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Clumsy Corridors  Closed 


Odessa was wandering the corridors with her wand in hand as well as her new book she had just found.

"I need to know where everything is inside this huge castle, I can't afford to get lost during my classes" she thought to herself. She continued down what seemed an extremely large corridor and even though it was the morning, it was rather dark. "Well this sure is a welcoming hallway" she murmured as she continued on her journey down the corridor. The walls were stone walls that were dimly lit by torches set on the wall. By each torch, there was a huge knight standing by ominously. Odessa began to feel uneasy. "Hmm..maybe I shouldn't walk down every hallway alone, not until I learn more magic at least" she thought to herself. She realized all the walking had left her out of breath and she sat down on one of the knights platforms. All of a sudden she heard a creak and looked up to see the knight falling right towards her. "AHH" she yelled as she jumped out of the way.


She stood frozen in fear as the knight fell to the ground. She looked around and saw that there was nobody around but her. "I've got to get out of here!" was her only thought. What would a professor say if they saw the knight and her? She didn't want to be in trouble. As she turned and ran, she reached the end of the hallway and made a sharp right. As she turned the corner she was met by another force. Her wand and the book went flying as she ran into someone that was walking down the corridor. "Bloody hell!" she yelled and before she even looked up, she began to apologize to the person as she looked for her wand and her book.

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