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Supposed Seclusion  PV   Closed 

PV: Ava Silver, Angela Silverberry, Amadea Campbell.


The ceiling was pretty light after a nap. It was all Anatole had seen since he had woken up when he had scheduled himself a naptime and sworn he forgot something somewhere. A simple textbook left in one of the areas he had visited today had kept the boy up. Quickly looking around the dormitory, Anatole rose to his feet, tossed on his robe, and exited his dormitory hopefully without waking up any other students patiently napping. His footsteps were rather quiet as he darted through the Common Room, shutting the door behind him with an audible sigh. His job was to make this swift and return right back to bed. For once, it was his duty to remain unnoticed. The good news is that he had pretty much done it well so far at the school.

It was that glorious time of day where the halls were illuminated with the golden daylight peering in through the windows and making the wood look all more dramatic than it should be. It was simple to admit that such a phenomenon was strange, well, all nature was strange, and especially in the day’s cycles. All that aside, Anatole trekked on. He ambled through the corridors, making his way toward the Library.

There was yet another thing that the boy found odd--not many were out. Were they all napping? Maybe they were all at dinner or something and he had slept through. Was there a class going on? Whatever the situation, the passages were quiet.

The rhythmic click-clacking of footsteps echoed through the halls and around the corner...the same corner Anatole was about to turn around. A chill ran down his spine...were the rumors real from that one talk? Certainly not. It all seemed to preposterous. But just in case… ”Hello?”

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Supposed Seclusion  PV   Closed 

The day had started out as any normal day would; Amadea woke up, attended her classes, tried to pay attention, and then she had her free time. She had gone back to her dormitories and just sat on her bed, lost in thought. Amadea couldn’t even remember half of the things she had been thinking about, in which case she decided that she couldn’t have been thinking about anything of significance if she could not even remember the topic of her thoughts.

It was beginning to grow late in the afternoon at the point during the day when the sunlight filtered through the windows and cast a golden glow on its surroundings. Deciding to take a stroll to the library to return her library books, Amadea slipped into her robes and silently exited the common room. After making it up the many flights of stairs, Amadea was surprised at what she saw, or rather, the lack of what she saw. During her trip up to the fourth floor, she had encountered a total of zero students. She wondered where they all were. It was unusual for Hogwarts to be this empty and quiet during the afternoon; usually there were packs of students walking around the halls, talking and catching up after their classes were over. There were also those students who were late for class and would rush by, nearly knocking over everyone in their path as they tried to get to class on time.

However today, there was nothing. It began to seem eerily quiet as Amadea listened to her footsteps echo on the stone floor as she walked. She was beginning to feel more than uncomfortable now. Had she really been so lost in thought that she missed some notice as to why everyone seemed to be gone? Maybe they had all taken a hike or maybe everyone was holed up in their dormitories, lost in insignificant thoughts as Amadea had been. Whatever the reason, Amadea wished she knew. Walking through the passages of Hogwarts and being able to hear her own footsteps was beginning to creep her out.

She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a voice, coming from not too far away. Amadea didn’t catch what they had said, only that someone had spoken. She picked up her pace, wanting to get to the library as quickly as possible to avoid any confrontation with students. She just wanted to arrive at the library quickly where she could let out all of her stress by reading and forget about the disturbing silence. As she barrelled around the corner, she found herself face to face with another student who looked just as frightened as she felt.

She let out a loud yelp that echoed throughout the corridor. Jumping backward, she adjusted her glasses and took a better look at the student she had nearly ran over. She recognized him immediately as Anatole, her fellow teammate during the lock-in. He looked like any normal student would when they had just nearly been plowed over by another student.

“Oh, forgive me!” she exclaimed, flustered. “I’m quite sorry about that.” She was glad she had managed to stop herself before flying into the poor boy. That wouldn't have ended well. 

“Today  seems to be quite an odd day,” she added as an afterthought. She wondered if Anatole had noticed the odd mood that had descended upon Hogwarts. While Amadea was now slightly reassured that she had found another human being, she couldn't shake the feeling that something weird was going on. 

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