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Ami breathed out a massive sigh of relief as Amadea assured her, saying that no, she wasn't hurt. Good, that was good, there was still a chance of them getting out of this alive. "I'm fine- maybe a tad winded, but otherwise, I'm fine." Ah, who was she kidding? She wasn't tired at all, it was Amadea who sounded like a dying duck. 

Brushing Amadea's fiery locks back from her hair, Ami subtly grabbed at her friend's wrist to make sure that her pulse was slowing down from its rapid-fire pace. It was- slowly, but she seemed to be catching her breath, now, her rasping gasps for air becoming less frequent, lapsing back into her normal breathing patterns.

Taking Amadea's hand in hers once more, Ami held her wand out in front of her, recasting Lumos to bring some light to the dark passageway. "Come on, we've got to keep going. Who knows what Dwayne Johnson's going to say to Valtome?" 

Ah, yes, another upside to being tight with Amadea- she, too, grew up in a No-Maj's world, where Ami could actually make references to her non-magical childhood and someone would actually understand her jokes. If Kyden, or Mia, or maybe even Scott had been there, she most likely would've been greeted with blank stares and confused expressions.

Now going at a walking pace, rather than the full-tilt sprint the two had been attempting earlier, Ami strolled with Amadea down the passageway, brandishing her wand like a sword, the light a viciously sharp blade keeping the rats away. Oh, how poetic, the two girls together... how rare and magical the bond of friendship could be. Theoretically, if this were to go as it would in books, the two were now inseparable, indestructible, and could do anything if they just worked together.

But this was not to be- this wasn't some fairy tale, someone's story; no, this was real life, and real life was a bully. Ami knew that the bond with Amadea was nearly unbreakable, but the two girls themselves weren't inseparable- after all, they had their own, other friends, with their own responsibilities as well. Ami, after all, wasn't a prefect, and Amadea wasn't a bad student. 

"Hopefully, the next time we come here..." Wait, did Amadea even actually want to come back? "I mean if you want to come back, of course. But the next time we're in here, hopefully, things don't go as badly," Ami said conversationally. "Hey, we might even be able to make that secret hideout thing come true."

Comrades & Courtyards, Pals & Passageways  PV 

Neither of them was hurt. That was good. While they were both winded from running (okay, fine it was only Amadea - it wasn't her fault that she wasn't a runner!), no other physical damage was present. Amadea sighed a breath of relief. They had made it safely back into the passageway and now could move on and go back. 

Ami still seemed concerned about Amadea's well being, and Amadea watched as her friend grabbed at her wrist, most likely looking for a pulse. Amadea was a bit confused as to why she was looking for one. It wasn't like Amadea was passed out on the floor. Thankfully, Ami seemed to find what she was looking for and removed her hand. 

After a little bit longer of sitting on the floor, Amadea felt well enough to stand, so she picked herself up off of the ground and stood. Her legs still felt a bit shaky (gosh, was she really this out of shape?) but she toughed it out. Ami grabbed her hand, and together the two girls began walking through the passageway back the way they came. "Hopefully he won't say anything," Amadea said. "After all, he looked pretty surprised to see us." Amadea was still scared that they were going to get into some trouble. She really didn't want to though. After all, it wasn't like they had really done anything too wrong...right? 

Trying to reassure herself, Amadea followed her friend and the light down the passageway, trying to think of anything besides Potions and Dwayne Johnson. The walk back through the passageway was considerably less terrifying than when they had been coming the other way, most likely because Amadea knew what to expect. With Ami's light, they could see hazily through the darkness. It would be enough to spot the rats if they ever came back, and Amadea was fairly certain there wouldn't be any more surprises as they went back. Hopefully. 

The adventure had been nothing like Amadea had expected it to be, but somehow it was oddly satisfying. She had successfully gone through the passageways and survived seeing rats as well as the terrifying Dwayne Johnson kid. All in all, it was a successful mission. Plus, she had talked more with Ami. Even though the two girls hung out almost all of the time, they hadn't had much real bonding time, so this was nice. While Amadea definitely would have preferred bonding in the common room, safe and sound getting to know each other, there was something about these terrifying experiences that made bonding much quicker and stronger. 

"Next time we come down here, we're not letting Kyden leave us like that," Amadea said. "He definitely knows the passageways a lot better than we do." Amadea had to admit it was kind of fun not knowing where they were going. It added to the adventure, though Amadea wasn't sure she would want to have that kind of adventure again anytime soon. "Building a secret hideout would be so fun! We should definitely do it." 

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Ami balled her hand into a fist, smacking her open palm comically, like she would beat up Kyden when she would see him. She wouldn't, obviously, but it was somewhat funny all the same. "I swear, that kid... a traitor!" she declared, entirely joking. Her face said otherwise, however, as it was twisted into an offended scowl, like she was on the verge of bursting into tears.

Masking her expression and transforming it into an entirely different one had become second nature to Ami. Hiding laughs behind a poker face made of steel, turning a harsh scowl into a pleasant smile... all elementary for the born-and-grown liar. Liar? Was that too harsh? No, it was just right- she lied, not with her words, but with her face, with her expressions. A handy tool, but one that sometimes worked too well.

Point was, she was joking. She wasn't mad, at all.

"Just abandoning us down here, how rude of him! We'll have to give him a good talking-to, once we see him again." Shaking her head in disappointment, Ami mumbled to herself about the horrors of betrayal and just how rude Kyden was, but it was pretty clear that she was still just joking. Honestly, this girl needed to learn how to take things seriously, for once.

Ami nodded in agreement to Amadea's enthusiasm, her chin bopping up and down mindlessly. "Yes... yes, a hideout..." Shooting Amadea a conspiratorial look, she raised an eyebrow, a mischievous look on her face. "But... because of his, er, betrayal, do we let Kyden in on it?" It could be considered payback- of course, they'd let him in at some point, later in time, but during the construction of the hideout... well, he didn't have to know. Right?

Heck, they could even surprise him with it! As, you know, a sort of gift, for his birthday? Wow, that conversation would go over well, wouldn't it? "Hey, Kyden, look at what we got you for your birthday!" "Wow, thanks Ami, is this a legit gift that you bought for me?" "Nope! We just used your map you oh-so-generously gifted to us to create a secret hideout behind your back that we've been using for a few months and only now decided to let you know about it."

Yeah, maybe not that good of an idea, after all. 

The passageway seemed to become less and less terrifying and dark as the girls continued along- at least, in Ami's opinion. She began to see hideout opportunities- light and torches along the walls, especially those fairy-light types you saw on Tumblr and Pinterest. Maybe here, at this bend, it would be the main attraction, with bean bags and cushy pillows, and fluffy rug and a an ottoman, a small coffee table in the center with a big hang light above...

Over the top? Sure. Worth it? Definitely.

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Amadea laughed at Ami's over the top acting of beating up poor Kyden. Even though Amadea was quite angry at him for leaving them down here so abruptly, she wouldn't go so far as to punch him. Then again, Amadea had never actually punched anyone before. It probably wasn't worth all of the effort, and from what she had heard, it hurt both the person who was being punched and the person doing the punching. Lesson learned: stick to slapping. 

"How dare he leave us down here all alone!" Amadea exclaimed dramatically, playing along. "He should be ashamed of himself!" At this point, Amadea was feeling a bit confused as to whether or not they were still joking or if Ami was being serious. Obviously, she knew that Ami was a master at joking around and acting, but a little voice in her head made her question whether or not they were actually mad at Kyden. Thankfully, her Hufflepuff friend changed the subject to the secret hideout, dropping the topic and assuring Amadea that they weren't angry with Kyden. 

Laughing, Amadea shook her head. "We should let him in on it," she began, pausing before finishing her thought, "but he has to earn his way into it. Like an initiation of sorts!" She grinned at Ami, thinking of all of the horrors of the passageways that now seemed much less terrifying. If Kyden hadn't been down in this part of the passageways too often, then Amadea and Ami could really scare him with the rats. That would be an interesting excursion. 

As they walked, Amadea began to daydream about all of the things they could bring down here to make it more like home. They could really go crazy and bring lights and furniture down here if they really wanted to make this place special. It would take a lot of work and it probably would be against the rules, but surprisingly Amadea didn't care. 

Amadea looked up at the back of Ami's head to say something about actually creating a hideout when she found herself staring face to face with a rat. A huge, ugly rat. Amadea let out a terrified shriek, grabbing Ami's hand and trying to motion to the rat in her hair, unable to string together the words to say that there was a rat in her hair. 

"GAHHHHHH," was the only thing that managed to come out of her mouth. Shrieking again, Amadea just waved her hand wildly at Ami's hair, hoping the girl would catch on. 

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An initiation! That was a wonderful idea, really. Sort of, you know, making Kyden prove that he was worthy of being let into this section of the passageways. Oh, sure, he could access the rest of the passageways to his heart's desire, but this little section? It would be their little secret, their little hideaway. A special connection only the two of them would share.

Was she getting sappy? Of course, she was. A little bit of sentiment never hurt anyone. 

Amadea's screamed scared her, to say the least. Why was she suddenly screaming? What could possibly make her shriek like that? After all, the worst was over- what could possibly top death-rats and Dwayne Johnson?

Turns out, her face could. "Amadea?" Ami stared at the shrieking girl waving her hand at her face, confused. Did she have soot all over it, or something? Did she really look that hideous? Well, surely, Amadea had better manners than that... "What's wr-" Of course, that would be when she felt the movement in her hair. 

An ear-splitting shriek seemed to be the only appropriate reaction. "Oh my god! Oh my god! What is it? Get it out, get it out, get it out!" Her screams, however childish they sounded, were from pure terror. She, of course, could not see the creature tangled in her hair, and had no idea as to exactly how dangerous it was. Jumping up and down and shaking her hair about, the combined echoes of the Hufflepuffs' screams surely could have been heard throughout the castle, from the Dungeons to the Astronomy Tower.

This is possibly the worst experience an already-rattled child could endure. She could see the black, dirty mass stuck in her hair now as she swung her fiery locks about, and too afraid to touch it with her bare hands, she prodded at it with her wand instead.

Big mistake, one she would soon come to regret. Enraged, the rat hissed at Ami, before clawing and pulling at her hair, drawing a new barrage of shrieks and cries out of the traumatized Hufflepuff. With one last furious prod, she managed to poke the ugly creature out of her hair, sending it soaring through the air... and how fitting it should land on Amadea's shirt, clawing and grabbing at the fabric for some sort of handhold.

"Holy shit!" Ami screeched, stumbling backward into the wall of the passageway. "Amadea, get it off, get it off!" The rat wasn't even on her anymore, and she was still shrieking her head off. Poor Amadea...

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Amadea's heart was racing a mile a minute. She couldn't believe the rats were back and she hadn't realized it earlier. With the sounds of both her and Ami's terrified screams now filling the passageways, all thoughts of furnishing it and making it like home were long gone from Amadea's mind. All she could think about was getting away from the horrible rats. 

Amadea backed away from her friend, hands out in front of her as if that was going to be enough protection from the rodents. Her eyes widened as she watched Ami tussle with the rat, finally managing to flick it off of her as it soared through the air. There was a moment of silence as Amadea let out a deep breath she didn't know she was holding in. Thank the good lords and God above, Ami had managed to save herself. 

Immediately Amadea's thoughts stopped. It almost seemed to happen in slow motion. Amadea was never an amazing math student, and geometry was not her strong suit, but in this case, she could already visualize the arc in which the rat was flying. If her calculations were correct, it was about to land on her. Before she could even finish processing this and begin to back away, the rat had successfully planted itself on the front of Amadea's robes, claws scrambling to grip on without falling off. 

Amadea let out the loudest scream she had ever screamed in her entire life. That might be an exaggeration, but it was still a very loud scream. She felt bad for anyone who had to hear it. In fact, Amadea was certain that anyone above the passageway would definitely have heard the noise. Amadea hated rats and she was making sure everyone else knew that too. 

"Oh my God! Oh no!" Amadea exclaimed, closing her eyes and doing a funny sort of dance as she tried shaking the rat off of her robes. She didn't want to touch it for fear of getting some sort of disease from it. Who knew what kind of germs were down in these passageways? She spun around in a circle, flinging her robes around and around, trying to knock the rat off or make it dizzy so it would lose its grip. Unfortunately, none of this seemed to work as the rat simply clung to Amadea's robes and enjoyed the ride.

Frustrated, Amadea stamped her foot against the ground. She didn't know what to do. Finally, she grabbed her wand and poked the rat hard right in the forehead. It let out a loud squeak and fell off of Amadea's robes. Before it could do anything else, Amadea turned and ran. She didn't know where she was going and she didn't know if Ami would follow, but she knew that she had to get away from the rats. After making another turn, she finally slowed down, convinced she was far enough away for now, at least. Turning back to make sure her friend had followed, Amadea leaned against the wall, trying to slow the fast beat of her heart. 

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Wincing, not sure what to do, Ami could only step backward and scream along with Amadea as she shook about, desperately trying to get the rat off of her robes. And to think that the rats had gone, had left them alone to their peace and laughter... But no, they had come back, to haunt them, to scare them. This? This was pure torture. How cruel of them to do this to two poor, helpless girls.

Well, maybe not so helpless after all. Amadea, ever the resourceful girl, whipped out her wand, aiming it at the rat. What spell would she cast, what jinx would render the rat useless? Mental note to self, research an exterminating spell to use on these bothersome rats for next time.

The approach Amadea chose to take was one coming directly, or so it seemed, from Ami's own heart, values, and morals- that is, brute force. Jabbing the rat directly in its forehead, the vermin finally seemed to accept its fate, letting go of Amadea's robes with one last defeated squeak. Before Ami could congratulate her friend on her stunning victory, however, Amadea promptly took off down the hidden corridors, seeming to heed no mind as to if Ami chose to follow or not.

And to think she was complaining about the lack of exercise... legs, and arms pumping rhythmically against the stone ground lining the passageways, Ami slowed down as Amadea came to a stop ahead of her. Panting heavily, but with a satisfied smile on her face, Ami leaned back against the wall opposite from Amadea, letting her catch her breath. "Hogwarts seriously needs to call an exterminator, ya think?"

By now, they were close to the exit- so close to the fresh air, to freedom from the pesky rats. But... but what was that, she heard? Talking? No, it couldn't be... who would be out in the courtyard at this time of day, when they could be outside, o- or chatting with friends, or... or literally anything else except standing directly in front of the entrance to the passageway?

"Please tell me I'm going crazy," Ami hissed, casting a fearful glance at Amadea, "And that those are not voices I'm hearing coming from directly outside." Eyes widening in terror, chest rising up and down heavily from panic, she listened closely to the words clear as day echoing down through the stone passageway.

"Oh my god, we are so screwed," she groaned, turning to Amadea. "You hear that, right? We can't go out that way, if we do... we'll get caught." That left only one other option, the only other option- face the rats.

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Amadea put a hand against her chest, as it to slow the tempo of her fast-beating heart. It didn't seem to be doing much help, as she could feel her heart beating and her lungs felt as though they were going to burst from lack of oxygen. Amadea really needed to get into better shape. It wasn't her fault that she was so busy with school and these odd adventures that she couldn't work out. Plus, she really didn't enjoy working out in the first place. However, if she was going to keep going on these crazy adventures through the passageways, she was going to have to get into better shape to run away from the rats.

Amadea made a mental note to look up some sort of rat extinguishing spell in the library when they got back to the corridors of the castle. If they were going to really make this space into their own special hideout, Amadea was not going to share it with the rats, even though they were there first. Amadea didn't care. She refused to put up with them, especially when they were on her robes and in her friend's hair.

Ami had thankfully followed Amadea after her terrorized flee from the scene of the crime and soon caught up to Amadea. She tried to give Ami an apologetic look for just dashing off before saying anything, but she wasn't sure if she had communicated the look correctly. "I refuse to come back here unless we learn some rat killing spells," Amadea said, not sure herself if she was joking or not.

Amadea pushed herself up from the wall, standing on her own two feet again. She had stopped shaking, finally, and was ready to get the heck out of these passageways. She couldn't wait to see the light of day again. She headed off determinedly toward the exit of the passageway, but stopped completely in her tracks as she heard something. At the same time, Ami was mentioning something about hearing voices. This could not be happening. Not now. But honestly, Amadea wasn't half surprised. This was just her luck.

"So now we're stuck in here," Amadea exclaimed. "Great! I mean, we could try to go to another exit, but that means going back in the direction of the rats." She shuddered involuntarily after saying this, still scarred from both of the encounters. Amadea wasn't sure which she was more passionate about: getting out of the passageways or never ever seeing the rats again. Unfortunately, she was going to have to choose.

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Comrades & Courtyards, Pals & Passageways  PV 

Amadea's words seemed to echo off the walls continuously, bouncing around them. Stuck here, stuck here, stuck here... The words seemed to lower the temperature within the passageway, and Ami shivered involuntarily. If they were truly stuck here, there was next to no chance of them making it out of here unscathed and detention-less. They were, in short, absolutely screwed.

The mention of the rats sent another wave of shivers up Ami's spine, and her expression morphed into one of pleading- pleading Amadea to never mention those foul creatures again. While she had many, many fears, she had never considered rodents and vermin to be a part of them. After this escapade, if she made it out alive? They would certainly be added to the list.

"Do you think there's any chance that we can wait it out?" Ami whispered quietly, glancing warily at the stone door separating them from the outside world, from freedom. A small obstacle they had already overcome, yet could no longer do so in their present situation. How utterly annoying. "Whoever's out there in the courtyard can't sit there for too long... there's not exactly anything to do there." 

And oh, how she prayed that they would leave. There was no way in heaven or on Earth that Amadea would be able to convince Ami to go back to face the rats, the vermin, the creatures that would haunt her nightmares for the rest of the school year. Someday, someday, the two Hufflepuff redheads would look back upon this memory and laugh at their childishness, but right now, there was no laughing to be seen for miles and miles around. Screams of terror would have been more accurate- screams, shrieks, and everything that went along with it.

"We can't go back to the rats," Ami said quietly with another shudder. "Absolutely not. Not to Dwayne Johnson, either, or he'll strangle the ever-living daylights out of us." Truly, their only option would be to wait it out. Sitting down on the dusty floor, Ami leaned her head against their exit, desperately trying to catch snippets of the conversation being held right on the other side.

There were at least two voices, and they talked loudly and without a purpose- students enjoying their day off, salvaging what they could of the brisk air outside and relishing their break from classes. It was common... but if only they could hurry their conversation up! Ami was seriously ready to get out of there. 

Comrades & Courtyards, Pals & Passageways  PV 


Amadea felt as though she was living out some terrible nightmare in a horror movie. Rats would probably haunt her dreams for the next month, anyway. Amadea could picture the movie playing out in her head. Two innocent girls are abandoned by their friend because he has to "study" and leaves them all alone to fend for themselves in the dank, dark passageways that are infested with the terrible, vile creature known as the rat

They were stuck, and there was nothing they could do. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but in Amadea's foggy cloud of panic, her mind could think of nothing else. Amadea wanted to burst out into tears and cry. She wished this was all a terrible dream that she was having and she would wake up in and be in her dormitories underneath her covers, safe and sound. Unfortunately, no matter how many times Amadea pinched herself, she didn't wake up. She only succeeded in adding a bunch of half-moon indents to her forearm, which was not productive in the least.

"I don't know," Amadea said in response to Ami's question. "I mean, I guess we could try, but we don't know how long the rats will be down here and I really don't want to stay here." Amadea didn't know how much longer she could stand being down in these terrible passageways. The adventure had been fun until the rats had ruined everything and now Amadea just felt terrible. She wished she could feel happier about the situation because she knew that Ami had really wanted to go on an adventure and have a blast. She knew that Ami was a lot more outgoing and brave than Amadea herself was and was probably fine with this whole situation. Amadea just felt like she was ready to burst into tears.

Amadea knew that she had to calm down before she did anything else. She couldn't think rationally when she was panicking like this and too busy thinking about how scared she was. She needed to calm down and relax. Amadea followed Ami, sitting down on the dusty and dirty passageway, ignoring her thoughts about what other things had touched this floor. She could always wash her robes later.

As Amadea thought about it, she realized how truly out of options they were. They couldn't go back the way they came for fear of running into the rats again which Amadea was determined never to do again. But they couldn't risk going back to the Dwayne Johnson kid either because they could get mauled. And they couldn't go out of the freaking door because of the freaking students that were having a conversation right outside of the freaking exit. Amadea wanted to scream, but couldn't alert the students to her presence.

"What do we do?!" Amadea wailed to Ami, hoping that her friend had some better ideas.

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Ami sighed in defeat as Amadea turned to her for ideas. She wasn't prepared for this- neither of them were. They could only wait, and hope, and pray that the people talking would leave soon. The rats were still painfully present, and the air was beginning to taste stale and metallic in her mouth. The gripping realization came to her that maybe... maybe the two of them would actually die in here.

That was, of course, the more illogical side of her talking. The rational, logical half of her mind that was still functioning seemed to be weighing the risks, and it showed through her furrowed eyebrows, her biting of her bottom lip. "We could... go for it?" she said hesitantly, tugging on the ends of her hair. "Here, what about this?"

Dragging her fingertips along the sides of the walls, she withdrew her hand and presented it to Amadea. Her fingertips were now covered in a thin layer of grey dust and grime, and her meaning would become clear. "What if... what if we cover our faces in soot, pull our clothes on top of our heads to hide our hair, and then just run for it?" After all, their hair was possibly the biggest distinguishing feature about them, along with their freckles and pale skin. If they hid all traces of their identity... well, who could bust them, then? It would be like trying to blame a robbery on a ghost.

She would never forgive Kyden for abandoning them here. Any chance he had of redeeming himself after he had run off was now gone, dashed forever- she really would have to give him a massive talking-to the next time she saw clearly. Clearly, the more reliable, better of the group was Amadea. Sticking her hand out for a handshake, she said, "What do you say we make a pact?"

It had been a spur-of-the-moment decision, but the idea was slowly solidifying in her mind. "A pact that we have each other's back, no matter what. A friendship pact- we don't have to be, like, totally glued at the hip or anything, but we watch out for one another. What do you say?" 

Maybe with Amadea at her side, Hogwarts would become more bearable. They'd fight off bad grades together, help each other through tough times, and it was comforting to know that she would always have someone to turn to in her own house.

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This really sucked. Amadea felt so discouraged, which was something that she didn't feel very often. Usually, she could find some shred of hope, something to cling to, that made the situation somewhat okay, but Amadea felt completely hopeless and defeated. And from the looks of it, Ami seemed to be feeling the same way. 

Amadea knew they had to wait it out, so she sank down onto the floor, letting her feet take a break. She no longer felt like she wanted to cry; instead, she just felt empty inside. There was a weariness weighing her down. She couldn't fight any longer. She had no strength left. She just wanted to be done. Unfortunately, the people still hadn't gone away. 

Amadea turned to watch her friend suggest making a run for it. Despite Amadea's longing to get back to her dormitory and her bed, she knew that it would be very illogical for them to do such a thing, not to mention it would break the pact that she, Kyden, and Ami had made. They promised to keep the passageways a secret. While she was sure there were other people that knew about them, Amadea didn't want to expose an entrance to all of the people in the courtyard. 

"You know how much I want to get out of here," Amadea said to her friend, "but I don't think that's a good idea." Not to mention the fact that Amadea didn't really want to cover her face with soot. She already felt grimy enough. As much as she hated to think about it, they were going to just have to be patient and wait it out. Unfortunately, patience was something Amadea could benefit from having more of. This could be a good experience to help her gain some, she supposed. 

Amadea listened to Ami's next idea. A pact. This seemed like a better idea already. Amadea nodded. She already felt as though she needed to watch out for her friends and protect them, but to have it spoken in words, an agreement between them made it even more official. It was in Amadea's nature to be protective of those she held close to her heart, and she was happy that Ami felt the same way. 

"It's a deal," she said with a smile. "Does this mean I get to yell at you when you try to break the rules?" Amadea joked. 

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Ami sighed heavily as Amadea, like she always did, spoke with the voice of reason. It wasn't that Ami wasn't sensible... it was more that she liked to think outside the box. Honestly, she sometimes forgot that the box even existed in the first place- it was probably why she got into trouble so often. Unconventional thinking, however, was just how she worked- thankfully, Amadea was there to stop her from doing anything too drastic. Drastic at Hogwarts was always dangerous, if not deadly, and Ami would most likely get far too carried away with things if not for the mindfulness of others.

If patience was a virtue, then Ami would be its vice. She had absolutely no patience for anything, and had a tendency to rush headlong into situations she knew absolutely nothing about. Rather than pause and think about just exactly what she was doing, she instead tended to just assume that everything was going to turn out fine. It was both a dangerous and exhilarating mindset that was honestly, pretty draining, but it was also how she chose to live her life. Why couldn't she live on the edge? Why did she have to conform to society's standards and stay safe and obedient all the time? Where was the fun in being boring and placid? 

Ami cracked half a smile as Amadea poked fun at her self-endangering behavior, which breached quite a few rules a lot of the time. She knew that it bugged Amadea about how... rebellious she was, but she couldn't help it. Why create rules, anyway? Why not let the children learn by trial and error? Sure, it would appall most of the parents, but it was much better than setting standards and not letting them experience firsthand why those standards existed in the first place. Twisted logic, but it was still sound logic, to be sure. "Only the extreme rules," Ami relented, with a mocking sigh. "I don't need a lecture every time I go to get a drink of water after lights-out."

The comfortable silence settled over them like a blanket, and to be truthful, Ami sort of began to nod off, her eyelids fluttering every few minutes. Ami settled down on the floor, her knees pulled up to her chest as her back leaned against the wall, waiting for the chattering students to leave. The silence surrounding them was tense, but comfortable- the type of silence that only really good friends would have.

Or, at least for Ami, it was comfortable- she couldn't speak for Amadea, but she liked the silence. It was nice, refreshing, especially for someone who was kind of an all-time extrovert. 

"Do you think they're gone yet?"

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𝒜madea didn't think she could handle all of these emotions. Defeat, disappointment, worry, fear. It was all hitting her in relentless waves and there was nothing she could do to fight it. To make matters worse, she was trying her best to stay upbeat so that her friend wouldn't feel so terrible, but it didn't seem to be working. Amadea was ready to sit down and fall asleep here, rats or not. She was so exhausted and all of the fight had worn out of her.

Amadea was out of ideas; she couldn't think of a single positive thing that made this situation better, other than the light at the end of the tunnel that they would somehow get out of this mess. Of course, this was all a metaphorical tunnel because the non-metaphorical tunnel they were currently stuck in had no light at the end. There was only a door that they couldn't exit.

Amadea tried to keep her focus on other things, like the pact that she was in the process of making with Ami. It was a Hufflepuff trait to be loyal to the very end, no matter what, and it was the main reason why Amadea was certain she had been sorted into that house. Even without a pact, Amadea would surely have protected Ami if harm had come to her. Thankfully, nothing too terrible had happened to them. The part of the pact Amadea was most excited about was the keeping Ami in line part of it. She knew her friend liked to live on the edge, and that wasn't always a bad thing. Amadea knew that taking some risks was important; playing it safe led to a boring and uneventful life. However if Amadea was in the middle of the risk taking spectrum, Ami was on the far edge. She was vivacious and daring; while Amadea would never change that characteristic about Ami, she hoped that she could smack some sense into the girl before she found herself in heaps of trouble.

"You get water after lights out?" Amadea asked, wondering why she was surprised. If she was being honest, though, she was usually too busy reading or finishing her homework to worry about what the other girls in her dorm were doing. Plus, Ami was in a completely different dorm from Amadea so it wasn't like she could discipline from afar. "Why couldn't you just fill up a cup with water before lights out and have the water by your bed?" Amadea liked problem solving and it seemed as though there was a simple solution to this issue that didn't involve any breaking of rules. "Don't make me exercise my prefect-ly powers on you," Amadea joked.

She settled back against the wall, enjoying the silence. It wasn't the awkward kind where they didn't know what to say to each other but rather was an inviting one. Finally, Ami spoke up, asking if the people outside of the entrance were gone. Amadea stood and walked over to the door, pressing her ear up against the cool stone, straining to hear. Maybe it was just her imagination willing there not be any voices, but Amadea couldn't hear anything. Turning, she reported back to Ami. "I don't hear anything," she said. "But do you want to check before we head out?"

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There were many things that were different about the two redheads, even if they seemed liked twins on the surface- for one, Ami was way taller. Like, way taller. Amadea also wore glasses, and Ami had ten times the freckles Amadea did. Amadea was far more patient and rule-following than Ami was, although Ami wasn’t afraid of taking risks and just putting herself all out there. Perhaps it was better that they were opposites of each other- conjugates, if you would, or reciprocals. They made a whole together, a good team that was pretty equally balanced- all the extremes accounted for, as well as everything in between.

“Well,” Ami huffed, crossing her arms over her chest at Amadea’s indisputably logical train of thought, “I never know if I’m going to be thirsty or not until I get into bed. And by that time, it’s already curfew, so I have to wait another five minutes or so until everyone’s actually asleep, and then I can go grab water without getting into trouble.” It didn’t really make sense, but it also… kind of made a little bit of sense? It was twisted logic, but it still worked. Sort of.

Ami wasn’t dumb, by any means. It’s just that she tended to think… differently? Her logic and reasoning could certainly be considered ‘outside the box’. Rules weren’t something that she liked to adhere to, especially when they restricted the things that she could do. She wasn’t all that academically bright, either, preferring to apply her immense willpower and instinct to real-life situations rather than studying for tests. She would choose street-smarts over book-smarts any day, preferring to know how to negotiate a deal rather than being able to memorize facts.

“Your prefect-ly powers are… restricted to the evil that you see. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil, isn’t it?” Ami added with a bit of a laugh. “See no evil, and you’ll enact no punishments.” Then again, the Hufflepuff could be rather wise when she wanted to… wise in all the wrong ways, but wise nonetheless.

Amadea popped up to press her ear against the wall, and claimed that she didn’t hear anything. Regardless, she asked Ami if they wanted to double-check that there weren’t any lingering students, to which Ami couldn’t help but scoff at. “Where’s the fun in that? Let’s just make a break for it.” She figured that she wouldn’t have to scream at the wall again to make it open from the inside, and pressed her hands up against the door to push it open. “On 3, okay? Then we run. Or is that too sketchy? I feel like that's against the rules, anyway. We’ll… um. We’ll speedwalk back to the dorm.”
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