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Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

May wandered aimlessly through the seemingly unless halls of Hogwarts. Luckily, she didn't have a class for another hour and a half, she just needed to get to the Great Hall for lunch. May's morning was full of being late to her classes that she simply couldn't understand. May sighed. She hasn't received a letter from her mom, who sent her here without a second thought. What May would give to do normal math. Her head flushed red with emotions, stress, sadness, bitterness, and exhaustion. May took a deep breath, and looked down at her hand, tracing her finger along her palm, attempting to track her path.

May's stomach gurgled. May sped up, she didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning. She turned a corner, hoping this would lead to lunch, and just before she looked up, she collided with another girl. May stumbled backwards, trying to regain her balance. May eventually fell sideways into the wall, and onto the floor. May blinked, she was dizzy, and her vision was fuzzy, but cleared fairly fast. May looked to the girl she'd collided with. The girl had red hair, gray eyes, and what she made out to be a small scar around her cheek. May vaguely remembered seeing this girl in the Ravenclaw common room.

"I-I..", May stuttered, struggling to find words to say. "I'm sorry!", May squeaked, relieved she had said something. May blushed, she was embarrassed, and slightly panicked, and her heart was racing.

Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

Robin had just finished a lesson in her Charms class. Books in hand, she made her way through the corridors. Everything was still so new to her, so she had hoped she wouldn't be lost. She also hoped she wouldn't run into her sister Elaine. Dealing with a Slytherin at this moment would not be in her cards today. Lunch would satisfy her thoughts, and plus she was decently hungry anyways. Robin watched as students passed by, some she'd seen at the sorting, and others new to her young eyes. She grew quite fond of this place, interested in the many classes she had to take, and imagining her parents walking these great halls themselves. Suddenly, something bumped into Robin, knocking her down and sending her books scattering. She rubbed her temple, and groaned a bit in pain.

"What in the..." Robin looked up to see a young girl, around the same age possibly, and seemingly shorter and smaller in stature compared to Robin. She'd seen this girl before. May was her name?

Robin shrugged it off and stood, pulling the small girl to her feet. As the girl apologized over and over, Robin smiled, so as to give a calming aura. She picked her books up, and looked back at her.

"Don't worry about it. Accidents happen." Robin continued to smile. "I'm Robin. Your name is May, is that right?"

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Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

How stupid can I be!, May thought to herself. Not looking where she was going in a crowded hallway! May hit herself on the head, and rubbed her eyes before looking back at the girl, who introduced herself as Robin. Her vision was still slightly blurry, but it didn't make it hard to make out the calm nature of the girl.

There were so many types of people at this place. Amanda Sparrow, for example, was bubbly and positive. And Josephine Bryan seemed to be somewhat judgmental, and condescending. Robin was calm and understanding. May almost forgot that the girl asked her something.

"Oh! Uh-yeah. Ye-yeah, I'm May. That's me.", May stammered. May was still on the floor, and when she realized this, she scrambled to her feet, getting almost immediately more dizzy. She put her hand on the wall to steady herself. "I'm so so sorry.", May exclaimed. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a piece of paper on the edge of being trampled, and bent down to get it. In doing so, May's finger got stepped on, and she winced in pain, but didn't say anything as she returned the paper to Robin, who she assumed was the owner. It looked like very detailed notes, with very nice handwriting that May struggled not to gawk at.

"I think that's yours. B-but maybe it's not. I don't know, I just assumed since I caused you to drop everything, but maybe somebody else dropped it. I'm sorry I just gave it to you-if it isn't yours, I mean."

Why couldn't she just talk like a normal person! May hit herself on the head, a little harder this time. She did this as a way to train herself into acting like an ordinary eleven-year-old, and when she was specifically stressed. This recent week has been one of the most stressful, and this habit of hitting herself had left a bruise on the right side of her forehead. May looked back to the girl, hoping that the paper belonged to her.

Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

She noticed May hit herself the first time and stutter at any word she tried to say. "There's no need to be sorry. Accidents happen." Robin shrugged. She watched as May's finger was stepped on. It appeared to be red and Robin wondered if it had been throbbing. "Oh crabapples May, are you alright?"

Robin looked at the paper May had just given her. It was her Charms paper with a large O written at the top. She bit her lip and quickly shoved it into one of the books she was carrying. She didn't want to look at it. Of course the score meant 'outstanding', but it meant nothing to her. She received an E on her other homework which meant she was just weak. Elaine probably makes straight O's huh... the thought popped into her mind. Robin always did her best not to make it a competition between herself and her sister, but sometimes she found herself doing so anyways. It was difficult, and sometimes Robin wished she had a normal relationship with her.

She turned her attention back to May. "Thank you. It's mine, but it's just a dumb paper." She again smiled, trying to ease May's jitteriness. She watched as May hit herself, and noticed the bruise on the girl's right temple. "That doesn't look so good. Maybe we should take you to the nurse?"

Robin couldn't fathom as to why the girl was hitting herself. Granted, she never experienced that type of nervousness. Of course, she'd get the butterflies when test grades came around, or when she was around her sister, but she's never had a case like this.

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Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

May felt a wash of relief when Robin said the papers was her. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes for a second. She felt kind of bad for not responding to Robin's exclamation about her finger, but she didn't want to draw attention to it. She tucked her hand into her robe, dismissing it's warm feeling and constant throbbing.
"That doesn't look so good. Maybe we should take you to the nurse?"
May blinked, shocked. Is it really that noticeable? May thought to herself, panicked. She quickly pulled some hair from out behind her ear, desperately trying to cover the bruise. She saw me hit my head, should I be embarrassed? Is it only me that does it? It's not like I can lie and say I walked into to a wall or something, but really that sounds dumber, May spurred to herself in a frantic series of ideas.

"Oh, uh-No, t-that's really not necessary.", May said, putting on strained smile. "I mean it's just a bruise, there are certainly much more important things that need to be taken care of.", May let out a fake laugh, trying to make the notion of going to the Hospital Wing seem ludicrous. May's eyes flickered across the room, her heart racing, desperately hoping the girl wouldn't push the idea.

Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

Robin watched the girl as she seemed to shake in nervousness. This poor girl. She must have a lot on her plate. Robin sighed, biting her cheek. She often did this when she was in deep thought on what to do in these situations.

"Alright. But if you ever feel dizzy please take care of yourself and head to the Hospital Wing." Robin gave a small smile. "Where are ya headed by the way? You seem lost."

Robin shifted on a different leg. She was getting quite hot in this fairly crowded hallway. She took out a ponytail and put her hair up in a ponytail, in hopes it'd help with the heat. She fixed her tie, and placed a hand on her necklace her father had given her for when she left for Hogwarts. She watched as May shook a little, almost like a leaf. Robin felt bad for the girl, wishing she was close enough to her to lend a hug. Robin felt a bit tired as well, her eyes half shut a little, and a yawn escaped her lips. Sometimes she wished she were back in her bed at home, but her dorm wasn't all too bad. Her roommates were fairly nice, so that's what she appreciated the most.

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Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

May breathed a sigh of relief at the fact that Robin didn't drag to the hospital wing, imagining the worse case scenario. May smiled, a little to over enthusiastic to be believable.

"Will do! But I'm sure it one be a problem." May's voice quivered a bit, and she continued, "I-I'm just trying to remember my way to the great hall....for lunch", May's voice faltered a bit as she realized how stupid that sounded. She couldn't even find her way to the main place in the entire school! May resisted the urge to walk herself again, but instead brushed her fingers through her hair, slightly pushing on the bruise, that satisfied her.

May wasn't really sure what she should say next. There wasn't really much she could say to justify not knowing her basic ways around the castle. May shifted her weight from her heels to her toes, looking down at her feet.

"W-what about you? Where you going?", May said awkwardly, trying to divert the attention away from herself. She fidgeted with a loose seam on her robe, wrapping it tightly around her finger and letting it go. It distracted May from the preset. It was calm watching her finger go from reddish brown, to white, and back.

Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

Robin was reminded of where she was supposed to be in that moment. Her stomach gurgled, and she placed a hand over it. She smiled awkwardly and giggled at the sudden rumble.

"I've forgotten." she smiled. "I was heading to lunch myself. It's about that time in the day, at least."

She played with her sleeve, not knowing what to say next. She watched as May touched her bruise, still slightly concerned for the girl. Robin was partially glad that she wasn't in May's shoes, thankful that she could remain relatively calm in most situations. It musn't be very easy being that way. She wasn't too sure what to say next, as there wasn't really anything else to say.

"You know," Robin chirped, "I think we'll be good friends in time. You're a very sweet girl and you have potential. We should go to lunch together."

She once again, as she had previously, hoped that this would ease the girl. No matter what she said or how many smiles she cast, the girl seemed to be rather nervous and shaky. Robin understood, though. They were first years in a big school with lots of people - some scary at the most. She was glad to know someone else from Ravenclaw and to have met May. It made her feel happy to talk to someone else other than her pillow at night where she'd murmer as not to wake her dorm-mates. A smile was permanently plastered on Robin's face it seemed, although unknowingly to her.

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Stumbling for Balance and Words  Closed 

May didn’t know what to say. The girl seemed relatively nice, but no matter how many times May told herself that she was still felt uneasy. And it’s not like she could say no. That would come off extremely rude. So May nodded her head timidly.

“Okay.”, May said quietly, taking a deep breath, and shaking her hands out. The girl started walking in the opposite direction of where she was going, and May followed behind her, making sure she was looking where she was going. Her eyes glued straight ahead. For the most part at least.

May gazed at the crowded corridors, people bustling from one place to another. It was like looking at an impossible level of frogger. Some lanes going left, others going right, and almost all of them had no space in between. People bumping into one another, and people sweaty from being warmed by everybody else’s body heat. It was quite sickening to say the least. May looked back at Robin red hair, measuring the shadow to light ratio on her hair. That kept her distracted. That made her stop thinking about idiotically colliding with someone, having lunch with a person and not just being surrounded by people, and the incredible amount of sweat in one corridor. Being free of those thoughts made her smile.