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A Hidden Hallway?  PV Valerie & Evelyn   Closed 

Valerie watched closely as Emma and Evelyn stepped in front of the apparently famous magical mirror. Emma stared at the image for a long time before she turned around, blushed and agreed with her, that the experience had been great. Evelyn however seemed a bit unsure of what to make of what the Mirror of Erised had shown her. She smiled and assured them that what she'd seen had been great, but somehow Valerie didn't exactly believe her. Maybe it was the way she'd looked at the mirror or she'd tried to reach something inside it, she couldn't really pinpoint the feeling.

Normally Valerie would have instantly asked her what was wrong, but she'd been caught up in her own thoughts, imagining watching her bother's Sorting, showing him the Ravenclaw Common Room, introducing him to all the secrets of the castle she would know by then. Now that the idea had been planted in her head she couldn't wait for it to come true.

"I wonder if it changes," she said, still have in thought. Then she remembered the other girls and fixed her grey eyes on Evelyn first and then Emma. "I mean will it always show us the same, or would we see something different if we came back next year? We change, so maybe our deepest desires will, too."

“To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
- Sun Tzu

A Hidden Hallway?  PV Valerie & Evelyn   Closed 

Emma had still been a little traumatized by the people she had seen in the mirror. She knew those people, but at the same time, she didn't. It was one of those faces she recalled in a dream, but couldn't remember the next day. She racked her brain hard, the two wizards seemed to be the same age as her grandmother, but they implied to be older.

Images flashed in her head; the toddler Emma, her deceased grandmother, and the two other figures, perhaps great grandparents. It made her nauseous thinking about it. Emma was sure that it was unhealthy to hold in a fountain of tears.

She took a gulp of breath as Valerie spoke, though it sounded a little shaky. Drawing her robe sleeve up to her eye, she pretended to get something out. She reluctantly drew her sleeve in the attempt to look natural. She had still been able to overhear some words over her loud breath of air. It made her wonder. Would she ever let her family go, or would something more important turn up?

Emma wasn't the one to start arguments. "I bet it'll change, sooner or later. Why? Did you want to come back, maybe in our future years?" 

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
Stamina: 9 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 10 - Control: 9