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An Unwanted Appearance  Closed 

Amaya walked along the corridors, her face stern and serious. Her head was held high, and her posture perfect. She'd drawn on some of her pureblood pride. She laughed at the irony of it all. It was funny how her friendship with a half-blood, less frowned upon then with a muggle-born, had ended up worse. She laughed again.

If Mae didn't want to be her friend, then very well. She would live.

So why did it keep coming back to her?

She batted the thought away, and continued to walk onward, beginning to use her pureblood mask to keep herself from showing any anger. Instead, her face was clear and peaceful, a lie. Her movements were graceful, and a small smile dancing on her lips. The smile was genuine, as she was recalling her first interactions with the other people at the school. Drawing on those emotions to shape her mask was coming easier now, and she hoped her parents would be proud. For once.

She doubted it.

But she didn't care. Her friends, which had included Mae, had helped her realize that her parents weren't everything. Amaya could do what she wanted, though a small part of her knew that she was going to be getting a angry owl from her parents soon.

So caught up in her thoughts, she didn't pause and wait before turning past a corner. Instead, she bumped straight into someone.

Someone who looked strangely familiar.
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Amaya Elizabeth Bourne

An Unwanted Appearance  Closed 

Amaya watched Mae for a moment.

"You," Amaya snarled.

The venom in her own words shocked even Amaya, and she stormed away, a scowl firm on her face. She didn't bother to apologize, as she didn't want to. At all.

Hissing, she decided that she should have just stayed at the Library and finished her book. Her eyes narrowed, she walked faster, not bothering to look back and check up on Mae. After all, she didn't care either.

Mind whirling with anger, she clenched her fists, forcing herself to let go because her nail had borrowed deep into her palm. Instead, she settled or fingering her wand, effectively calming herself, even if it was only for a moment. This was a reminder of why she was here: to learn magic.

She wasn't here to chase after friendships.

Besides... I have other friends, people who would actually stay by me.

She hissed once more, her bitter thoughts only fueling her anger, lighting aflame.

She sighed, attempting to let go of her emotions. She reminded herself why she needed to go to the Great Lake, and why she'd even tried in the first place. To calm herself.

She doubted it would work, now that seeing her had only added to the building anger.

Amaya Elizabeth Bourne