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Corridor Happenings  Finished 

Bella was impressed when Muriel spoke of her mothers job at St. Mungo's and she also thought, despite having only met her around 10 minutes ago, this place really is crazy, that Muriel would be really great if she did follow after her mum.

The two girls faded into a companionable silence once Muriel had finished speaking. Maybe this truly was going to be the start of a real friendship, the kind that Bella had been so hoping for. She realised with a sad glance at their surroundings that they were at the end of the corridor. At least she recognised where they were now. They were near the stairs and right were they would need to be to head towards the library. Bella really didn't want to end the conversation here, she had finally found somebody that she was comfortable around and wanted to get to know her more.

"We could, uh, go up to the library or something if you would like? I mean you don't have to or anything, I just thought maybe we could talk some more. We still have a little time before we need to head back to our dorms," Bella had stuttered a little, nervous that Muriel would shut her down or reject the offer. She gave a nervous smile as she waited for her to reply.

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Corridor Happenings  Finished 

"Hmm?" Muriel said confusingly, now just noticing how far they've walked. "Oh wow, we are near the library! Time flies by so fast when you're having fun I suppose!" She stared at Bella, tilting her head slightly at her stutter. "But ya sure, I love the library! And I don't want to go back to my dorm yet, I just left from there." 

Indeed, she'd left from her dorm after meeting her other roommates and introducing herself due to the lack of activity. Her dorm was pretty quiet in all honesty, with most of the girls just laying on their beds reading books or doing homework, with maybe a small conversation starting up every now and then. While Muriel didn't mind that at all, she still had to admit that after doing her own heart's content of studying, it got a bit boring. So, she'd wandered far from the tower where the rooms were held and traveled all the way... here.

"It's quite big isn't it? The library. When I got my first tour around the castle, I was shocked on just its sheer size! And then with all the books! It was very overwhelming, but in a good way! Maybe the dense shelves around us could lessen the volume of our voices too, so that we don't disturb anybody." She added as she hopped up the first few steps of the staircase.   

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