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The Candy Heist  Closed 

Anastasia stumbled, extremely bored down the corridor and stopped next to a huge suit of amour. She had finished all of her classes for the day and was very bored now because she had nothing to do. She was going to be meeting her friend Isabella but she had not arrived yet, which meant that she had to wait for her. Anastasia's stomach grumbled as she sat hunched on the floor waiting for her friend Isabella to show up. She was starving and dinner was still a few hours away. She leaned backwards on the wall and rested her head on it. The huge set of amour towering over her. Her stomach continued to rumbled hungrily and she grew hungrier by the minute. She signed deeply and rolled her head side to side on the wall. She closed her eyes for a minute and curled up into a ball.

It had grown cold where she was sitting considering she was sitting on the cold stone floor of the corridor. She was beginning to grow impatient hoping desperately that her friend would be arriving soon or she would possibly die of boredom waiting. She leaned slightly on the side of the amour which was steadily held up thankfully. She felt herself falling asleep but she didn't resist.

Aspire to inspire, before we expire
STAM: 6 AGL: 5 STRG: 7 CTRL: 5