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Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

The storming sound of an angry pair of footsteps rang across the corridors of the second floor, coming from a fuming young raven-haired noble witch that was seriously aggravated. It was almost curfew, so only a few students lingered around, yet they all fell silent and moved out of the way frightenedly when they took a glance at the murderous expression on her face. 

Yet again, Regina got into a heated argument with her Slytherin older sister and it eventually resulted in an unauthorized duel. This time, their elder twin brothers couldn't stop them in time and they were eventually caught by a Professor, which of course, resulted in losing House Points. She should be grateful that she wasn't send to detention instead, however that was merely enough for the Regina to snap. She had never cost Gryffindor to lose House Points before. What a disgusting feeling of shame that was. 

"May thousands of unfortune befall her!" Regina uncharactically cursed. "I didn't come to Hogwarts to be humiliated!"

She wasn't even looking where she was going, Regina had completely lost her usual cold and icy demaneor. She should be heading back to the Gryffindor Common Room; however to let off some steam, Regina decided to stay around at the corridors and try to compose herself first before she could cause even a bigger scene.

Regina closed her eyes, breathing in and out deeply to keep her anger at bay, clearing her mind of any negative thoughts. It wasn't until she bumped into someone else and fell backwards did her purple orchird eyes snapped open and her hands reaching out instictively, a small gasp of shock escaping her lips.

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

Lancelot hadn't been necessarily rushing to the Slytherin common room, since he was lost in thought as usual and was walking with a steady pace down the corridors. It was mostly quiet, which was actually quite nice for once, yet it almost felt wrong. Like something should be happening.

Shrugging the feeling off, Lancelot put his hands in his pockets, sighing and closing his eyes momentarily. It was just starting to get dark out, the setting sun casting beams of dark orange through the corridors from the windows. Lancelot was simply taking time to enjoy the serenity of it.

Lost in his own mind, he hadn't even heard another person approaching, and only opened his eyes a tad bit too late before he felt someone crash into him, making him gasp in surprise.

Shocked, he flinched away from the impact, soon catching sight of a girl falling just in front of him. Then, out of instinct, Lancelot reached his hand out as quickly as he could, just barely catching the girl and stopping her from dropping to the stone floor.

Their hands locked, their breath hitched, and their eyes met. In fact, he was pleasantly surprised to see such a brilliant shade of violet before him.

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Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

For a moment, it was as though time stopped. Regina's orchid hues stared into his luminous teal ones, her breath hitched in surprised as she felt her slim figure being held delicantly in strong arms, preventing her from falling head first onto the solid ground. Everything about him was so...suave, so handsome, so...

Wait a moment. Who on Earth was this guy and why were they standing so close?

Reality hitting her abruptly like a boulder, Regina repelled away from the stranger, her expression of shock and bewilderment was replaced with wariness and cautiousness. An odd and unfamiliar feeling just rose from the deepest depths inside of her; what in the world was that? It could mean something bad. Regina reminded herself to never trust anyone she just met, no matter how kind and genuine they could be.

Straightening up her pose, the raven-haired witch adjusted her attire, her eyes never leaving the boy standing in front of her.

"I would have been just fine, so thank you, but no thank you." She coldly stated. 

However, depsite a better judgement, Regina couldn't help but admit that this guy sure knew how to polish himself, making him looked like a somewhat narcissist. And it was quite...attractive, to say the least. If Regina was actually one of those girls who would swoon ridiculously over those types of men...No, probably not the best to imagine such an image.

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

Lancelot wasn't exactly surprised when the girl pulled away from his grasp, her gaze hardening and her expression falling to something more serious. When she spoke, her words were like ice, matching her intense demeanor. But the defiance in her voice made Lancelot arch a brow, a smirk spreading across his face and his arms crossing, allowing him to lean forward in a sly manner.

"Why yes, my apologies. Of course you would have been perfectly fine. After all, the floor is only made of hard, cold stone. You would have only hurt yourself to a certain extent, of course. Perhaps break a bone, or maybe if you were really lucky, crack your skull, resulting in a slow and painful death. But of course, according to you, that would have been completely, utterly fine."

Lancelot then straightened himself, fixing the Slytherin tie wringed around his neck and contributing to the direct eye contact. Despite his sarcastic comments, he was actually quite glad that he could catch the Gryffindor girl before anything bad happened. It would have been quite alarming if she did get hurt. He wasn't kidding when he expressed how painful it would have been if she just so happened to land wrong.

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Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

"Oh please, I've experience far more worst than any sort of physical pain." Her arms crossed in a defiance stance, Regina rolled her eyes at the sarcastic reply, completely unfazed in front of the impish Slytherin boy. Having dealt with much more of duplicitous behaviors from the worst of people, she was used to the way such comments would be thrown at her as soon as she began acting presumptuously.

However, as much as she didn't want to, the raven-haired witch admitted mentally that it would have been a disaster if her slim figure had collided against the stony floor; she could have hurt herself painfully in a fit of cold rage that had gone slightly out of hand. Regina made a mental note to get a better grip of her emotions the next time she would face her deceitful sister.

Letting out a heavy sigh, the girl pinched the bridge of her nose before proceeding to lean against the wall, her orchird eyes breaking from the Slytherin's direct gaze momentarily as she stared at the ground, utterly distressful. The curfew was approaching with each minute, however Regina had somehow lost the strength to continue forward and instead, she slid down to the ground, hugging her legs close. 

How should one feel when being told she was the disappointment of the family by their own sibling who surpassed them in both knowledge and skills? She was probably an embarrassment to her own House too. After everything she'd done to thrive for the best...

Noticing the other Slytherin was still standing next to her, Regina shot him a cold glance, her tone was less impolite but her expression remained the same.

"Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me?"

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

For one thing, he was glad the girl didn't seem offended by his sarcasm (some people are for some reason), the comments were truly only said to prove a point.

And for another thing, he was surprised when she sank down to the ground, clutching her legs and burying her face into her knees. Lancelot thought he had saved her from harm, but really, she seemed to have been harmed even before she ran into him.

He was tempted to ask if she was alright, but she didn't really seem like the kind of person who would take that well. So he just stood there for a moment, trying to conjure up something to say, but his thoughts were interrupted when she spoke to him, her voice suddenly thickened with emotion.

"I mean..." Lancelot began to reply, "I don't think it'd be much better if I just left. What kind of person just leaves someone like that?"

His gaze softening, he sat down beside the girl, yet still kept his distance since he didn't want to make her uncomfortable, and concluded that she probably wanted some space.

"I know I don't really have the right to ask you this, and don't yell at me or anything- but are you okay? I mean obviously you're not because you seem... distressed... so I guess I should really be asking... what's wrong?"

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Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

The Gryffindor was slightly taken aback when he decided to sit down next to her, considerately at a small distance as though he didn't want to invade her personal space. The raven-haired young noble respected him for that, even though he was just another stranger inside this enchanting school. And strangely enough, she found his presence to be comforting, regardless that she was quite the solitary type. Maybe because she wasn't in the right state of mind.

There was a flicker of melancholy inside her orchird hues as Regina looked over at the Slytherin boy, however it dissapeared as quickly as it came when her gaze shifted to the stony wall in front of them, keeping her voice as skeptical as she could manage with the mix of emotions still swelling inside of her.

"Nothing you should be concerned of. Furthermore, you wouldn't understand. Nobody would."

Regina clenched her fist slightly, thinking about her past of living inside the shadows of those who were greater than her. Why would she reveal her own insecurities to someone she didn't know anything about, when she had even built these towering and unbreakable walls around herself to protect her from being hurt mentally? 

Seeing all of those other students overly excited and thrilled of attending Hogwarts brought some sort of distaste to Regina. It wasn't that she didn't like being here; it was because she was too ambitious of her goal and ended up crumbling when reality slapped across her face that no matter what she did, her skills would never be the strongest.

Ugh, why am I suddenly having these depressing thoughts? Get a hold of yourself. You're being weak.

Only the strongest can survive.
Regina A. Miller

Unexpected Encounter  PV Lancelot   Closed 

Lancelot was silent for a moment. He looked at the girl beside him, observing how she was struggling between keeping her composure and letting her emotions show. It didn't make much sense to Lance. Composure doesn't make you seem strong- it makes you seem afraid. Maybe the Gryffindor girl was afraid. He couldn't be sure. It was hard to tell what was going on in her head.

"Maybe I will understand, maybe I won't," Lance finally replied. "But understanding and caring stand on their own. So even if I haven't fully experienced what you're going through, I can still realize how it makes you feel and try to help."

Lance shrugged, turning his gaze to stare at the stone ground, chuckling softly for a short moment.

"Sorry if I sound... persuasive. It's really your choice if you want to talk about it or not, I don't want to make you uncomfortable." He then turned to the girl again, giving her the most friendly smile he could manage with soft, sympathetic eyes.

"But know that if you do want to talk about it, I'll listen." Lance shrugged again, quickly turning his gaze back to the ground and pursing his lips together in a sudden bout of uncertainty.

"I-I don't mean to sound full of myself though! I'm not saying I'm the perfect counselor or whatever. I just want to let you know that I'd be more than happy to help you in any way I can."

It's true, Lancelot didn't want to make her think he was full of himself in the situation they were in. That might only drive her away. He couldn't lie though, he was narcissistic in some, if not many aspects. Including his appearance and the amount of friends he was able to make simply by being kind to them.

It's remarkable, really. How people are easily drawn in just by the amount of friendliness of a person has. It builds a level of trust for them, and that trust could easily be toyed with and manipulated.

But Lance wouldn't do that.

He may brag occasionally, but he wasn't a monster! He truly did want to help people. And in particular, for the moment, the Gryffindor girl. She looked aggravated and depressed. Lancelot hated seeing anyone like that... it was even heartbreaking for him. No one deserves to feel alone.

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