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The sun was shining bright and warm as Lucy strolled across the grounds. Her last class had been released a bit early, and the Hufflepuff prefect took that opportunity to enjoy the fine weather along the lake. This lovely day was soon ruined, however, when she saw two students shimmying out of their school robes, popping something in their mouth, and disappearing under the water. Bandersnatch, she mentally cursed, groaning.  This is the last thing I wanted to deal with today. With a huff, she marched toward where she last saw the students.

It was clear that by the time she had reached their clothes that they were long gone under the water. Since they had jumped off the dock and had not surfaced for several minutes, Lucy could infer that they had ingested gillyweed. "Unsanctioned swimming, check. Possessing forbidden substances, check. Using forbidden substance to do prohibited acts, check, check, check," she grumbled to herself, irritated. She crossed her arms, ensuring that she stood back from the bank. There was no way they would see her until they had surfaced. 

So much for a nice, relaxing stroll. So much for a good time. Lucy hated policing - she wasn't even supposed to patrol this area! - but this was part of her duty as prefect. Her hands had started folding the naughty students' clothing almost on their own accord. The girl's robe was now nicely folded in a neat square. She set it down and folded the boy's jumper and robe, scanning the waterline. They would have to come back for their clothes - and if they ended up surfacing somewhere else and trying to sneak off, she would see them. It was good that the Great Lake was small enough to see the shoreline all the way around.

"You guys are so busted," she promised aloud in a whisper, taking a seat next to their clothes. Now it was just a waiting game.


Corridor Collisions  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

He flinched as he was pushed from behind, instinctively gripping at the wand in his pocket. But once he'd seen the source of his alarm, he gave her an amused snort. If only he'd been the first in the water, he'd definitely have played a better trick than that. Of course, as much as he hated to admit it, he'd been concerned, if only for a fraction of a second.

Constantine watched as Lilith performed some intricate loops in the water, as if she'd lived in it all her life. The Hufflepuff, however, was not as skilled. He took his time, getting used to being under the water without the need to take a breath. Though, he soon stopped ambling once Lilith returned a look of annoyance, diving further in order to follow her lead. As they delved deeper into the water, Constantine's mind wandered. Perhaps they'd come across some interesting creatures? He absentmindedly thought about all the magical beasts he'd read about, excitedly going over his favourites.

However, he did have his doubts. The Hufflepuff hadn't thought about the dangerous side of things. What about said creature's Ministry of Magic Classification? They'd both be as good as dead if they met anything above the XX Class. Well, it was too late now. Constantine kept behind Lilith closely, as to not loose her in the darkening water.

Corridor Collisions  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Lilith swam deep down into the water. It probably would have done well to bring a Muggle flashlight of some kind. She didn't own one, but one of her dormmates might have one she could steal. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to just jump head in. Lilith started to wonder if it could have gone smoother if she planned ahead a little bit more. Oh well. Unplanned adventures are always the best adventures.

Lilith checked behind her shoulder to make sure Constantine was still following, motioning ahead with her hand. She swam like a snake through the water, her dark hair flowing out behind her. She swore she saw dark shapes passing through every now and then. Lilith truly hoped that they wouldn't be eaten alive by some megalodon while deep under the lake. But, there were worse ends she assumed.

As she swam in deeper, more shapes started to reveal themselves. First, it was a few shiny fishes who didn't seem all that interested in them, next the fishes got bigger, eventually, a large skinny fish-like eel passed by them and Lilith stopped momentarily to watch it go by. Then she started to think, did the gillyweed protect them from the pressure under the water. Lilith would hate to go another foot deep to all of the sudden be crushed like a tin can.

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5