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Someone had said something along the lines of ‘there’s a forbidden room on the second floor’ and Dinah had suddenly been enamoured by the need to find this secret room. 

She was supposed to be in her Defence Against the Dark Arts class but she had decided it was worth missing the lesson, at the risk of being told off by the teacher, in order to hunt for this forbidden room. 

As the crowds had cleared, students disappearing into their classrooms and Dinah headed down the second floor corridor, a spring in her step. 

Right...where are you?” She felt along the stone walls, running them up and down to see if there was any fissures or any breaks in the wall. 

Dinah had always been one for adventuring and going places she shouldn’t. All she had to hear were the words ‘forbidden’ or ‘out of bounds’ and she would be eager to find these hidden secrets. 
She supposed being at Hogwarts, she should have been more careful. It was her first experience in the magical world and it probably wouldn’t do well for her to disregard the rules as she didn’t know what consequences could occur. Even so, Dinah continued her search down the corridor until eventually - finally- her hands felt something. 

Part of the wall was raised away from the rest and as Dinahs eyes searched hungrily she caught sight of some very well hidden hinges. 

Got ya!” Dinah grinned. 

She moved a little further across the cold stone and found the other side of the door. This was also raised slightly from the wall but not enough for Dinah to get her fingers around it. 

There didn’t seem to be a handle (which made sense considering it was a secret door) so Dinah paused for a moment thinking about what to do. 
Now she'd found the door she was desperate to get inside and see what it was hiding. It was just a case of how...

Could always use your wand? Her head reminded her, sarcasm lying heavily on the thought. 

Sighing at the obvious solution, Dinah pulled her wand from her robes and prepared to point it at the hidden doors. 

Uh...damn.” Defeatedly, she put her wand back into her pocket. She didn’t yet know the spell for unlocking doors. She’d of course heard of it and read all about it in one of her spell books but she hadn’t actually ever been shown how to do it. She didn’t feel confident enough in her magical ability to simply try it. 

Getting frustrated, Dinah scrabbled at the tiny ridge of raised wall grunting and breathing heavily as she tried as hard as she could to pull the hidden door open, not realising she was no longer alone on the corridor. 

- D.Dragensail
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

"It's Alohoma," a voice said from behind Dinah.

Lilith Westlocke stood their in her matching Gryffindor robes with her arms crossed over her chest. Her azul blue eyes were narrowed suspiciously as she watched her fellow Gryffindor find a new hidden door. Interesting, Lilith thought.

Knowing she was late to class, Lilith fought against her will to hurry to her next class. She already made the mistake of waking up late after being up past curfew in the library late into the night on her own adventures. Not to mention, she needed some trouble to cheer her up after missing breakfast.

"But I highly doubt it would work. Usually, secret doors are not opened by such a simple spell. You'll probably need a key of some kind as if the door was not meant to be open, it is therefore, guarded by magic."

If there was one thing Lilith loved more than anything, it was showing off just how smart she was. There was something that inflated her chest when she marked another wrong or taught another how to do the things right. Maybe Lilith belonged in Ravenclaw instead. That thought made her chuckle.

"What are you doing trying to get into a locked door anyways?" Lilith asked. "Usually in Hogwarts, when doors are locked there is a reason for that. We wouldn't want to get eaten by a dragon or stomped to death by a few unicorns, would we?"
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Abandoning her attempts at opening the door, Dinah turned in surprise to see the owner of the voice that had just spoken. 

A girl with Gryffindor robes and dark hair was stood, her arms folded and a quizzical expression on her face. It seemed she had been watching Dinahs actions with interest and she seemed a tad suspicious. 
Dinah watched the girl, her eyes narrowed slightly wondering if she was going to get her told off by one of the teachers. If this girl ran and told someone, she was sure to be in trouble firstly for not being in class and secondly for trying to get through the door that was clearly out of bounds. 

“You’ll probably need a key of some kind as if the door was not meant to be open it is therefore, guarded by magic.” The other girl explained, indicating to the stretch of wall the door was camouflaged into. 

Huh...that’s probably true...but I bet there’s some way we could get in.” Dinah proposed, smiling lightly at the girls seemingly serious face. 

The girl questioned why she was trying to get into a locked door anyway and Dinah had to be honest, the girl was right about the dragons and unicorns. Dinah hadn’t thought about what might be on the other side. 

Well - she had thought a lot about what could be on the other side but in each of her ideas whatever was behind here was something magical and wonderful. She hadn’t thought about whether it might be dangerous...

I’m just curious. Aren’t you? What is behind here? What needs protecting with a hidden door? It’s just intriguing...” Dinah trailed off, hoping the girl understood and didn’t think she was completely mad. 

- D.Dragensail
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Lilith tilted her head to the side, raising a questioning brow. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't curious, but there was the fact that the clock was ticking the later she was to class the more trouble would be in. Then, there was the door. The door that could hold who knows what.

For the past few weeks, Lilith has been hung up on her studies. Instead of making Hogwarts memorable, it has been flying by under loads of homework and classes. It is as if she has become a slave to pieces of parchment. And if there was one thing that made Lilith feel better, it was breaking the rules and releasing any hold the authority may have on her.

"Of course I'm curious!" Lilith gently shoved past Dinah and tried to pry open the edge of the corner to no avail. Next, she took out her aspen wand and pointed it at the little keyhole that was void of any doorknob.

"Alohomora," Lilith breathed into the lock, but her wand didn't react.

Lilith jumped back as the doorknob grew forward out of the door. The keyhole expanded into a mouth with teeth in a few seconds and bit at her. Lilith was quick enough to pull her hand away and the teeth bit empty air before snapping back into a regular door as if nothing had happened.

"You didn't mention the door bites!" Lilith yelped, turning to Dinah.
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Dinah grinned at the girls apparent enthusiasm, not even noticing when the girl pushed Dinah out the way to get to the door. Although this girl was very abrupt and perhaps a tad arrogant, Dinah couldn’t help but feel a liking towards her. She knew at some point in her life she had been the exact same and it felt comforting to know she wasn’t alone in that respect. 

The girl seemed to try Dinahs own attempt of prisung the door open but much like Dinah herself, she had no success. Again following the same pattern Dinah had, the girl pulled out her wand and pointed it at the door. 

The girl seemed miles more confident than Dinah had been and she watched as the girl whispered the spell confidently. 

Both girls had jumped back at the sight of a door knob appearing where her wand had been pointed and Dinah watched, her eyes wide as the keyhole began to grow. Teeth suddenly sprouted from the edges of the keyhole and like a hungry shark it lunged for the girls hand that was still precariously close to the handle. Luckily, it seemed she had rather good reflexes and moved her hand in time to not get bitten. 
As soon as they had appeared, both the teeth and the doorknob disappeared again and the pair was left staring at a blank door. 

“You didn’t mention the door bites!” The girl cried, turning to face Dinah indignantly. 

Dinah was feeling shocked. Nothing in the magical world didn’t shock her. Yet, there was also something else elating her. Excitement. Now the mystery of what was behind this well protected door was even more prominent, nudging Dinahs intent to get the door open and see what was inside. 

I didn’t know!” Dinah defended herself, holding her hands up, “At least you didn’t get bitten.

She sighed, turning back to the door. What next? If there was no danger of attracting the attention of the teachers in surrounding classrooms, Dinah might have been tempted to try blasting the door open. It probably wouldn’t work but she was willing to try anything. 

So what shall we try next? Think there’s a secret password or something?” 

- D.Dragensail
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

"Yeah, but I almost did!" Lilith scowled as she crossed her arms over her chest.

She began to examine the door again, ignoring the shocked features that seemed to freeze her fellow Gryffindor. It looked solid and there seemed to be no way through it. Being a first year, Lilith could think of no more spells that may help her in the situation. Maybe if they rammed it hard enough, it'll pop open, but Lilith surely doubted it. If the door was protected against magic, it was probably protected against two first year girls banging on it.

Lilith snorted at Dinah's words. A secret password? Ha.

"Ah yes," Lilith mocked. "Like the Gryffindor Common Room? Or the Headmaster's office? We all know they use candies for that one. Shall we try pumpkin pasty? Or list off random words until the keyhole with teeth get tired and try to bite out heads off next?"

Despite Lilith's sarcasm, she began to check closely around the door. The doorframe was old, seemingly older than the door by the cracked and dirty stone pieces that surrounded it. Running her hands along it, dust flew into the air and caked itself on Lilith's fingers.

"I think I found something." Lilith dusted some more of the dust away on one of the bricks that were eye-level with herself. There was a letter scratched on it. "There is a letter here. I bet they're on all the bricks and spell out a word. Maybe there is a password after all."

Lilith continued to dust off the bricks. She looked back over her shoulder at Dinah. "Well? Get to it, then."
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Undeterred by the other girls dismissal of her password idea and her apparent anger at almost having her hand bitten off, Dinah crossed her arms over her chest and again began looking over the wall. 

Well, if you have any ideas feel free to let me know.” She said, her tone a tad bitter but she tried to keep it at bay. She didn’t want to make any serious enemies here. “You never know, the password could be something easy. It’s a better suggestion that continually staring at these bricks day long.” 

Dinah watched as the girl ignored her unhelpful comments and began checking the area around the door. She seemed to push and pull at the worn stone in some attempt to find something. 

Is she going to pull the frame off? Dinah wondered, shuffling a little closer to get a better view of what the girl was doing. 

“I think I found something.” The girl announced, looking at the dust now coating her fingers. Where she had brushed the dust away, there was a single letter very clearly scratched into the stone.  
“Maybe there is a password after all.” 

Dinah couldn’t help the smug look that fell on her features. She wasn’t usually one to gloat but after having her idea dismissed so harshly, she was pleased with herself for actually being right. “See, I told you.” 

Seeing and hearing the girls order to help with what she was doing, Dinah eagerly got to work dusting off the remaining bricks, uncovering more and more letters. Finally each brick had been cleared and she stood back to view their work and hoped the answer would jump out of them. 

Of course it didn’t but she could hope. 

So we just have to identify all the letters and spell a word with them? Shouldn’t be too hard, right?” Dinah shrugged, glancing at the other girl and smiling inside. 

All she’d hoped for was a quick look at a secret door that contained maybe some forgotten equipment or important documents or something. It had now turned into a proper adventure, complete with unlikely companion and puzzles to solve. Dinah felt giddy with excitement. 

- D.Dragensail
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Lilith scowled at Dinah. "Finding a password is a lot easier than guessing one, don't you think?"

She waved her hand in the air, trying to relieve some of the dust as Lilith let out a small cough. Running her fingers along all the letters, Lilith assumed that it must be a phrase of some kind. Possibly a spell to help them out.

"What idiots would put the password right on the door?" Lilith pondered. "There must be something more than that . . ."

Taking a quill and parchment out of her bag, she dipped the quill into some ink and began to write down the letters in hope that it would reveal something.


Lilith listened off the letters for Dinah. "That mean anything to you? I think it might be Latin. A spell of some kind, possibly?"

Standing up from her crouched position on the floor, she held her parchment in her hands as she guestimated where the spaces would be to make the words dependent on her very, very little knowledge of Latin.

"Placere aperire ostium!" Lilith said, unsurely and braced herself for the keyhole to take one of her limbs off, but that never happened.

Instead, the hinges let out a hiss as the door slid open a crack. She grabbed the edge of the door and pulled it open, revealing a musty old tunnel with cobwebs hanging from the inside ceiling.

"This doesn't look like it was used for a long time." Lilith took a step into the tunnel.
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

“What idiots would put the password right on the door?” 

Dinah couldn’t help but agree wholeheartedly with her fellow Gryffindor. It seemed rather reckless and simply asking for trouble to put the password on the door itself. Nether the less, she was glad it was as it meant easier access for the two girls (and anyone else who happened to walk by but she ignored this thought). 

As the other girl wrote the letters down, Djnah watched over her shoulder as the ink formed the letters on the parchment.  


Altogether the words meant nothing but Dinah went through each individual letter till she made sense of them. 

Yeah definitely Latin. I don’t know about it being a spell though...I think it’s more of a statement or a request. That first word...I think it means ‘please’.” Dinah spoke slowly, or slower than she had been previously. She had taught herself some Latin a couple of years ago using books from the local library but most of it had got lost in her head somewhere. She stretched her mind trying to remember any more but it seemed she’d reached her Latin limits with just the one word . 

It seemed they just had to say the words and hopefully the door would open. The other girl (who it now occurred to Dinah that she didn’t know the name of) had guessed where the spaces in the words might occur, Dinah giving her input every so often. She was about to ask if she wanted her to read the words but was too late. 

With a shaky voice, the girl read the words to the empty air. 
Dinah glanced quickly up and down the corridor just in case someone had appeared without them noticing before turning back to the door. Literally by magic, there was a distinct noise of the hinges moving after being stood unused for so long and the door Dinah had found slid open a crack. 

Both herself and the other girl wasted no time in pulling the door open, eagerly revealing what lay behind. 

For a moment, Dinah was almost disappointed to see that all that was there was just a tunnel but then she revelled in the idea of venturing in and discovering what was inside. 

Dinah breathed a sigh of relief that the two girls hadn’t had their heads bitten off by a rabid key hole and turned to face the other girl, grinning. “Want to go in?

- D.Dragensail
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

"No, I was thinking we should just shut the door and walk away, after all, this time. I'm already so late to class I might as well miss it entirely," Lilith's voice dripped heavily in sarcasm. "I didn't almost get eaten by a door just to turn back because of some dark tunnel."

Lilith took a step into the tunnel and instantly regretted not bringing a cloak. It seemed like the tunnel was holding all the sharp wind that Lilith could sometimes hear whipping around outside the castle. Goosebumps broke out along her arms and she had to hold back her teeth from chattering. The spider webs above were decorated with frost.

"I guess we know why the Gryffindor Common Room is always so warm. All the chill goes here."

Lilith took a step deeper into the tunnel. The sides of the tunnel were stone and her footsteps on the ground echoed when she walked. It sounded like the tunnel was awfully long, and knowing Hogwarts, it could send them to America for all Lilith knew. Hopefully, this tunnel will have them remain in Hogwarts. Maybe a quick way to get to Hogsmeade? Or maybe an opening into one of the other Common Rooms? She chuckled at the image of some Ravenclaws digging out this tunnel just to get to their classes faster.

She began to walk down the long, dark tunnel. Lilith looked over her shoulder and called back to her fellow Gryffindor, "Are you coming? You don't have to be scared of some frozen spiders. I think I can manage to protect both of us from those beasts."

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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Dinah attempted to ignore the girls obvious sarcasm but it was proving difficult when every sentence dripped with it. Still, she was excited to have actually found the mysterious door. She couldn’t deny, as the chilling breeze blew over them, she was glad to have another person with her. It would have required a lot more bravery to disappear down some unknown tunnel by herself. 

Dinah nodded at the girls statement. It seemed like they had opened the door to a giant freezer. 
She glanced nervously up at the many cobwebs that all seemed to be decorated heavily with frost. She could only hope they reached whatever was at the end of the tunnel before they freezed. 

Looking at the stone walls that made up the tunnel, Dinah noticed little streams of water running down the stone, like the walls were leaking. It made the floor of the tunnel damp, the other girls footsteps echoing a little as she took the first few steps into the tunnel. 

“Are you coming? You don’t have to be scared of some frozen spiders. I think I can manage to protect both of us from those beasts.” The girl called over her shoulder as she ventured further into the tunnel. 

Dinah scoffed, rolling her eyes and running to catch up to the girl. “Who says I need protecting? Think I’ll manage, thanks.” 

She smiled sarcastically at the girl and hastened her steps, pulling ahead several strides. 

The tunnel carried on straight for at least another two minutes and then they were met with a junction. One passage winded off to the left, the stone walls continuing and the chilly breeze still blowing up it. The other passage turned abruptly right and it seemed that there was no water running down those walls and the wind had somehow disappeared. 

Dinah paused a moment, chewing her bottom lip. “Hmm...Come on, this way.” She called to the other girl, making sure her voice carried down the tunnel and that she heard the confident edge. See how the girl liked being told what to do for a change. 

She marched down the right passage, her footsteps altering slightly as she left the dampened ground and the floor became dry. 

- D.Dragensail
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Lilith ignored the girl's quip as she continued to walk down the dank passageway until they came to two tunnels. A choice. Lilith was about to say the second one, as that would most likely lead them to another spot in the castle, but she was too late as the other Gryffindor started walking down the right smugly.

"We're going deeper underground. I can't hear the wind anymore and it's less damp. We're probably in a newer part of the tunnel. Newer by a few decades at least. I wonder of the Headmaster knows about this place. Or if anyone does. Think about it, we could be the first to walk this tunnel since the school was built."

Lilith tilted her head in thought a little bit more. "But considering Hogwarts, there was probably a reason this place was forgotten. A monstrous beast perhaps? A spell that kills you instantly? Ah, this will surely be a quick adventure if that is true, won't it?" Lilith asked rhetorically.

"I don't believe I introduced myself. My name's Westlocke, Lilith Westlocke. Pleasure." Lilith didn't put her hand out for a handshake.

A light started to appear from in front of them. It was small, signaling there was a long distance to go yet still. Lilith started to walk faster despite her short legs. "Well hurry up then. I don't have all day to mill around in a dark tunnel like some people."
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

Dinah hoped that nobody else knew about this place. How cool would it be to be the only ones who know about some secret tunnel through the school? Of course, this was a very unlikely prospect. Hundreds of thousands of students had come and gone before themselves and it was only common sense to know that someone else had discovered this place. After all, someone had to have built it. 

I think it’s unlikely we’re the first...but I bet we’re the only ones in our year.” Dinah commented. Her pace had now slowed so that she walked side by side with the other girl. She thought she’d adequately made her point earlier that she wouldn’t be pushed around. Now she wanted to get to know the girl. 

As she heard the girls suggestions on what might be hidden in the tunnel, a shiver ran down Dinahs back but she didn’t let it faze her. Dangerous beast or life threatening spell, she was ready for some adventure. 

I’m Dinah Dragensail.” She introduced herself cooly. Lilith had introduced herself using her surname first and Dinah wondered if she was from one of those big wizarding families everyone seemed to know. Everyone except Dinah. She hoped that if Lilith had said the name hoping for a reaction, she wouldn’t be too put out when there wasn’t one. “Sorry I -

She was cut off as they began to near the end of the tunnel and a bright light shon in the distance, indicating they had almost reached the other side. 

Dinah increased her speed to match Liliths so that they were almost running side by side. 

Oh please, what exactly do you have to be doing that’s more exciting than this?” Dinah asked Lilith sarcastically, looking over at her and shaking her head. 

Their footsteps echoed noisily on the ground as they moved further and further along the tunnel. 
What do you think will be down here? Really?

Dinah wasn’t even sure why she asked. She knew that in reply all she was going to get was a sarcastic comment or a quick quip. 

- D.Dragensail
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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

"Oh please, what exactly do you have to be doing that’s more exciting than this?"
"Well, Dinah Dragensail," Lilith tested the name on her tongue. "I'd much rather be examining whatever treasure that could be at the end of this blasted hallway than the tunnel itself and I'd think you would agree with me on that one." Lilith swiftly walked closer to the light, doing a speed walk.

"Dragon eggs, gold, and all the treasure of your deepest, darkest desires. I don't know. Probably the end of the tunnel or another door. Maybe nothing at all. My best guess that this is just a shortcut from where we were to somewhere else. Don't get too excited on me. I doubt we'll be fighting any Chimaera down here or the Chamber of Secrets," Lilith rolled her eyes as she spoke.

The tunnel came to a close, but Lilith was partially right on her predictions. There was, in fact, a door, but not just one. There were three doors. The one of the far left, closest to Lilith, was a dark purple wooden door with a silver knocker. The middle door was made of oak, with was looked to be vines of gold being etched into the door along with a golden doorknob. Lastly, the door farthest to the right, nearest to Dinah, was a stained glass door. It looked jagged and was smokey to the point Lilith could not see through to the other side. There was only a keyhole.

"Looks like we have yet another choice to make," Lilith said as she ran her hands up and down every door. "I'm going to take back what I may have said before. There must be something down these tunnels. Just a path from one way to another would be too much challenge and work for such little reward as that. Maybe there is treasure on the other side," Lilith exclaimed, shooting Dinah a wolfish grin.

Sweeping off more dust with her hands, signaling that no one has touched the door in ages, Lilith saw some words etched into the purple door. She moved to the other two doors, revealing words etched in the center of them as well. It was quite shocking to find out the glass door was actually smooth and that the words were white against the colored glass.

Glancing above, Lilith placed one foot on the doorframe and grabbed the top of the middle one, using her muscles to lift herself up. One-handed, she held herself up and wiped some of the dust off the wooden plank above the doors. Her muscles shook and she dropped herself back down, whipping the dust onto her robes.

The plank read:
If you choose this door . . .

Above the doors read:

. . . you will solve a puzzle to win your treasure

. . . you will fight the beast and gain your glory

. . . you must survive a nightmare and come out stronger

Lilith took in a deep breath. "Looks like we have another choice on our hands."

She examined each of the doors and what they said. Treasure, glory, or strength? Each seemed like a challenge. Lilith knew she barely knew any spells to fight off a beast and knew that she could probably solve a puzzle, but she couldn't deny being attracted to the third door.

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Locked doors  PV Lilith Westlocke   Closed 

As they continued down the corridor, Dinah wondered what on Earth a Chimaera was. And what were the so called Chamber of Secrets? Another mystery of the Hogwarts castle to be discovered? 
Dinah didn’t let her companion know of her lack of knowledge. She already seemed to think her somewhat dim witted and Dinah definitely did not need to give her anymore reason to. She was sure she would discover what the terms meant eventually. 

She desperately hoped this tunnel wasn’t just a shortcut to the other side of the castle. That would be terribly boring. 

I think I’d rather find a dragon than just the eggs...” Dinah pondered over Liliths words, images of the dragons from her books at home running through her mind. “Don’t you think that would be cool? I mean totally dangerous and life threatening but really cool.” 

Her thoughts of dragons were quickly removed from Dinahs head as the two girls finally approached the end of the tunnel. 

They faced the three doors, Dinah feeling a little stumped. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the middle door and the gold vines that decorated it. Yet she was next intrigued by the door to the right. It was glass but you were unable to see through it making it very appealing. 

“Maybe there is treasure on the other side.” Lilith said, grinning. 

While Dinah wondered what could possibly be waiting for them on the other side she watched Lilith uncover the words both on and above the doors. 

She was rather impressed by Liliths enthusiasm to get into the job at hand. She didn’t seem to have a problem lifting herself up the doorframe to wipe away yet more dust. 

Dinah coughed as the dust from Liliths robes flew through the air. When she had finished working clean air through her lungs, Dinah noticed the words that had become clear above the doors. 

A puzzle, a fight or a nightmare?
Treasure, glory or strength?

It was all very mysterious and Dinah nerves buzzed with excitement. This was what she had hoped from the wizarding world, a quest with challenges and moral issues and whatnot. 

Well...I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ve had enough lessons to be able to fight anything. I guess I could try to solve a puzzle- not sure how well that’d go though. I’m kind of thinking...the glass door?” She ended the sentence like it was a question, wanting to know what Lilith thought. 

Admittedly Dinahs nightmares weren’t something she’d particularly like to experience in real life but at this moment in time she felt strong enough to take it on. 

- D.Dragensail
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