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Oliver took a huge inhale as soon as he was released, shaking his soaking face like a dog as he got his air back. He stayed on his knees, he didn't mind the form of bullying but the fact it happened brought tears to his eyes. The aggressiveness towards him when he never conflicted a wrong on anyone in his whole life.
He turned and looked at Erin, trying to understand her. God, she's ugly. He couldn't understand the joy she obtained from all of this, the fact she said it was fun made him angry. The other two boys seemed good, they were Gryffindors, surely they had some sense of morality within them. They probably couldn't contain this girl completely so they were following her to prevent her from going overboard.
Even though he could now go for his wand, he didn't want anything more to do with Erin however, he just wanted to go back to his dorm room. The exit to the cubicle blocked by three students, Oliver would have to go over them. If we walked, she could grab his ankle and trip him, so he decided for an alternative movement method.

Oliver took off in a gallop on his hands and feet, legs bent. Not a crawl, not a weird, high-butt straight leg crawl either, a gallop. He gracefully moved along the floor, and passed over Erin completely, his tummy hung to her and passed over her body, till it wiped across her face. He turned right and sped out of the room, reaching up for the door handle instead of standing, still presumably galloping in the corridor.

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Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

It seemed like it worked, Erin was pulled back out of the cubicle, though only at that point Alex realized Anatole was helping him, seems like he didn't take her stunt very kindly either. The girl went down quite easily, he didn't expect any less. They didn't seem to be up for his offer for getting some breakfast though, it was a bit disappointing, all of this could have been over right there and then, but then something Alex couldn't expect happened. The toilet kid got on all fours and started running away, he basically trampled through Erin and pushed Alex away in the process, knocking him off balance and sending him to the ground. It took a brief moment for Alex to realize what had just happened...

"Wh-what just happened... Did that fu**er just push me? I helped him out of that toilet! Did that rolly polly looking piece of sh** just shove me aside to make his escape?!"

He didn't realize it yet but he was growling, teeth clenched and fingers bent as if trying to grip something while the palms were planted onto the floor, his eyes were fixated on the majestic pig making his exit out of the bathrooms. Alex with a sharp motion pushed himself off the ground, shoulders deepening down as if he gave too much force for the push and then straightening up again, head hanging low, then raising up a bit after his body.

"I... I will deal with that fu**er later."

He somehow managed to hold himself back from chasing after the kid like some rabid animal trying to catch his prey. Not knowing what to do with his anger, he made a sharp turn towards the cubicle and punched the door frame connecting the two cubicles. It wasn't pretty, his fist didn't land properly either and now it hurt too. Though it managed to help him release some of that anger, he wasn't as upset anymore, he could think again, he knew that if he got so heated up, what would happen to the girl, she got the worst of it after all, though despite him somewhat calming down, he wont object to her targeting that kid anymore, heck, he might even help her depending on his mood.

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Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

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Oliver shook off the filthy toilet water and the large droplets of water felt unnaturally slimy and thick. Erin could feel an unknown appendage inside of her clench up and recoil and the globules of water rained down on her after she was yanked back. She would land on her backside, pain shooting up from her tailbone to the base of her skull. Her back arched and the back of her head hit the dirty floor next with a resounding crack that would leave her disoriented. She would make an unintelligible noise as she made impact. The saw stars for a moment, a flash of light then her sight was blurred. She felt as if she was moving but she was not, the room was simply spinning.

She made a comment she never intended to make. Next thing she knew, Oliver would make a break for it. The soaking wet mongrel would tear out of that stall, trampling over Erin as he did so. His rotund midsection slapping her across the face and momentarily suffocating her as her shoulders were still pinned by Alex and Anatole. She instinctively struggled of course, the lack of air granting her an autonomic sense of panic. This was probably the worst possible way that she could die. She tried to scream but no sound to pass through the indomitable wall of blubber. The worst possible way to die.

Alex would be knocked back, his grip on her shoulder relinquished as a foot to her gut knocked the air out of her in a big woosh. Alex would crash onto the ground, not having far to fall but still a disgraceful maneuver all the same. Erin would gasp for breath, her solar-plexus hit during Oliver's triumphant escape. 

Erin's dominant arm free, she would attempt to shove Anatole off of her. She was too breathless to say anything sarcastic or witty at first. She was going to turn on Anatole, make him regret taking the 'wrong side.' It had nothing to do with an affection or a loyalty towards Cloverfield but rather Anatole was closer and therefore an easier victim. She did not care if the fat **** got away, he would not be able to run fast or far. She would deal with him later.

She would not have regained her wind before she felt the floodgates open, it was as if a tank of water was punctured, a steady stream would erupt from the hole draining the tank but the glass was cracking. Spurting from these rough spider-web like delineating lines was more water. At least that was what she had seen in her mind's eye: a cracked tank and a free meal. 

It was distracting. Enamoring. Utterly satisfying.

Her sight was still blurred, she blinked thrice and her sight started to recover. The boy lacked an outlet, as some do. He would punch the wall of the stall, the small space they shared would shake violently. Alex might have entered a self-perpetuating cycle of anger with that impulsive act. He was looking for a channel to release that welling anger that was near climax. Violence, an act of aggression was an escape however, the pain of a sprained or broken hand would likely only re-engage him.

Erin was absolutely be okay with this fact.

If free of Anatole's grip she would attempt to stop Alex if he took chase. He was utterly delicious.No, she wanted to see where this would take him, well them. She half forgot the disgusting spray of bowl water, the indignity of being trampled and whatever it was that had brought her here in the first place. "Ugh," she complained. "Think he is getting away..."

Just a trick of the lighting they said...

Tell me the Truth or the Fat Lady gets it..  Close 

It has been nearly a month since any of the participants: Alex, Anatole or Oliver have posted since my last post. I am going to assume for the sake of completion that Erin stormed off on her own angry and disgusted by Oliver's lard.

Just a trick of the lighting they said...