before targeting Kae. And lastly there was Cel, another Ravenclaw Perfect, endlessly sneezing, trying to figure out the ever degrading situation. Luna had been with her earlier in the hospital wing. Hopefully the two of them wouldn't be returning. Luna wasn't sure who had thrown the book either. It could've been anyone, including a party she hadn't seen yet.

As for Kae himself, she never would've guessed. Luna knew he was odd. Always seemed ill, lacking in social norms, eccentric, etc. Who knew what other secrets were being held without her awareness. She had already come to read a little about dhamphirs. However there was likely little that could be done unless he could be calmed or a Professor appeared. Regardless for her own health and for the health of others, he had to be halted. Maybe he could be restrained or knocked out? 

Her analysis done for now, she prepared to move. Despite the attempts of her fellow students, dhamphir strength is formidable. She knew she was the target, maybe to the exclusion of all else. She silently wished she had her knife, but it wasn't the case.  She would spring in a moment's notice. Hopefully her acceleration,speed, and the resistance he faced would be sufficient.

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

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Eris was being ambushed, ambushed by people from all sides. He could dimly see the girl cast flippendo, a powerful spell. It hit home on some other girl and she got… shoved. That was it, a shove? Was Eris weakened, was the girl just that strong? It took some time for him to recognize the girl that got hit, his memory wasn’t coming back as fast as it should, it was hazy and swirling and unimportant.

To make matters even worse there was something clambering about on his back with no inconsiderable strength. He was just about to give up trying to remember who that girl was when recognition flooded the black eyes. That death witch. She was after Eris’ name. She had been after his name at madame malkin’s. The boy from the fens saw metaphorical red, and literal black. The thing on his back was strong, and it was human, and that meant it was going to die, and right after it died, he was going to kill the girl. And then the other one. And then anyone nearby.

The form on his back should probably have been of no surprise, considering his environment and what was happening, but to him it seemed it was a unprecedented marvel, and an unwelcome one at that. Who would expect someone to jump on him, anyway? And then he noticed his Airway being actively constricted. It was not enough to distract him from his goal, his eyes still stared at the witch. But to kill a death witch that strong he needed to get this thing off of him.

His first instinct was to bite the living daylights out of the arm, but it was under his chin, and inaccessible. So he took his dull but pointed fingernails and commenced gouging out the other boy’s flesh. Ripping into the arm with as much force as he could muster. He was being choked and the arm was conveniently stationary. In a moment, the human, for that was what the arm resembled, and indeed that was what it smelled like, would release his arm. But it never did. And after about 30 seconds, when the blood started flowing freely, Kaegen lost patience.

And so Kaegen ran. He could smell the blood, and it was sweet. It sung a song of victory, of carnage and pure unbridled rage. Pulling him forwards, lending him wings. His eyes were wide open and pitch black, fangs extended to their full not quite so impressive inch of length. He didn’t even know the name of the death witch he once thought a stupid ravenclaw girl. No name, only a haunting face that reminded him of the dark in this world. She had tried to steal his name from him, a fate far worse than death. And now she thought she could take Eris?

He would destroy her and the memory of her. Rend and separate and eat until nothing was left. He would find her name somewhere in the depths of her overly vulnerable heart tear it out and then smash it to pieces. Bite and bite and bite until there was not even a spot of her in existence and then he would go for the other one. Eris was a friend. One of the only two that existed. And those two people were his greatest treasure. More than a little irrationally defending those treasures with any possible means.

The more he wanted to kill everyone nearby, with the exception of Eris, the stronger and faster he started to become. The rage kept building in him until he let loose a scream, a scream louder than any he had ever screamed. Or at least he attempted to. For any outside ears the hoarse voice break sounded a bit more like a odd hiss and less like a yell. But the fact that he wasn’t able to produce a sufficient scream of fury only served to enrage him more. And so he lunged for the death witch, the monster. The one to whom flippendo had been a mere shove, the one that was trying to steal Eris’ name. Her NAME. He had given her the name but it was hers, it was what made Eris Eris

The boy on his back was still holding on, but was flying out like a cape, ironically on the actual cape the boy wore. He landed a few inches from the girl, the extra weight having pulled him short.


And without further hesitation, the boy from the fens dove for her throat


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Like molasses in mid January, time seemed to slow to an agonizing drip. One beat, then another, a third thu-thump in his ears as Khris' heart kept time with the agonizing pace. He had watched with a bit of awe as the book leaped from his finger tips, a hardcover of green and gold making its way towards his mark. Feats concerning physical aptitude had never been Khris' strong suit. Why, what with his tendency towards fainting and his inability to run too far without a pull on his inhaler, Khris' sporting standards had fallen quite low over the years. It was why despite the chaos and his worry for his human friend, Khris' lips twisted upwards into the smallest of smirks as his eyes followed his book's trail through the sky. True the distance had been short and it was clearly not a pleasant thing to see a dear friend of paper and ink tumbling end over end to it's doom, but to see that throw. To see that book flying far and strong if a bit off course... It was surreal if he was honest with himself. He had been the one to toss that. He, Khris Bailey, had made that throw and even as he watched it drift harmlessly over his target's head, the lad couldn't help brief thrum of satisfaction that pulsed through his veins. It had been him, little old him who had sent that book flying into the far shadows of these drafty halls.


Or perhaps not so far into these drafty halls. Dickens' flight was stopped rather abruptly by a head of dark locks, though not the one's intended. No, the solid weight of the tome collided with the crown of some poor innocent down the hall rather than the raging boy who came from the dark places. A doubly bad stroke of luck to be sure. Not only had Khris wasted his opportunity at saving Luna but he had also harmed this unfortunate first year. Alas, poor Dickens' sacrifice had become obsolete. Our embarrassed hero swallowed heavily, his eyes widening in utter mortification as he watched the lad go down. As luck would have it, papers went scattering soon after the collision as well, the rustling of parchment and flurry of homework suddenly snapping everything back into terrible, terrible focus.

It was if the glass wall holding time at bay had shattered. Khris blinked and the world was suddenly in shambles. There were cries of war falling from children's lips, spells being hurled and fists beating them back. It was as if every student passing this way had been drug into the battle of the cooridors and in matter of moments, silver blue eyes had lost track of the events. Luna had been somewhere, flung backwards by a spell or a pair of fists he couldn't say. The boy he had unintentionally sent Dickens' after was flying like an awkward flag in the breeze, bloodied wrists clinging with stubborn desperation to the lad from the depths of the swamp. Had he tried jumping the raging shadow not knowing where the book had been from? Flipendo was shouted, Steelus soon after, sleeves were being rolled up as innocent eyes went dark with rage. Girls were shouting, spells were rebounding, bedlam was erupting and-


A whisper, a rustle of breath impossible to hear through the madness.

The world inside this drafty hall had fallen to shambles and Khris' steady demeanor could handle it no longer. He muttered the word again, stronger this time in his conviction. "Enough." The air may still have thrummed with the burnt scent of cast spells but Khris' eye's narrowed nonetheless as all of it became mere noise in the distance. He watched and blinked as the chaos unfolded before him, gaze drifting almost lazily over the scene as fear settled and annoyance grew. This was not a fight worthwhile. These were children being terrors and ripping into each other for no other reason than sport! Oh, each student may have had their own a purpose for joining the fight, but as far as Khris could see? They were all a bunch of knuckleheads. A group of students causing a riot for no other reason than to let off steam and gosh darnit, wasn't Hogwarts dangerous enough for them!?!?

A great huff of irritation was given, blond curls bobbing with a decisive nod. Khris Bailey had had it with these types shenanigans. Fed up to his eyebrows and beyond with the constant perils that Hogwarts was throwing at them and absolutely done with any students who deemed it their job to create more danger. If it would have helped the case a bare foot may even have been stomped on the cold stone floor to add to the look of utter disdain and irritation he was feeling. As it was, time would not allow for such dramatics. Done though he may be, there was still a raging shadow flying towards Luna and somebody had to do something and soon. Someone needed to step up and be a hero.

Nothing for it then...

He raced forward, a delicate frame now tucked neatly between the incoming tornado and the rage of a wounded lion. A deep breath and a heart beat. One. Two. Three-

"That is QUITE enough of that, young man!!! Do you hear me??? QUITE ENOUGH!!!!!! LOOK AT THIS BEHAVIOUR!!! I'm ASHAMED of this!!!!! Your screaming and the biting, and... WHO THE HECK BITES PEOPLE?!?!?! That's like the first thing you're taught as a kid!!!! And the scratching!!! LOOK AT THIS!!!! YOU WERE RAISED BETTER THAN THAT, I AM SURE OF IT!!!! Now I think it's-- DON'T YOU SNARL AT ME, YOUNG MAN!!!!!!! IT's high time you stop this nonsense and you better, right this instant!!!!! YOUR BEHAVIOUR HAS BEEN INTOLERABLE!!!!"

Let it never be said that Khris was a truly quiet lad. His voice was in fact quite loud when given the opportunity and an opportunity had indeed been given. Slender hands were raised to plant firmly on slim hips, converse still swinging from their laces to hit the side of his leg. "YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS, YOU DO!!!!! I AM ASHAMED OF THIS BEHAVIOUR! OF ALL OF YOUR BEHAVIOUR!!!!!!" Freckles danced across his nose as his rant continued, voice raising and falling as a litany of disappointment fell from his lips.

Oh, this was probably a stupid idea and was most likely going to end in the untimely death for our emerging hero, but what was done was done and Khris was most certainly done.with. this. Didn't they understand that some of them just wanted to study? Just wanted to have a year with out the possibility of death?


"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown