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Colliding Into A Potential Friend  PV   Closed 

Eri Windstone had been a bit bored so she decided to leave her common room on this fine Saturday morning. She was wearing a navy blue drawstring sweatshirt that was a bit baggy, white jeans, white high top sneakers and a plain white baseball cap seated backwards on the top of her shirt brown hair. She looked around the hall with her emerald green eyes, taking in everything. 

Eri stopped paying attention to the corridor and started to read a book as she walked. It was a muggle book and probably most people wouldn't know it. But it was called "Peter Pan" and it was a favorite child hood memory. Reading while walking wasn't the safest thing and with her probably not the greatest idea either. Her footsteps could be heard through the corridor. Some other persons footsteps could be heard up ahead but she wasn't paying attention. So as the sound got closer she still did not look up from her book. The brunette got to a turn going right and as soon as she turned right she collided into something solid, actually it was not something it was a someone. The collision had sent her to the ground, so she stood up and wiped the dirt of her jeans and picked up her book and looked at the boy she ran into.

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4