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Wandering the halls  Closed 

By this time Dianna was already lost so she just gave up. Not many students were out and she understand why, it was lunch time! When she went looking for the Great Hall ended up in another corridor. Not recognizing the place she was going to turn back to where she came from but thought why not explore? With a shrug of her shoulders she continued walking.

Now here she was fussing at a random knight. "Ugh this is all your fault that I am lost!" she huffed. Even though she knew the knight had nothing to with her being where she was. She needed someone to blame and the knight was right next to her. Not wanting to get lost any further she decided to stay put hoping that anyone would walk by.

"aww but who would walk down here during lunch? So that mean I have to miss it until someone finds me?" She whine. She looked around for anybody but sadly saw no one. Kicking the knight she huffed. She sat down on the flower glaring at the knight while flowers seemed to grow around her with her noticing her powers running on her emotions.

"WILL ANYONE COME AROUND THE CORNER!" She yelled and the circle of flowers grew around her without her acknowledgement.

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Wandering the halls  Closed 

Nova was honestly fed up with the layout of Hogwarts. Sure, she had been to confusing cities, towns, even villages, but nothing nothing compared to the logic behind this place. She had never climbed so many stairs or walked so much at once in her life.
"WILL ANYONE COME AROUND THE CORNER!" a voice yelled around the corridor's corner.
Nova halted, taking a second to decide whether or not she wanted to proceed. That voice sounds angry... do I want to go around that corner and see what's going on? What if its something incriminating, something that'll get me in trouble? Nova frantically pondered. She took a deep breath. I am just so, so hungry. Nova let out a sigh, her brain going fuzzy from walking everywhere besides the Great Hall, wishing she had some trail mix her dad used to make for her.

Nova decided to proceed down the hall. If there are two of us, we can both try finding the Great Hall, right? I mean, if that's where even that person is going... or at least they can help me, like, find the Great Hall?

Nova walked down the corridor, turning the corner and not knowing what else to say, yelled out, "I'M HERE!"

Wandering the halls  Closed 

Verla heard a voice call out for help when she walked behind a girl quietly, not wanting to scare her. It was Dianna "Dianna?" Her voice called out as she passed the girl in front of her and came around the corner. "Hey Dianna, I haven't seen you in a while, what's wrong?" The girl (Dianna) seemed, lost. She didn't know, she couldn't exactly read people very well, books she could, but not people. People were so much different than books. Of course they are you idiot! The voice in Verla's head yelled. She ignored it and smiled, showing that she was willing to help if needed.

Verla remembered that Dianna had met Oliver before, but never got the chance to actually introduce herself and hold him. Verla had decided that if she drew the person holding him, girls in the side view and boys in the front, then that would be a way she could keep track of her friends. But she didn't have Oliver anymore, she needed a new pet.

Verla continued to smile, and totally forgot about the girl behind her. "Sorry, I recognized Dianna's voice and completely dodged you, I'm Verla, just Verla. Story for another day."

"What cannot be seen, felt, or carried?" Person who gets this right I will donate some money to them.

Wandering the halls  Closed 

Nova did not even notice the footsteps behind her when a girl even taller than she was whisked by her down the corridor, calling the voice from around the corner "Dianna." The girl didn't even seem to notice her, which startled Nova a little bit, not used to being ignored or unnoticed.

So when the girl turned around to introduce herself, Nova tried to quickly turn her frown back into a friendly face, and not seem like a haughty, pretentious girl that's used to being one of the centers of attention. It felt like Nova had two competing voices in her head. One was her conceited side, thinking you modeled for a department store's kid's department, I mean, you're not as tall as her but you're tall, and your dad says you're beautiful, I mean, so, that counts for something, right?

But the other was her more reasonable side, reminding Nova that you are not always going to be the tallest, or the prettiest, or center of attention. Get over yourself. Of course your dad thinks you're the most beautiful person he's laid eyes on, he's a father, he has to say that. Nova huffed, overall upset at herself.
"Sorry, I recognized Dianna's voice and completely dodged you, I'm Verla, just Verla. Story for another day," the girl said.
Nova gave a little smile and put out her hand, saying "The name's Nova. Nice to meet you, just Verla."

Wandering the halls  Closed 

Dianna looked up from her current spot and sighed in relief. Looking at them both of them very excited "Verla?" She thought to herself.. Finally someone well people were going to help her out. Plus it won't be awkward since she knew one of them. "Hey Verla. I'm a bit lost.." She said sheepishly. She noticed "Nova" with a smile. "Hi" she waved. Oh right! She thought. She quickly bowed. "Dianna Michi at you service'" she introduced herself the same way she had met Verla. She went up to the girl with her hand out for a handshake.

She was starting to like being able to meet people so easily. "So "I'm here." What's your name I wasn't really paying attention." She spoke with her head turned to the side in confusion. Ah once again she have not played any attention to her surroundings causing others to repay themselves. She smiled.

Her mother always had to repeat herself once or twice because her head was in the clouds. Dianna shook the thoughts to the back of her head hoping she didn't say anything while she was in deep thought than again she wouldn't Dianna is she did.


Wandering the halls  Closed 

Nova looked at her fellow Slytherin in slight confusion--she seemed to be so excited... to see people? She was that lost? The other girl almost seemed a bit cartoonish to her, given the waving right in front of her as an introduction, the earlier shouting at knight statues, the not paying attention. Nova raised a brow. She somehow didn't even seem to mind that she had just forgotten what Nova said--and all Nova said was her name, after all--and was smiling about it. Nova was a bit incredulous.

Gentle, Novie... don't be so quick to judge... she could hear her father's comforting voice in her head. Nova had grown up tolerant of many walks of life--from different sexualities, cultures, gender identities, the works. Somehow, though, she was completely intolerant of certain personality types. Certain people just made her skin crawl with annoyance, and it often happened so quickly, like upon their first introduction. And Nova really, really was trying to work on this, to be better, to be less judgmental. She took a deep, deep breath, and repeated herself.

"I'm Nova. It's nice to meet you, Dianna," Nova said, standing up straighter and giving a closed-mouth soft, slightly-forced smile. C'mon Nova, you're a nice person, why can't you be nice, Nova thought to herself. Well, I'm certainly capable of being kind, but does that mean I have to, the other, clearly judgmental side of Nova countered. Nova was already growing frustrated at her inner dialogue fighting itself.